Importance of Parental Control Apps in Social And Digital Age

This is the age of touch screens and smart technology. Everything is on the go. Everything and anything is found on the internet, all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. Gone is the time when the only technology was TV and PCs, which only adults used. Kids get acquainted with phones and tablets before the age of two and by the time they reach 8, they think they are ready to have their personal phones. As a matter of fact, most kids do get their phones at 8.

It cannot be denied that this is a smart age and naturally kids have an inclination towards technology and smart devices. We can delay the age at which they get their smartphone but we cannot avoid it completely. Eventually, they go on the internet and with it invite all the troubles as well. There are various troubles that kids are facing online these days. Cyberbullying, sexting, screen addiction, exposure to X-rated content and anonymous chatting are the main threats.

Kids don’t realize these dangers and often put themselves in a bad situation. As these devices are inevitable, parents need to keep a check on their kids. The best way to keep a check while letting them have some privacy and fun is to use parental control apps.

What do they do?

Parental control applications like Circle Home Plus app provide the facility of supervising kids’ digital lifestyle. They give parents more control and efficient access to their kids’ online activity. From browsing to the applications they use, everything can be monitored. Parents can detect any unsafe or underage activity in time and handle it.


Kids get into bad calling and texting habits and disturb their sleep.

They can be bullied through calls and messages. The second thing that needs a check is their internet surfing; which sites they visit. One click or a sidebar suggestion can take them to a porn site. Thirdly, the apps they use. Not every app is useful. Some of them are used for sexting and anonymous chatting. By using a parental control you can keep an eye on the following:

  • Calls and contacts
  • Text messages
  • Internet history and bookmarks
  • Installed apps


There are some things that need to be controlled timely:

  • You can limit their screen time by scheduling screen locks during the night, meals, studying or holidays. This helps in preventing screen addiction and the adverse effects of screen time like obesity, eye damage, depression and social anxiety.

  • You can block the unsafe and addictive apps.

Location tracking

Another very nice feature is the locating tracking. When the kids go out of the house, they are susceptible to getting lost, kidnapping, robbery and violence. Instead of worrying about their safety, parents can:

  • Track their movement to make sure they don’t go to any insecure places.
  • Make virtual fences around places like home, work, school etc. and get notified when they reach or leave those places.
  • Get panic alerts and pick-up alerts.

There are numerous conveniences of the digital world, but at the same time, there are many problems related to it. If we want our kids to excel and stay safe, supervision and dialogue are essential. Talk to your kids about the dangers and the necessity of parental check. Use parental control apps for this purpose as they provide more control and you don’t have to directly interfere in their lives.

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