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China Backs Russia Against Ukraine and NATO

 China has thrown its considerable political weight behind Russia in President Vladimir Putin's standoff with Ukraine, describing NATO as outdated and calling on the West to consider Moscow's "legitimate security concerns."

President Vladimir Putin (L) greets President Xi Jinping (R) during a bilateral meeting

At a press briefing on Wednesday, China's state news service Xinhua asked Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian about remarks by Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, who said Russia's demand that the alliance not expand its membership was a "non-starter."

Speaking on January 10, after unsuccessful NATO-Russia Council talks in Geneva, Sherman said: "We will not allow anyone to slam closed NATO's open-door policy."

In Beijing, Zhao spoke disparagingly of the alliance as a "Cold War remnant."

He said: "As the world's largest military alliance, NATO should abandon the outdated Cold War mentality and ideological bias, and do things that are conducive to upholding peace and stability."

"China firmly opposes all kinds of small cliques," he added, before calling on parties to "fully consider each other's legitimate security concerns, avoid antagonism and confrontation, and properly address differences and disputes through equal consultation on the basis of mutual respect."

Beijing's decision to take a side publicly comes as some 100,000 Russian troops and heavy armor are massed on Ukraine's eastern border. Moscow says it does not intend to invade; Kyiv says Russia's current force posture is insufficient for a full-scale invasion.

This Statista chart compares Russian and Ukrainian military forces.

Just three weeks ago, China's President Xi Jinping exchanged pleasantries with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, on the 30th anniversary of official bilateral relations. The two leaders sent each other congratulatory telegrams on January 4, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Amid tensions in Eastern Europe, Xi told Zelensky their two countries enjoyed "deepening political mutual trust." He added: "I attach great importance to the development of China-Ukraine strategic partnership."

In hindsight, this might appear to be a kick in the teeth for Zelensky. It also fell short of Beijing's description of China-Russia relations this week as "mature, stable and resilient."

Despite the budding quasi-alliance between China and Russia, Beijing has not always openly sided with Moscow on its territorial expansion.

On March 15, 2014, the day before a referendum on the status of Crimea was due to take place, 13 members of the United Nations Security Council sought to declare the vote invalid—because of the presence of Russian forces in Crimea. Russia vetoed the U.N. resolution but China abstained. Beijing was similarly reluctant to back Moscow during the 2008 Russo-Georgian War.

Chinese scholars cited a policy of non-interference to explain the decision on Crimea, but researchers in the West said publicly supporting Russia would have set a dangerous precedent for China's independence-minded territories including Tibet and Xinjiang—and perhaps including self-ruled Taiwan.

On the day of the Crimea referendum, China's then Foreign Ministry spokesperson Qin Gang—now the country's top envoy in Washington—expressed Beijing's longstanding respect for "sovereignty and territorial integrity."

"We also believe that the situation in Ukraine has complex historical constituents and contemporary factors, which need to be comprehensively weighed and considered," Qin said. "China urges all parties to remain calm, exercise restraint and avoid a further escalation of tensions."

On Monday, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao denied a Bloomberg report that Beijing had asked Moscow not to invade Ukraine this year.

Former President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, has declared his intention to run for president in 2023.

Former President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, has declared his intention to run for president in 2023.

Saraki, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, made this known via his official Facebook page.

He wrote: [quote]Earlier today, I replied to a follower of mine on Twitter who, like thousands of you, has been clamouring for a united front to #RescueNigeria.

“As we prepare for the journey ahead, I hope we can all join hands to get the ticket of our great party, PDP, and build a nation that works for all of us.

“Join me to make our communities safer and provide real opportunities for you and your families. I have a strong record of delivering and experience in making tough decisions.

Let’s build a new Nigeria that works for EVERYONE! #GrowNigeria

Russia and Ukraine Crisis a showdown of two world views

 The crisis in Ukraine is hardly going away — a showdown of two world views that could upend Europe. It carries echoes of the Cold War and resurrects an idea left over from the 1945 Yalta Conference: that the West should respect a Russian sphere of influence in Central and Eastern Europe.

Since coming to power in 2000, Russian President Vladimir Putin has worked steadily and systematically to reverse what he views as the humiliating breakup of the Soviet Union 30 years ago.

While massing troops along Ukraine’s border and holding war games in Belarus, close to the borders of NATO members Poland and Lithuania, Putin is demanding that Ukraine be permanently barred from exercising its sovereign right to join the Western alliance, and that other NATO actions, such as stationing troops in former Soviet bloc countries, be curtailed.

NATO has said the demands are unacceptable and that joining the alliance is a right of any country and does not threaten Russia. Putin’s critics argue that what he really fears is not NATO, but the emergence of a democratic, prospering Ukraine that could offer an alternative to Putin’s increasingly autocratic rule, which Russians might find appealing.

Russia’s present demands are based on Putin’s long sense of grievance and his rejection of Ukraine and Belarus as truly separate, sovereign countries, but rather as part of a historic Russian linguistic and Orthodox motherland.

In a millennium-spanning treatise last summer titled, “The Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians,” Putin tipped his hand. He insisted that the separation of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus into separate states today is artificial, due largely to political mistakes during the Soviet period and, in the case of Ukraine, driven by a malevolent “anti-Russia project” supported by Washington since 2014.

His Russo-centric view of the region poses a crucial test for U.S. President Joe Biden, who already is grappling with crises on multiple domestic fronts — the coronavirus pandemic, resurgence of inflation, a divided nation in which a large segment of the electorate refuses to acknowledge his presidency and a Congress that has blocked many of his social and climate goals.

Biden has ruled out military intervention to support Ukraine, and instead has employed intense diplomacy and rallied Western allies to support what he promises will be severe and painful sanctions against Russia if it dares to invade Ukraine. But depending on how the situation plays out, he has admitted he could have trouble keeping all the allies on board.


The Russian leader has already invaded Ukraine once, with little reaction. Russia took Crimea back from Ukraine in 2014 and has supported pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists fighting the Kyiv government in the Donbass region, a quiet war that has killed 14,000 people, more than 3,000 of them civilians.

Putin’s strategy has been to try to recreate the power and a defined sphere of influence that Russia lost with the fall of the Berlin Wall, at least in the area of the former Soviet Union. He has bristled at what he sees as Western encroachment into the countries of the former Warsaw Pact -- which had once formed a pro-Soviet buffer between the USSR and NATO.

Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic were allowed to join NATO in 1999, followed in 2004 by Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia.

Subjected to post-World War II Soviet domination, the countries were eager to join the Western defensive alliance and the Western free-market system to secure independence and prosperity after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

For similar reasons, both Ukraine and Georgia also want in, and have been recognized by NATO as aspiring members of the alliance. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked Western leaders to take on Ukraine’s request for membership with greater urgency as a signal to Moscow that the West will defend Ukraine’s independence.

Russia contends that NATO expansion violates commitments made to it after the Berlin Wall’s collapse in exchange for Moscow’s acceptance of the reunification of Germany. U.S. officials deny any such promises were made.

Early in his presidency, Putin did not show adamant opposition to NATO. He suggested in a 2000 BBC interview that Russia might even be interested in joining; years later, he said he had raised that prospect with U.S. President Bill Clinton before Clinton left office in 2001.

Now, however, Putin sees the alliance as threatening Russia’s security.

But the newer NATO countries take the opposite view. They regard Russia, which boasts the region’s largest military and a vast nuclear arsenal, as the real threat, which is why they rushed to join NATO — afraid that a strengthened Russia might someday try to reimpose its dominance.

A disputed election in Belarus led to months-long mass demonstrations against longtime Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko. Alienated from his own people and unrecognized as a legitimate president in the West, Lukashenko has been driven closer into Putin’s protective embrace.

Similarly, after civil unrest in Kazakhstan just weeks ago, Russia sent in troops to help that former Soviet republic’s president restore order as part of a peacekeeping mission of the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization alliance. The troops have since departed the country.

Putin’s aim has been to reimpose ties with Russia’s former Soviet neighbors, while challenging and dividing the West. Rather than leading Russia in a more democratic direction, he appears to now reject the very idea of liberal democracy as a sustainable model, seeing it rather as a conceit the West uses to pursue its own aims and humiliate its foes.

He came to power vowing to restore to Russia a sense of greatness. He seized back economic control from the oligarchs, crushed rebels in Chechnya, gradually strangled independent media and upped investment in the military. More recently, he has banned Russia’s few remaining human rights organizations.

Beyond Russia’s borders, his secret services have overseen the assassinations of critics and meddled in foreign elections, including offering clandestine support to the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the pro-Brexit campaign in Britain and various right-wing European parties that oppose European integration.

He told an interviewer in 2019 that “liberalism is obsolete,” implying that the dominant Western ideal of liberal democracy no longer has a place in the world. The idea that Ukrainians are independent and could be freely choosing their own alliances is to him a charade.


“All the subterfuges associated with the anti-Russia project are clear to us. And we will never allow our historical territories and people close to us living there to be used against Russia. And to those who will undertake such an attempt, I would like to say that this way they will destroy their own country,” he wrote in his essay last summer.

“I am confident that true sovereignty of Ukraine is possible only in partnership with Russia.”

The challenge for Biden, NATO and the European Union is whether their collective resolve and solidarity can protect Ukraine’s vision of itself as part of the West, and whether Putin’s Russian nationalist ambitions in the region will succeed or fail.

Source: AP News

Ashaiman ''Hustler'' hit maker Ebwoy Da Kingpin Music Dream and Rise to Fame

 From the street of Ashaiman in Ghana Ebwoy Da Kingpin has made a path for his own self and his love for music has shown him the way to greater Height.

Ebwoy Da Kingpin

The “Hustler” hit maker started his music career from the experiences he got from his father.

He said:

'' I have always had love for music and I was introduced to records by my dad who used to play loud music at home . I started singing and rapping to lyrics of songs I hear once.

Senior high school gave me the opportunity to showcase what I have and I actually found myself right there So after school, I decided to do it professionally.''


He released his first mixtape  in 2018 ''Goodlife'' which was received by the fans with much love and that motivated him to do more good music.

Last year 2021 he released his Hit Song Hustler recorded by Bossmanplay Record that dominated the Airwaves of Ghana and Africa.

Ebwoy Da Kingpin Music Dreams and Aspirations:

'' The journey has been worth it so far. I love where I’m going and who I’m growing into, The dream is big. 

I’m a star and I have to shine. I want to go where no one has ever reached in music. I want to touch lives with my music and after I’m dead and gone , I’ll be remembered as a legend''

More Than 11k Audiomack Streams


Youtube Video of Hustlers by Ebwoy Da Kingpin

 Bossmanplay Record

The group whose notoriety in unleashing great songs and musical talents in Ashaiman Ghana has been doing very well building great talents in Ghana and promoting the young talents that have the aspiration of making it big in the music industry.

Ebwoy Da Kingpin Red Carpet Moments 2021

The Hip Hop Superstars and his Musical Crew BMP Record Red Carpet moments was remarkable with lot of fans who cheered and supported them with good vibes during the Event .It was a night to remember .

The Hip Hop Supers Star Ebwoy Da Kingpin on stage preforming Hustlers in Binnaparlour Red Carpet


Ebwoy Da Kingpin

BMP Crews

The Bossmanplay Unity Handshake with Binna

BMP Crew

Bossmanplay crews members

Ebwoy Da Kingpin and Binna


On  25th December 2021 the great music Stars exhibited his music skills and passion when he performed live on stage at Binnaparlour Red Carpet Night; His hit Song ''Hustler'' that was cheered and enjoyed by his fans in Manhean Accra Ghana.

The night was graced by top Celebrities , Business Persons, Comedian, Dancers from Ghana, Togo, Cameroon and Nigeria . 

The Hip Hop Super Star remarkable rise to fame is a good example of Hard work and dedication, with good team Play from Bossmanplay.THE SKY IS HIS LIMIT



African Doll Impregnated By Sammie Okposo in USA Texas promise to keep the Baby

 African Doll, the US-based lady allegedly impregnated by gospel singer, Sammie Okposo, has said she will keep the baby because she doesn’t believe in abortion.

She had on Monday called out the singer, saying she didn’t require him to bow to her but turning his back on her is wrong.

”We both know that we didn’t use protection. We both know that we were wrong. There is still a way to handle things. He didn’t handle it right. I am not saying he has to bow to me but there is a way you do things.


Turning your back on me is wrong. Any woman on earth won’t feel okay about it. It doesn’t feel good to be abandoned or to be thrown to the side. I cannot be walking around thinking about it, life goes on,” she told Obodo Oyinbo TV.

On the plans she has for the pregnancy, African Doll said, “I will keep the baby, I don’t really believe in abortion. Fornication is a sin. The bible says he who is without sin should cast the first stone. It is not my intention to hurt anybody but to bring life to the situation.”

Her interview was immediately followed by an apology tendered by Sammie Okposo to his wife and others while confessing about an intimate relationship he had with a woman when he travelled to the US.

This is as he suspended himself from all ministerial works “until full restoration.”

The singer apology read in part, “Dear Friends, I need to bring a very unfortunate incident to your attention as I am not proud of it but know that this is the right thing to do.

“On my recent trip to the USA (Late 2021), I got intimately involved with a lady, knowing that this was not appropriate as a married man and a minister of the gospel. I am ashamed and regret my actions as it has caused a lot of pain to my dear wife, Ozioma, my family and me.

“As I work in making peace with God, repenting and asking His forgiveness, I am suspending myself from all ministry work until full restoration as this is what is proper and what I know I owe God and His people.

“To my wife, Ozioma, I am sincerely sorry I put you through this shameful and embarrassing situation. I broke your trust and disappointed you.


“Your forgiveness of my moral failure and poor judgement is important to me. I pray I will eventually be able to build back the trust and confidence every single day forth.”


Gospel artist Sammie Okposo has apologised to his wife, family, friends, and fans for his recent act of infidelity.

 Gospel artist Sammie Okposo has apologised to his wife, family, friends, and fans for his recent act of infidelity.

The singer took to his verified Instagram page and Instagram story to tender the apology.

“I need to bring a very unfortunate incident to your attention as I am not proud of it but know that this is the right thing to do,” he began.

“On my recent trip to the USA (late 2021), I got intimately involved with a lady, knowing that this was not appropriate as a married man and a minister of the gospel.

“I am ashamed and regret my actions as it has caused a lot of pain to my dear wife, Ozioma, my family and I.”

Continuing, he said’ “As I work in making peace with God, repenting and asking for His forgiveness, I am suspending myself from all ministry work until full restoration as this is what is proper and what I know I owe God and His people.

“To my wife, Ozioma. I am sincerely sorry I put you through this shameful and embarrassing situation. I broke your trust and disappointed you.

“Your forgiveness of my moral failure and poor judgment is important to me. I pray I will eventually be able to build back the trust and confidence every single day for the rest of my life.

“I want to take this moment and apologise to all Fathers and Mothers of the Faith and ministers of the Gospel for my behavior and moral failure. I won’t be here if not for your investment and belief in what God has called me to do. I sincerely apologise for this embarrassing situation.

“To all that have been a part of my ministry, followed my ministry or know me personally, I am truly sorry for disappointing you.

I regret any pain or disappointment that this news of my moral failure and poor judgement may cause you and I am truly sorry for disappointing you. I humbly ask that you continue to pray for me.”

Okposo got married to Ozioma in July 2010.

Reset Nigeria calls for President of Southern extraction, threatens to vote against PDP if they zone presidency to North

Reset Nigeria calls for President of Southern extraction, threatens to vote against PDP if they zone presidency to North[/b]1

The Reset Nigeria group has called on the people of Southern Nigeria to resist the attempt by the main opposition, People’s Democratic Party, to zone their presidential candidate to Northern Nigeria in 2023.

The group called on the Party to allow fairness, equity and natural justice to prevail by allowing a president of southern extraction to take over from President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

The spokesperson of the group, Mallam Ibrahim Mustapha in a press statement made available to newsmen said, it is imperative that power is returned to Southern Nigeria in 2023 as it has always been the tradition of the opposition People’s Democratic Party, the PDP to allow equity and Justice to prevail.

The group recalled that in 1999, both the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the defunct Alliance for Democracy (AD) fielded Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Chief Olu Falae, respectively owing to a consensus among the ruling elite then that power should be returned to the South in 1999, apparently to calm frayed nerves among the Yoruba people who felt that they were shortchanged by the annulment of the 1993 presidential election won by Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola.

The group frowns at any attempt by the main opposition, PDP to deny the South, a president of Southern extraction.

“The South is not bereft of competent and politically savvy Patriots to govern the country. Why should they be denied the opportunity to produce a president in 2023?”

The group threatened that if the main opposition PDP goes ahead to deny the region a southern candidate in 2023, they’ll mobilize over five million of their members to vote against the party in 2023.

The PDP entrenched the zoning formula, though not in the nation’s constitution for the purpose of equity, fairness and justice and as such, the current leadership should not truncate the gentleman agreement that the founding fathers entrenched in the party.

“The goal is to move the country forward and no nation thrives where there is no peace, equity and justice”.

The group is one of many groups that has threatened to vote against any party that goes north in picking who represents them. Also, youth groups, nationalists and statesmen have joined in that same call.

Burkina Faso's military seizes power in a coup, dissolves government

 Burkina Faso's army said it took control of the country on Monday, deposing President Roch Kabore, dissolving the government and parliament, suspending the constitution and shuttering its borders.

The coup was announced on state television by Captain Sidsore Kader Ouedraogo, who said the military had seized power in response to the "ongoing degradation of the security situation" in the country and the "incapacity of the government" to unite the population.

Sitting alongside him dressed in military fatigues and a red beret was Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Damiba, a senior military officer who was introduced to the people of Burkina Faso as their new leader.

Damiba was promoted in December by Kabore to commander of the country's third military region, which is responsible for security in the capital Ouagadougou, according to Reuters. He studied at a military academy in Paris, and recently authored a book titled "West African Armies and Terrorism: Uncertain Responses?"

There was no mention made in the televised statement about Kabore's whereabouts. The president has not been seen in public since fighting broke out on Sunday around the presidential palace in Ouagadougou.

One of the coup leaders told CNN that Kabore was detained early Monday by soldiers that had taken control of a military base before storming the palace grounds and firing shots near the president's home. The same source said that Kabore signed his resignation and is being kept in a "safe place" in the West African country.

But Kabore's exact location remains unknown; on Monday afternoon, a message was posted from his Twitter account asking those involved in the insurrection to lower their arms.

"Our nation is going through difficult times," the tweet said. "We must in this precise moment, preserve our democratic achievements. I invite those who took arms to lower them in the superior interest of the nation. It is through dialogue and listening that we must resolve our contradictions."

The United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres is concerned about the whereabouts of President Kabore and is following developments in Burkina Faso closely, his spokesman Stephane Dujarric said in a Monday statement.

Pictures from Ouagadougou on Monday showed armed vehicles and soldiers parked outside the headquarters of the state broadcaster, Radio Télévision du Burkina (RTB).

Plans for the military coup have been underway since August, hatched in encrypted messaging apps and countless secret meetings held outside the capital, one of the coup leaders told CNN, adding that the soldiers are angry at the government's handling of jihadist attacks in the country, and believe Burkina Faso is better off under military rule right now.

Civilians gathered on the streets honking car horns and cheering in support of the military following Monday's announcement.

"People are fleeing their homes and people are dying everywhere because of terrorism. The situation is not solved. If the army takes the lead I think things will go back to normal," said Oumar Junior Bahoro, who was protesting in downtown Ouagadougou.

The Economic Community for West Africa States (ECOWAS) posted a statement on Facebook Monday saying it was watching "with great concern the political and security situation in Burkina Faso, following an attempted coup d'état."

ECOWAS demanded that the "soldiers return to the barracks, maintain a Republican situation and favor dialogue with the authorities to resolve problems," adding that it held the military responsible for Kabore's wellbeing

On Monday, the French embassy in Burkina Faso posted a message on its website warning its citizens in the country that the situation "remains rather confusing."

"In the wait for a clarification, we recommend that you avoid non-essential movements during the day and do not go out at night," the message said.

Two Air France flights scheduled for Monday evening were also canceled, according to the embassy.

'Mounting dissatisfaction'

Burkina Faso has been wracked with violence linked to the Islamic State and al Qaeda that has killed thousands and displaced 1.5 million people, according to UNHCR. The military has been hard hit; last month at least 50 security forces were killed in the Sahel.

Anger has been mounting across the country for weeks. The coup comes one day after a protest in the capital demanding the president's resignation.

"This coup attempt isn't coming out of nowhere. It's building on mounting dissatisfaction within the population and security forces with the government's handling of the security crisis," said Constantin Gouvy, a Burkina Faso researcher who works for the Netherlands-based Clingendael Institute. Kabore has championed a military-first approach since being first elected in 2015 and it's not been successful, he said.

Reuters reported that sustained gunfire rang out from military camps in the West African country on Sunday, as soldiers demanded more support for their fight against Islamist militants.

Protesters came out to support the mutineers on Sunday and ransacked the headquarters of Kaboré's political party, according to the news agency.

The government declared a curfew until further notice and closed schools for two days.

The turmoil in Burkina Faso comes after successful military putsches over the past 18 months in its West African neighbors Mali and Guinea, where the army removed President Alpha Conde last September.

West Africa, which until recently appeared to have shed its reputation as Africa's "coup belt," remains susceptible to unrest.

The military also took over in Chad last year after President Idriss Deby died on the battlefield there.

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in West Africa -- despite being a gold producer.

Its army has suffered heavy losses at the hands of Islamist militants, who control swathes of the country and have forced residents in those areas to abide by their harsh version of Islamic law, Reuters reports.

Sources: CNN

AFCON 2021: Deadly Stampede Reported At Cameroon Stadium, 6 Football Fans Killed

 Six people are reported to have been killed and dozens hurt in a crush outside a stadium hosting an Africa Cup of Nations match in Cameroon.

Video footage showed football fans struggling to get access to the Paul Biya stadium in a neighbourhood of the capital Yaounde.

Naseri Paul Biya, governor of Cameroon's central region, said there may be more casualties, AP News said.

Another report said a number of children had lost consciousness.

The stadium has a capacity of 60,000 but because of Covid restrictions it was not meant to be more than 80% full.

Match officials were quoted as saying that some 50,000 people were trying to attend.

Nurse Olinga Prudence told AP that some of the injured were in a "desperate condition".

The Confederation of African Football, CAF said in a statement that it is "currently investigating the situation and trying to get more details on what transpired".

The last 16 match between Cameroon and Comoros took place despite the incident and ended with a 2-1 win for the hosts.

Nigeria Govt Postpones Fuel Subsidy Removal Till Further Notice

 The Minister of Finance, Budget and Economic Planning, Hajia Zainab Ahmed, said in Abuja on Monday that the Federal Government had postponed the planned removal of subsidy on petroleum products till further notice.

Ahmed stated this at a meeting held at the National Assembly.

The meeting was convened at the instance of the President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan.

It had in attendance the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva and the Group Managing Director of the. NNPC Limited, Mele Kyari, among others.

The Finance Minister said the Federal Government initially had the plans to remove subsidy on petroleum products from July this year.

She said that was the reason adequate provision was made in the 2022 national budget for subsidy payment till June.

She said, “Provision was made in the 2022 budget for subsidy payment from January till June. That suggested that from July, there would be no subsidy.

”The provision was made sequel to the passage of the Petroleum Industry Act which indicated that all petroleum products would be deregulated.

“Sequel to the passage of the PIA, we went back to amend the fiscal framework to incorporate the subsidy removal.

“However, after the budget was passed, we had consultations with a number of stakeholders and it became clear that the timing was problematic.

“We discovered that practically, there is still heightened inflation and that the removal of subsidy would further worsen the situation and impose more difficulties on the citizenry.

“Mr. President (Muhammadu Buhari), does not want to do that. What we are now doing is to continue with the ongoing discussions and consultations in terms of putting in place a number of measures.

“One of these include the roll out of the refining capacities of the existing refineries and the new ones which would reduce amount of products that would be imported into the country.

“We therefore need to return to the National Assembly to now amend the budget and make additional provision for subsidy from July 22 to whatever period that we agreed was suitable for the commencement of the total removal.'’

The Senate President therefore urged the organised labour unions in the country to shelve their proposed nationwide protests as it was no longer necessary.

The meeting dissolved to a closed session and it was still ongoing as at the time of filing this report.

Austin Eguavoen Speaks After Super Eagles Afcon Defeat By Tunisia

 Super Eagles coach, Austin Eguavoen has spoken about Nigeria's loss to Tunisia in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations round of 16 which took place on Sunday January 22, Newspremises reports.

Recall that Alex Iwobi was shown a red card in the 64th minutes, after the referee upgraded his yellow card to a red one following a VAR Review for a bad attack.

Eguavoen in a post match conference, said that Iwobi didn't deserve to be sent out of the match since he was a first time offender. He also said the attack wasn't intentional so shouldn't have amounted to a red card.

The interim coach added that Wilfred Ndidi was mashed right in front of the referee but he didn't call a foul even though Ndidi complained.

Eguavoen also congratulated Tunisia for qualifying for the quater finals adding that the Super Eagles did their best even though they were knocked out by The Eagles of Carthage.

Super Eagle Coach Austin Eguavoen

Watch the video below:

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike edge Out Atiku, Saraki in 2023 PDP Power Bloc

 As the 2023 presidential race gathers momentum, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, is all out to edge out former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, erstwhile...

As the 2023 presidential race gathers momentum, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, is all out to edge out former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, erstwhile Senate President, Bukola Saraki, and other contenders for the party’s ticket from the North.

Multiple high-level party sources told Daily Trust that Wike, who they described as the sole financier of the main opposition party has reached out to many of his colleagues on this agenda.

A source with knowledge of the permutations said the Rivers State governor was all out to zone the party’s presidential ticket to the South.

Daily Trust reports that two sitting governors who are members of the party are interested in the PDP presidential ticket. They are Governors of Sokoto, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal and Bauchi, Bala Mohammed.

Also interested in the ticket are former Senate President, Bukola Saraki and Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, former Governor of Kano State.

Saraki, Daily Trust, gathered has been reaching out to stalwarts of the party ahead of his formal declaration for the presidency.

A source close to him said Saraki, former Governor of Kwara State, would soon declare for the presidential race.

Daily Trust reports that Wike played a key role in the emergence of Iyorchia Ayu-led National Working Committee (NWC) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), after sacking the Uche Secondus-led executive.

The governors, the most influential power bloc, under the umbrella of the PDP Governors’ Forum, ensured the emergence of their candidates.

Through the scheming and machinations of the 13 governors of the party, 18 out of the 21 positions were filled through consensus. With this, pundits said the governors have taken over the soul of the main opposition party ahead of the 2023 politicking.

The 13 governors are; Okezie Ikpeazu (Abia), Ahmadu Fintiri (Adamawa), Udom Emmanuel (Akwa Ibom), Bala Muhammed (Bauchi), Douye Diri (Bayelsa), Samuel Ortom (Benue), Ifeanyi Okowa (Delta), Godwin Obaseki (Edo), Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Enugu), Nyesom Wike (Rivers), Seyi Makinde (Oyo), Aminu Tambuwal (Sokoto) and Darius Ishaku (Taraba).

Last Monday, Wike hosted the PDP governors at the Government House, Port Harcourt as part of what watchers of the political space said was a continuation of their efforts to shape the 2023 politicking.

The Port Harcourt meeting came after Wike’s recent visits to Bauchi, Adamawa, Sokoto, Abia, Enugu, Oyo, and Bayelsa States.

Wike’s visits to some of his counterparts was said to be intended to woo the governors in his bid to perfect the plot.

Our source said the governor has recruited five of his colleagues into the project.

Wike is believed to have the support of governors Benue, Enugu, Oyo, Abia and Adamawa.

“In his camp now, he has five governors. Nobody can challenge him now because he has been funding the party. Who has total control of the NWC of our party? It’s Wike,” the source said.

A former senator said the governors are working hard to ensure that one of them picks the party’s ticket.

“I want to be frank with you, nobody is talking about Atiku now because the governors said they don’t want him because he is above 70. They want someone who can relate well with them and has the energy to withstand the challenges bedeviling the country,” he said.

But while these schemings are on, Atiku and other contenders have continued with consultation, with some of them said to be warming up to retire.

High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, Chairman, DAAR Communications, has been leading Atiku’s team across the country to canvass support for the presidential ambition of the former vice president.

The Dokpesi -led team has visited many states across the country. During the committee’s visit to Anambra State on Saturday, Atiku was described as the only aspirant that can lead PDP to victory.

Contacted, Saraki’s media aide, Yusuph Olaniyonu, said he has no comment on the matter.

We are not aware – Atiku’s aide

Atiku’s media aide, Paul Ibe said they are not aware of the moves to edge out his boss.

He told Daily Trust that his boss enjoys the support of the Rivers State governor and other top shots.

“We are not aware of any such move. Atiku Abubakar enjoys the support of a good number of stakeholders in the PDP including Governor Wike. The focus of every stakeholder in the opposition party at this point is to rescue Nigeria and Nigerians from the claws of bad governance that the APC has thrown the country into.

“And like all patriots and stakeholders in the Nigeria Project, the priority of H.E Atiku Abubakar and indeed the PDP is to recruit eggheads who will come up with brilliant policy plans that can turn the current state of mass poverty, insecurity, divisions and hopelessness into prosperity and unity for Nigerians,” he said.

But another source close to the former vice president said Atiku was aware of the scheming.

He said Atiku would declare for the presidency when his Technical Committee on the 2023 project submits its report.

“If it is not consensus, Atiku will defeat all of them at the primary election,” he said.

But, a former Commissioner of Information in Edo State, Kassim Afegbua, has urged Atiku to dump his presidential ambition and support a southern candidate.

Afegbua, a member of the Technical Committee for Atiku’s presidency, in a statement yesterday, said the ambition of Atiku will not fly.

“Nigerians in their millions are tired of seeing the faces of persons who have dominated the political space in the last forty years and yet, unwilling to take a bow. In the spirit of the new thinking and paradigm shift, please tell them to allow us to breathe,” he said.

Meanwhile, all efforts made to speak with Governor Wike or any of his aides on the allegation that he is working against other aspirants in the 2023 presidential ambition yielded no results.

Everyone can contest – BoT member

Contacted, a member of the PDP Board of Trustees (BoT), Adamu Maina Waziri, said that all aspirants have the right to contest for the presidency.

“This is the principle of democracy and people have every right to vie for and be elected president of Nigeria, as long as the criteria as specified by the constitution are fulfilled.

“So, any PDP member has the right to aspire to be the candidate of the party at the federal level of election by reaching out to people.

“The vehicle for doing that in realising your aspirations is to go to the people and canvas for their support.

“In this wise, anybody aspiring to do that or trying to strategise to achieve that is being a democratic person,” he said.

He, however, warned that “We don’t want such consequences to be amplified to committing undemocratic behaviour within the polity”.

‘No decision on mode of primaries’

Another chieftain of the party, who does not want to be named, said a decision has not been taken on the method to be used for the party primaries.

In a phone interview, he said a decision would be taken when various organs of the party meet on the matter.

“We are urging the National Assembly to accelerate the harmonisation of the bill. We call on the president to summon the courage to assent to it. We are waiting. As a law-abiding party, whatever the law of the country says is what will guide us. We have not decided on the mode of primary until when this is done,” he said.

Atiku’s delay gives Rivers gov winning hand – Varsity don

A lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Bayero University, Kano (BUK), Dr Aminu Hayatu said it is still difficult to foresee how the situation in the PDP will play out because the party has been battling with the internal crisis even before its convention.

He, however, believes that if the Wike group succeeds in edging northern candidates out and the ruling APC also goes the way of fielding a Southern candidate, it will translate to one of the most keenly contested elections in the history of Nigeria come 2023, howbeit with money-politics determining the outcome.

He said Atiku left it a bit too late by not being assertive with the convention, which then gave the likes of Wike a winning hand.

“Wike is one of the strongest big shots in PDP now because he is the one who has been managing the party as far as visibility is concerned in terms of replying and criticising the ruling party. So it is a time he and his group feel that power should be given to at least one of their faction.

“Atiku has used money overtime in at least becoming the flag bearer of the party. But now, their (PDP) calculation is being teleguided by happenings in the APC. That is if APC manages to produce a Southern candidate, then it is a problem for the PDP because they would have wished that the APC produces a northern candidate, which most of the southern states are going to oppose. After all, it is a general agreement, although not written, that power should go to the south,” he said.

Hayatu added that if both parties end up with southern candidates “That would amount to the hottest contest we have seen in recent times because it will be about who can galvanise and win the sympathy of Nigerians towards their party.

Atiku and Gov Wike of Rivers State

Source : DailyTrust

Tunisia stun Nigeria with last-16 win in latest Afcon upset

 The Super Eagles went down to 10 men in the second half of the last-16 tie and were unable to pull off a come back

Nigeria have been eliminated from the Africa Cup of Nations at the last-16 stage after suffering a 1-0 defeat to Tunisia on Sunday.

Youssef Msakni scored the decisive goal two minutes into the second-half, while Alex Iwobi was sent off just seven minutes after being substituted on, making it difficult for Nigeria to come back against their Covid-19 stricken opponents.

Immediately after the match, Augustine Eguavoen stepped down from his role as interim coach.

What has been said?

Tunisia boss expressed his pride in his team for their valiant effort against the Super Eagles.

He told reporters: “As we said before, we had prepared well; we had mastered our skills to counter the Nigerian team. We believed in ourselves.

“We had the desire to win and knew we had to put in a lot of efforts. We tried to win to score a goal and succeeded in doing that.

“We knew Nigeria had fast wingers and we came up with specific tactics and had to put pressure on the wingers.

“We trusted the group despite the Covid-19 cases. We didn’t need players but competitors. We wish Nigeria well but we deserve to win,”

Nigeria boss Eguavoen stepped in to take charge of the team after Gernot Rohr's recent sacking, but has given up his role following his team's shock exit.

Match Highlight

Dangote oil refinery will start processing crude in the third quarter of this year 2022

 Nigeria’s giant new Dangote oil refinery will start processing crude in the third quarter of this year. 

Mechanical work on the refinery is complete and “hopefully before the end of third quarter we should be in the market,” Aliko Dangote, chairman of Dangote Industries Limited, said in a briefing at the plant site in Lagos. 

The plant will start with a processing capacity of 540,000 barrels a day, Dangote said. “Full production can start maybe, by the end of the year or beginning of 2023,” he said. 

The facility, which will cost an estimated $19 billion to build, has an installed capacity of 650,000 barrels per day. Its output will be more than enough to meet Nigeria’s fuel demands and turn Africa’s largest crude producer into an exporter of refined crude.

Dangote, Africa’s richest man, addressed reporters along with Akinwumi Adesina, president of the African Development Bank, which previously provided $300 million loan in support of the project.

The AfDB head and Dangote discussed possible collaboration to expand the billionaire’s businesses to more African countries to take advantage of the free trade area agreement, according to Adesina. They also talked about setting up an industrial manufacturing corps on the continent made up of the engineers that built the refinery. This will ensure that the skills gained can be shared with other countries in Africa and outside the continent.

Dangote, originally a cement tycoon, is worth $20.4 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Obi Cubana Meets Jeremiah Ekuma, Lagos Hawker (Photos, Video)

 Nigerian billionaire businessman, Obi Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana has finally met with viral Lagos hawker, Ekuma Jeremiah Iziogo, after the businessman had offered Jeremiah a scholarship up to master's level as well as employment in any of his establishments, IGBERETV reports.

Jeremiah came to the limelight in a viral video where he was captured in traffic with a crate of bottled water on his head while handing out cash to inmates in a Correctional Service vehicle along Ajah axis, Lagos State.

After the event, Jeremiah disclosed in an interview that he was a law student in Ebonyi State University before he dropped out.

A photographer, Ojo Emmanuel who had told the hawker's story in a viral video interview also shared videos capturing Jeremiah's meeting with Obi Cubana.

During the meeting which had media personality Daddy Freeze and a female entrepreneur present, Obi Cubana praised the hawker for the gesture to the inmates as he remarked that people also passed by the prisoners but didn't feel the need to show them some love. The socialite reiterated his earlier promises as he encouraged the young man with kind words. As Obi Cubana was about to leave, Jeremiah immediately prostrated before the businessman who appeared to be engrossed in a phone call. Obi Cubana gave him a pat on the back and then walked away with an assurance of a proper meeting between him and the hawker.

See the video below.

Nigeria Govt to Establish 18 Modular Refineries In Oil-Producing States

 The Federal Government on Wednesday said it was working to establish three modular refineries in each of the oil producing states, particularly in the Niger Delta region.

Going by the plan, the government would have to establish about 18 refineries in the country’s six major oil producing states in the Niger Delta including Rivers, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Edo and Cross River.

It said the objective was to halt the illegal artisanal refining activities going on in oil producing areas and its impact on residents in the affected locations.

The Minister of State for Environment, Chief Sharon Ikeazor, disclosed this in a statement issued by her ministry in Abuja.

She said, “In a bid to find alternative sources of livelihood for artisanal refiners and to encourage them to disengage completely from their illegal activities, the Federal Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the Office of the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs and other critical stakeholders, are working on the establishment of three modular refineries per state in the oil producing areas as a pilot scheme to engage them (artisanal refiners).

“These modular refineries are intended to be 100 per cent designed and manufactured in Nigeria using the expertise of government institutions such as the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Federal University of Petroleum Effurun and Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

“Others include Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, Niger Delta Development Commission, Petroleum Technology Development Fund, Nigerian Content Development and Management Board, National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure, etc.”

She said the government would also train the artisanal refiners on environmental management, including skills required for oil spill management and remediation.

“The main objective is to enable those participating in illegal/artisanal oil refining to transit into operation of modular refineries to be run legitimately as a business under proper technical, commercial and environmental regulation,” Ikeazor stated.

She added, “It is also the intention of government that other artisanal refiners that cannot be absorbed in the pilot modular refineries will be congregated into business clusters and the Alternative Livelihood Fund in the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project be utilised to set up businesses for them, especially on the management on spent oil to engage them.

Niger Delta region.

“In fact, the much talked about Port Harcourt soot is caused by the activities of artisanal refineries due to the indiscriminate ‘cooking’ of stolen crude oil which releases very thick black smoke into the atmosphere, and later settles on surfaces as soot,” Ikeazor stated.

She noted that in order to address this issue, the National Oil Spill and Response Agency annually embarked on sensitisation campaigns to host communities in the oil producing states.

Ikeazor said the campaigns were through the agency’s disaster risk reduction programme that focused on the socio-economic implications of artisanal refining, oil theft and pipeline vandalism and the need to bring these illegal activities to an end.

“Similarly, the ministry has sought the support and collaboration of the Minister of Defence and the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources in tackling the menace,” she stated.

The Managing Director of Assets Management Company of Nigeria, Mr Ahmed Kuru, has been arrested and detained by EFCC

 The Managing Director of Assets Management Company of Nigeria, Mr Ahmed Kuru, has been arrested and detained by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Kuru, who has been accused of assets diversion and selling of seized assets to cronies at below value prices by businessmen accused of loan default with banks, was invited by the EFCC earlier on Wednesday.

A reliable source at the EFCC, confirmed that Kuru was invited by the commission after confirmation of his selling assets worth billions of naira belonging to Atlantic.

According to the source, Atlantic was accused of loan default with Skye Bank and properties in collateral were seized while an action was instituted in court.

With the pendency of the court case, Kuru proceeded to selling the properties in dispute at a price far below the prevailing market value.

"Kuru will certainly spend the night with the commission as he is still undergoing interrogation," the source added.

Lagos Domestic Worker Flees With N13.9m Cash, Jewelry One Week After Resumption of work

 A domestic worker, identified only as Blessing, has gone into hiding after allegedly stealing money and jewellery valued at over N13.9m from her boss’ residence in the Victoria Island area of Lagos State.

Blessing’s boss, Pearl Ogbulu, on Tuesday, said the suspect allegedly perpetrated the crime about a week after she started working with her.

She said the Cross River State indigene had remained incommunicado since the incident happened.

Binnabook Magazine gathered that an agent, Joshua Amaha, introduced Blessing to Ogbulu, who was not at home on the day the domestic worker visited her residence for an interview.

Ogbulu said her parents, who lived with her, took Blessing in, adding that during the interview with the domestic worker the following day, she (Ogbulu) informed her that she would undergo a test and registration at a police station.

She said plans were underway for the test and registration when the 25-year-old took advantage of her absence to steal her property.

Ogbulu said, “Her name could be an alias, but she identified herself as Blessing. She also mentioned that her name was Ihi, from Cross River State. She is 25 years old and has a one-year-old child. She started working with me around 8.30pm last Sunday.

“The agent told me she would come on Saturday for an interview, but I didn’t see her. Only for the agent to tell me she was already on her way that Sunday and when she didn’t arrive early, I went out. I returned around 1.30am and was about to go to work the next day when I interviewed her and told her about the test and registration.

“January 13 was my brother’s birthday and Blessing was standing on the third floor when I went into my room to bring out two envelopes containing N500,000 and N200,000. I gave my brother N50,000, and also gave him and my mother $100 each. I kept the remaining money inside my room.”

Ogbulu said she went for a party the following Sunday.

“When I returned from the party, I entered the compound and called my dad to open the door. But when he came down to open it, he said the door was not locked. My dad quickly searched Blessing’s room and said she had packed all her things and fled.

“The security guard said he didn’t see her leaving. I knew I locked my room, but I was surprised when I saw the door open. I went straight to where I kept my money and realised that the envelopes containing the naira notes were gone. She stole two wristwatches, one of which cost $5,500; my daughter’s earrings valued at $3300. She also took $5000, 300 pounds and N200,000. She took all my jewellery worth over $10,000.”

The businesswoman said the agent gave him Blessing’s brother’s number and her address in Ikorodu, adding that the number was unreachable and the address was nowhere to be found.

She added, “I asked for Blessing’s brother’s number and address in Ikorodu and the agent said the place was in Ijede. He gave me her brother’s number, which did not go through, but Truecaller brought out a name, Elebe.

“We parked my vehicle at the NNPC Filling Station along Ijede Road and took a tricycle to scan the whole area looking for the address, but found no place like that. The tricycle operator charged me N7,500.

“I called the agent and he said he was not coming to help us. He said the same thing had happened before and that the madam arrested him and he suffered for days in police custody. I reported the case to the IRT and DSS.

Efforts to hear from Joshua proved abortive as calls to his number did not connect.

The Commander, Police Intelligence Response Team, Tunji Disu, said, “I am yet to receive an official complaint on the matter.”



The Executive Governor of Jigawa state Alhaji Mohammed Badaru Abubakar joins President Muhammadu Buhari to unveil the FCT MEGA rice pyramids in Abuja.

The One million paddy rice stacked in 15 separate pyramids in Abuja, is in collaboration of the CBN with the Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN).

Five State Governors including Ekiti, Kayode Fayemi; Kebbi, Atiku Bagudu; Cross River, Prof. Ben Ayade; Ebonyi, David Umayi and that of Jigawa, Mohammed Badaru Abubakar are also in attendance.

The Governor of the CBN, Godwin Emefiele lauded the courage and resilience of the smallholder farmers to achieve this single largest rice pyramid ever assembled in Nigeria’s history.

According to him, it’s in line with the current administration’s promise to provide food security in the country.

Despite the challenges of the past few years including Insurgency, banditry, etc, the farmers remained resilient, producing beyond just self-sufficiency.

The mega pyramids being launched today represents aggregated paddy rice submitted as repayment of loans by RIFAN farmers under the 2020 dry season and 2021 wet seasons.

He further notes that the event also symbolizes the efforts made by farmers to commit to loan repayment through produce submission and ultimately ensure the sustainability of the Programme.

The Anchor Borrower’s Programme of the CBN was launched in November 2015, first in Kebbi state, to bring relief to farmers and impact the value chain of different crops in Nigeria.

The program has also improved the National output to 9.5million metric tonnes in quality rice, making Nigeria the largest food producer in Africa and also Saving Nigeria Foreign exchange and preserving.

GTB Vs Innoson: Supreme Court Rules In Favour Of GTB In N2.4bn Debt

 The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of Guaranty Trust Bank after it reversed its earlier decision which dismissed an appeal by GTB against a N2.4bn judgment given in favour of Innoson Motors Nigeria Limited by the Court of Appeal in Ibadan, Oyo State.

A senior official of GTB, who confirmed this to The PUNCH on Sunday, said, “Yes, the Supreme court ruled in favour of GTbank on Friday.”

A judgment delivered on Friday by a five-member panel, led by Justice Olukayode Ariwoola, held unanimously that the Supreme Court erred when, in a ruling on February 27, 2019, it erroneously dismissed the appeal marked: SC/694/2014 filed by GTB.

In the lead judgment, written by Justice Tijani Abubakar, but read on Friday by Justice Abdu Aboki, the court held that it was misled by its Registry, which failed to promptly bring to the notice of the panel that it sat on the case on February 27, 2019, and that GTB had already filed its appellant’s brief of argument.

The judgment was on an application by GTB seeking the re-listing of the appeal on the grounds that it was wrongly dismissed.

The Supreme Court said the panel that sat on the case on February 27, 2019, being notified of the existence of the appellant’s brief of argument, would not have given the ruling which dismissed GTB’s appeal on grounds of lack of diligent prosecution.

Relying on Order 8 Rules 16 of the Supreme Court’s Rules, Justice Abubakar, in the lead judgment, held that the apex court has the power to set aside its decision in certain circumstances, like any other court.

He added that such circumstances include where there is any reason to do so, such as where any of the parties obtained judgment by fraud, default or deceit; where such a decision is a nullity or where it is obvious that the court was misled into giving a decision.

Justice Tijani held that the circumstances of the GTB case fall into the category of the rare cases where the Supreme Court could amend or alter its own order on the grounds that the said order or judgment did not present what it intended to record.

“I am convinced that at the material time that the appellant’s appeal was inadvertently dismissed by this court, there was in place, a valid and subsisting brief of argument filed by the applicant.

“It will be unjust to visit the sin of the court’s Registry on an innocent, vigilant, proactive and diligent litigant.

“It is obvious from the material before us, that there were errors committed by the Registry of this court, having failed to bring to the notice of the panel of Justices that sat in chambers on the 27th February 2019 that the appellant had indeed filed its brief of argument.

“This is a case deserving of positive consideration by this court.

“Having gone through all the materials in this application, therefore, I am satisfied that the appellant/applicant’s brief of argument was filed before the order of this court made on the 27th of February 2019 dismissing the applicant’s appeal.

“The order dismissing the appeal was therefore made in error. It ought not to have been made if all materials were disclosed. The application is, therefore, meritorious and hereby succeeds,” Justice Abubakar said.

He proceeded to set aside the court’s ruling of February 27, 2019, dismissing GTB’s appeal and ordered that the appeal marked 694/2014 “be relisted to constitute an integral part of the business of the court until its hearing and determination on the merit.”

Other members of the panel – Justices Ariwoola, John Okoro, Helen Ogunwumiju, Aboki – agreed with the lead judgment.

China Backs Russia Against Ukraine and NATO

 China has thrown its considerable political weight behind Russia in President Vladimir Putin's standoff with Ukraine, describing NATO a...


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