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Five Types Of People You Need To Surround Yourself With in Life to Succeed

 The journey of life is not an easy one, Sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are sad. You win today, lose tomorrow, this minute you feel like taking it all up and the next you want to give it all up. It is a combination of simplicity, mystery, joy and sorrow, love and hate etc.

However if you want to make it easier and steadier to navigate, you need to surround yourself with people of valuable character and influence. This kind of people will give you the right push and words to help you go through your daily hurdles and struggle.

1. The Inspired And Motivated

Much of life’s problems and situations greatly depends on how you see it, what you see in it and how your mind wants to tackle it. To one person a situation could be a problem and to another it could be an opportunity to achieve greatness. This is why you need to surround yourself with the people that has the right mindset and optimistic attitude towards life. The words that comes out of their mouth will always be that to encourage, inspire, motivate and invigorate your mind no matter the circumstance. This way your greatness will only be one step ahead!

2. The Open Minded And Passionate

It is easy for you to get locked up in a closed circle, right inside your own mind. Only thinking or reasoning life in one way or pattern, without being aware or willing to explore the endless possibilities and ideas there is. It is also possible for you to keep chasing multiple possibilities and forget that which really matters- your passion. Surround yourself with people that are open minded and passionate, they see multiple opportunities and ideas in any circumstance, while teaching you the right and passionate way towards pursuing them.

3. The Grateful

Nothing beats a thankful heart. Someone who recognizes that they receive something no matter how little and remain grateful for it. Whether it is to a fellow human for some favour recieved or to God, being grateful is underated. Furthermore it paves way for more gifts and favour, just for being grateful for a small gift or favour, you could receive more! Imagine going out of your way to do something for someone and they come back feeling it was their right to have benefited so? Let your circle be people of a grateful heart, that way you will be in position to recieve more both from God and man.

4. The Wise And Knowledgeable

When the blind leads another blind, you can only imagine the outcome. You definitely don’t want to be in the middle of such a situation. Always be in company of people who are wiser and more knowledgeable than you, this way you always have something new and good to learn each time. As time goes you become wiser and more Knowledgeable, learning better and more intelligent ways in dealing with life and issues.

5. The Experienced

No one knows a situation better than that person who have experienced it first hand. There is no better person to give advice than that person who have gone through so many life experiences or has practiced a trade, art or profession repeatedly and successfully for several years. The importantance of an experienced advice coming from an experienced person cannot be overstated. Make sure your circle also includes someone experienced enough to give you practical advices when they come handy.

Finally, to reach your maximum potential you need the right people around you and the above list will sure help you make your choice and consequently help make the right decisions for optimum results.

The Travails Of Couples In The Hands Of womb Watchers Waiting For Conception

 The moment a couple get married, “womb watchers” begin to look out for the wife’s tummy and some insensitive bunch will even go ahead to ask her when she wants to take in for her husband; not minding her state of mind at the moment.

What these people fail to realize is that some newlyweds deliberately put a hold on childbearing for reasons best known to them, while some may actually be having difficulties with taking in.

Most of the blame is hinged on the woman because, she’s the one that bears the burden of carrying a child (or, children) in her womb.

Sometimes, families mount undue pressure on the woman to take in for their son or, she may be termed as a witch that ate all of her children.

Some will even go ahead to tag the woman as a man because, saying “two men can’t live in one house”.

Time and chance happens to everything in life and, everyone can’t tread the same path. For newlyweds, its a different ball game because they have to deal with pressures from every side.

The only thing that can keep them together is if they decide not to let what outsiders say about their predicament get to them.

In the event that a couple is yet to bear their own children, they can try out several options like IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization), artificial insemination, legal adoption amongst others. Both parties have to be in agreement before this can eventually pull through.

While waiting to get pregnant, awaiting couples should first learn to shut their ears to distractions and naysayers because, truth is, their opinion doesn’t and will never matter.

They should stand with, by and for each other at all times; regardless of what’s going on. They should love each other and treat each other kindly; even on the days when they don’t feel like it.

Doing this will help them strengthen the bond of love that they share. This is because couples go through hell while trying to conceive and, in most cases, their attempts flop.

They have to do several IVF procedures and, most of the time, it doesn’t pull through. Tension everywhere.

Hopes lost. And, sometimes when they eventually manage to conceive, they miscarry the pregnancy! Consequently making the whole process a turmoil for them.

The couple in this picture – (Mr Tosin and Mrs Tomike Adeoye) got married in 2019 and, two years after, they’re expecting their first child together.

Nollywood actress, Kemi Akindoju-Fregene and, her husband, Gbugbemi Fregene, got married mid 2018 and, just last month, they welcomed their first child after 3 years.

Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi-Wellington and, her music superstar husband, Banky Wellington, got married in November 2017 and, on 22nd January 2021, they welcomed their first child together after almost 4 years of waiting.

These couples obviously must’ve had the worst of times while waiting for children to come; not to forget the constant bashing they got from both inside and outside sources.

People don’t bother anymore what couples go through whole expecting children and, it makes no sense that they throw tantrums at them at every given opportunity.

Childbearing is a thing of joy to be experienced but, if it isn’t happening early for you, you don’t need to worry yourself to death.

Try out several other conception methods and, if you and your partner are cool with it, go ahead and adopt a baby.

Spend time with your partner and keep reminding each other of the love you share. Buy each other gifts and speak kindly to each other; no matter how tensed or worked up you are.

This will create a warm, serene and enabling environment for the love you both share to grow stronger and for your body systems to be more calmer and stable.

Stress and anxiety, most of the time, can lead to increased chances of infertility. When your mind is at peace and your body, at rest, “THINGS WILL HAPPEN!”

Most importantly, pray with and for your partner ALL the time. Invite God into the situation and, let him work things out for you.

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Call Off Engagement to remain as Friends ONLY

 Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are officially calling it quits weeks after attempting to work past issues. On Thursday morning, the two issued a joint statement shared exclusively with Today.

“We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so. We will continue to work together and support each other on our shared businesses and projects. We wish the best for each other and one another’s children. Out of respect for them, the only other comment we have to say is thank you to everyone who has sent kind words and support,” the statement read.

The news comes a few weeks after Lopez, 51, and Rodriguez, 45, announced that they were “working through some things” following news that the two had ended their engagement in early March.

“They never officially broke up and talked about it but are still together. They hit a rough patch. But they were not broken up. She’s working in the Dominican Republic and he’s in Miami so it’s tough seeing each other especially with quarantining and COVID, but they want to try to stay together,” a source close to the pair told PEOPLE then.

When the news first broke in early March that the two were calling it quits, a source told PEOPLE it had “been a long time coming.”

However, soon after, Rodriguez flew to the Dominican Republic where the two spent time together as she films Shotgun Wedding. A source told PEOPLE in late March that the couple was “doing everything they can to prioritize their relationship.”

“He flew back to spend a few more days with Jennifer,” an insider told PEOPLE about Rodriguez. “He is making a big effort, and he wants Jennifer to be happy.”

“Jennifer was excited to see him in person. They are really trying to figure things out,” a separate Lopez source told PEOPLE at the time. “It was a happy reunion.”

The source explained that Lopez was “very much ready to give up” on their relationship but “she is happy they are still together.”

Nigerian Couple Remarries After Over 10 Years Of Separation And Divorce

 A Nigerian couple Babsola Kuti and Lola Fafowora have remarried after severing ties for about a decade, Igbere TV reports.

The duo first got married in London on April 8, 1996. They have three children — a boy and two girls — now aged 24, 19 and 16 respectively.

Kuti and Fafowora met about 32 years ago in Lagos. After a year of getting to know each other, they began dating on Kuti’s 20th birthday in 1990.

Following separation and divorce, the couple eventually reconciled in 2017 and renewed their vows on April 8, 2021, about 25 years after they first got married.

Their children witnessed the ceremony while some family members also joined on Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions.

It was learnt that the couple’s best man Folarin Agbede and bridesmaid Kemi Kalejaiye-Mason at their first wedding in 1996 also witnessed the reunion.

“I feel grateful to see God’s grace. It was all topsy-turvy, but I believed someone up there was fighting for our love,” said Fafowora.

On his part, Kuti said:

“After more than 10 years of separation and even a divorce, against all odds we found ourselves together again.”

“We hardly spoke. Interestingly there was never any personal animosity and most people who knew me well always said we would get back together. I always laughed at them. One of them was my flatmate in Abuja Tunji Adenuga. Many people who knew me always wished it for us but it was hard at the time to see how it would happen,” he added


Woman finds out on son’s wedding day bride is her long-lost daughter at a recent wedding in Jiangsu, China

The daughter-in-law is the biological daughter, and the son instantly becomes the son-in-law! At a recent wedding in Jiangsu, China, a woman found her daughter-in-law’s birthmark from her daughter-in-law as her biological daughter who had been separated for many years. 

A woman attending her son’s wedding was left in tears after she identified the bride as her long-lost daughter. The incident happened in Suzhou, Jiangsu province in China on March 31.

The mother-in-law noticed a birthmark on her new daughter-in-law’s hand, which was similar to the one on her lost daughter’s hand.

After spotting the birthmark, the woman approached the bride’s parents and asked if she had been adopted over 20 years ago. The bride’s family was baffled by the question as it had been a secret. However, they went on to reveal that they had found a baby girl by the roadside several years ago whom they brought up as their own daughter.

On hearing the story, the bride burst into tears. She wanted to know more about her biological parents. She described the moment of meeting her biological mother as “happier than the wedding day itself”.

The story didn’t end there. There was more to come.

The bride was now concerned about marrying her elder brother. However, the mother-in-law revealed that there would be no objection to their marriage as the groom was also adopted.

The woman had adopted a boy after losing all hopes of finding her missing daughter. She had searched for her for years but in vain, Oriental Daily reported.

She said that there would be no problem in their marriage as they were not biological siblings.

The bride was relieved to know this and the couple completed their wedding rituals.

Source: Orientaldaily 

Trust Issues: What My Girlfriend Did When I Wanted To Check Her WhatsApp

 Happy new week everyone.

I decided to bring this up on this platform caused I want candid and lucid advice. I be brief on this.

I am a Pharmacist working with one of the government owned health care centre. There's this girl I've been with for more than 2years now. She is a law student in her penultimate year in university. Like most Nigerian relationships, we started with lot of distractions and lacked commitment but over time it remained just the two of us.

At the beginning of this year 2021 we made relationship goals and decided to be transparent to each other. We shared every secrets, went through each others phone and asked questions where necessary. All went well until last month when I went to check on her in the university, asked for her phone as usual wanted checking her whatsapp. She didn't let me, said till she comes for weekend when we'll have good time for that. I was surprised, had my doubts but let it slide. She later came for the weekend, I acted as if I don't care anymore and that was it.

Similar event happened last night after she went through my phone (whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc) cos she has my password but I don't have hers. I unexpectedly asked for her phone too, she said it's late and we should leave it till am back from weekend call later in the evening. I kept my cool last night but was bent on seeing her chat this morning not until she bursted into tears. I ain't perfect, have my flaws but I am free spirited whenever I am around her. It normal for a lady to have lots of guys in her dm, but I think it's a problem when it becomes secretive to your partner.

Should I play along, start having secrets too or what's your thought guys.

NB: I skipped so many things, decided being straight to the point.


This Dream My Fiancée's Mother Had Is Bothering My Fiancée And I

 I have been making preparations since late last year to settle down with my fiancee. I intend going to collect the marriage list this coming April to kick start the marriage processes.

My girl and I are very compatible in almost all ramifications you can think of. Honestly, she's the perfect definition of a supportive wife, well mannered and loyal to the core, just to say a few.

We now lived in different states, but we've known ourselves and have been seeing/dating each other in the same city between December 2016 and September 2019. I even made her to redeploy during her NYSC in 2018, to be close to me because of my intentions for her.

As usual, we've been praying and trying to seek the face of God to get divine revelation.

So on the 9th of this month (March), my fiancee and her mum visited a priest for normal pre marriage talk/counseling. The priest of course asked my girl some questions about me, which she answered sincerely. The priest then advised my girl and her mum to put everything in God's hand and be praying about it.

About a week later (around 16th or so), my fiancée's mother had a dream where my fiancée's hair was cut in the dream. In trying to understand the dream, my fiancee then called her cousin who is a Reverend, and the cousin told her that the dream is a bad dream, that it means "someone is trying to take her glory."

That dream compelled my fiancee and her mum to have two days midnight prayer (19th and 20th precisely) to cancel any bad dream.

Reaching today, my girl and her mum visited the priest again, to let him know about the dream. The priest then asked my girl about her understand of the dream. My girl said it means "widowhood." But my girl's mum was having a different understanding.

In summary, the priest then asked my girl if she had gotten a divine revelation, as to whether we're meant to be husband and wife. My girl said no has not.

Personally, I've fasted and prayed severally to God to show me reasons not to marry my fiancee, but I'm yet to see reasons not to.

Honestly, apart from divine validation which I'm yet to get, I'm yet to see reasons why I shouldn't marry my fiancee. And my girl have been worried since this afternoon, thereby getting me worried also.

Now my questions are:

1.) What does it mean for someone's hair to be cut in a dream?

2.) Is it 100% compulsory that one must get a divine validation to have a peaceful and happy marriage?

Please, your honest contributions will be appreciated.

Mods, please help a brother if this piece isn't in the right section.

And help send it to front page for more response.


Veteran Nollywood Actors Pete Edochie Shun Feminism -Feminism has no place in our culture he Said

 Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie, has said feminism should be held responsible for the domestic violence women suffer in marriage.

The actor told BBC Igbo that modern women lack a basic skill like cooking to keep their husbands happy, adding that women are usually to blame for cases of domestic violence.

He noted that any woman who cannot cook has lost the right to refer to herself as a woman.

He said, "Feminism isn’t something black people are known for. Once a woman leaves her parents to meet her husband and takes his surname, she is to be submissive to him. If she wasn’t married, she can do whatever she wants.

"Women walk and show off their behinds, it’s so that men would find them. If you see such a woman and express your marriage interest, then she starts walking properly. Our women now plunge into feminism nowadays.

“They can’t even keep their husbands anymore. Is that a good thing? These women are schooled but a lot of wives now can’t even cook — one thing that a woman should be good in so as to be able to keep her husband.

“My mother was not educated but she would cook all sorts of soups, including bitter leaf, Oha, Ogbono, Okro, Egusi, Ukwa, and what have you. My father would always get back home hurriedly to eat what his wife had cooked.

“Today, our wives can’t even cook anymore. Women who can’t cook aren’t supposed to call themselves women. And feminism is what causes women to be beaten up in marriages. You complain to a woman and she retorts.

"It becomes unbearable, so you stretch your arm and deal her a slap. Domestic violence starts. I don’t like seeing women crying because it hurts me deeply. But it is the fault of the woman herself a lot of times.”

According to Edochie, feminism has no place in Nigeria’s culture.

He continued, “To be honest, the understanding of women is low. I’m not a misogynist but I’ve associated with them a lot, even at work. Feminism has no place in our culture. We don’t worship women as the whites do.

“In the west, women could join forces and accuse a male colleague of assault. The man resigns. This can’t happen in our culture. As a young woman, if pedestrians don’t admire you, you’d weep for fear of not being beautiful.

"I’m a strong adherent of culture. Kneeling to put a ring on a woman’s hands is not our culture. Any man who does that transfers the headship of his family to that woman. Until my dad died at 96, he never knelt to propose.

“It’s just like kneeling down on entering a church because there’s a higher being to whom you’re paying respect. Men climb trees to tap palm wine. How does it look if women do the same? Today women dictate to men.

“It wasn’t like that in our days. How women talk to men nowadays isn’t how we were raised. My mother was never beaten. My wife and I have been married for 52 years. I never beat her. My five married sons don’t beat their wives.”

When a Nigeria Lady tell you she Need a God Fearing Man- This is what she mean

 When it comes to relationships or picking a partner for marriage, most Nigerians have a long list of preferences and what they want their spouses to possess in order to make a perfect partner.

Men have want their women to be respectful, beautiful, caring, bold and hard-working before they can consider them as "wife materials". This ideology often make some men to be too selective and usually end up being single even in their forties.

What about the women? Nigerian girls are very complicated people and their idea of an "ideal" husband might depend on age.

A teenage girl or one in her early twenties would want a fun guy, the party type that would take her places to have fun on weekends. Any guy that behaves like a husband to a girl of these age bracket will surely be disappointed as her lifestyle and mentality might be too over-whelming for him. These kinds of ladies prefer play boys and fun lovers at the moment.

Since we're talking about ladies who are choosing the kind of men they want to spend the rest of their lives with, let's get down to the point.

What do ladies mean when they say they want a "God-fearing" man?

First let's describe who a God-fearing man is. A person who is God-fearing is an overly religious person who sees nothing more important than his relationship with God. These people are try to live as holy as they can and often times, treats all people with love and respect equally. These kind of people don't lay much emphasis on romance or being a "great husband" and treat their spouses equally with the way they treat other people outside.

Now, with the above description is there any Nigerian woman that would want that kind of man? Many would cringe at the mere idea of marrying a pastor so as not to appear wearing gowns that they wouldn't normally wear.

No Nigerian woman would want to share her husband's love and affection with anyone and clearly, intimacy is a vital ingredient in marriage that must be shown as often as possible so as to keep the bond strong.

Some Nigerian women would likely cheat or even loath on her "God-fearing" husband because well, that isn't what she had hoped for.

So in summary, what people actually mean when they tell you that they want a "God-fearing man" is actually "I want a Good man''.

"I don't want someone who's too religious".


In a situation where two or group of people have been together for years, sharing things in common, be it affairs, ideas, social life styles etc. Then all of a sudden all these became a history and crashes. 

What do think is the cause? I have ask so many friends and they said that the cause is lack of understanding. Then I pulse to reason their answer.

 Does it mean that they have not been understanding each other all these years of been together? 

Does it mean that one or some persons among them lack understanding of each other?

 oh yes! that might be the truth but I have come up with my own real facts about that, which I tagged 

" relationship boundaries"

when we say relationship is a links between two individuals or it is an involvement of something, this shows that there is a connection which binds them and when (connection) it is no more  problems surfaces.

 One should know his/her boundaries in every relationship and learn how to deal with it for the sake of a long lasting relationship.

 It is so painful for one to loose what he/she has spent time to build for years in a twinkle of an eye just because of a mere mistake.

It is very important that we know where we fit in or belong in a relationship and maintain that position because the moment you cut across your limit/boundary the mutuality in that relationship dies gradually without you knowing until it collapses.

Even in marriage where they say husband and wife are one, yes I agree but for them to have a healthy relationship they must know their limit and respect each other for that.

 A wife should act as one and never go beyond that and vise visa. for any day she lives her position and act otherwise the marriage will begins to notice unhealthiness.

Likewise in a case of a group of people that share the goals and aspirations, the superior must stand as one and discharge his/her duty for any day he decided to go beyond that problems arises among them.

For a healthy and  long lasting relationship, you must know your boundaries.

 In summary of it all

Mind your business in every relationship so as to have focus and play your role well. Avoid finding unnecessary faults in another person's position because you can't perform every duty.

Always respect instructions and policies in any given relationship.



Action A Powerful Missile To Great Achievement.

 Many individuals have been wondering why they couldn't implement their passion, potentials, idea, career etc. One can say that his reasons are lack of fund, no support, no good advice and many others.

 The above factors might be true but that's not the fact. Here is one powerful tool you need to have in other to achieve your goal in life, I call it  a missile to great achievement and it is known generally as "ACTION".

  Action is a way of motion, it is a fast-paced activity. There are so many definition one can place on the word (action) but I so much like the above two definition because it really captured the practical meaning of action.

 They say procrastination is a waster and I agreed much on the proverb, a space or chance giving to any opportunity can destroy ones achievement in life.

 Applying speed and motion in your daily activities create a great impact in the outcome. This is a simple principle to achievement but an average human being finds it difficult to engage in it .

Note: you don't need fund to take action

                   you don't need advice to take action

                   you don't need help to take action.

All you need is personal courage and energy.

Let me share a little and interesting story though it might be funny but I believe it will help my readers to understand me more.

  A certain young man told me on an open conversation some years back why acting fast is very important in everything you do. he said

I was into poultry farming some years ago and one day I came back from work I noticed that my chicks are very hungry then I decided to go and get feeds (chick grains) for them because none was available at the moment, on my way going out I overhead my father asking of me just a step to move outside the  house gate my younger sister saw me immediatedly as I was heading towards the gate to leave she called with a loud voice that daddy was calling you. oh!! I hissed, within me I said could have seen me if i had made a fast move now oh! so my father sent me another errand and the quest to get food for my chicks was suspended before I could finished my father's errand it was late I couldn't go again. Then in the morning i went to check my chicks I discover that about ten out of fifty chicks are dead because of hunger".

 Though the incident happened many years ago but while the young man  was narrating his ordeal I still notice some flame of anger in him because he saw it as a miss of opportunity that led to a serious damage on his achievement, that one fast step would have pushed him out of their compound such that the sister won't had seen him.

Inability to take action towards your passion when necessary can lead to delay or unachievable goal .

 Make haste when the sun shines. 

A stitched in time saves Nile.

I charged you today to take fast action in any golden opportunity that comes your way. 





Bodybuilder Who Married Sex Doll Gets New Wife - Massive Chicken With Human Head

 Yuri Tolochko and Margo's relationship hit the rocks last December when she broke days before Christmas. Having spent months without her, the Kazakh muscleman is now moving on

A bodybuilder who married a sex doll has divorced her after months of separation and now has a new bride – a toy chicken with a human head.

Yuri Tolochko, from Kazakhstan, wed Margo at a ceremony attended by dozens of guests in November 2020.

However, their wedding was thrown into chaos towards the end of the year when she broke just days before Christmas.

In the interim, Yuri “cheated” on his wife with a strange object and even tried to meet up with another sex doll.

After achieving sexual stimulation with a chicken, he decided to order a new custom-made bride

On Thursday, March 11, Yuri posted on Instagram: “Let me introduce to you my new wife.

“This is Lola. Lola [is] queer, she has not yet decided on her sexual and gender identity [she is in search].

“Lola has a woman's head, a chicken's body, the navel has depth and can be used as a vagina and a penis inserted into it. I'll show you this one day.

She has 'not yet decided on her sexual and gender identity. “I identify her as a massive chicken.”

He added: “We broke up with Margo. I'm not ready to talk about the reasons for the divorce yet.”

In a bizarre video, Yuri is seen cradling Lola and introducing her to his followers.

My Wife Just Told Me She Regrets Marrying Me after Her Ex Became Rich

Morning Teaser 'I never knew my wife had another husband' - Pulse ...

I got married to my wife 5 years ago. Before we got married, she dated a guy. We all stayed in the same area. I live here because it is close to my place of work. Her ex lives in the area. He does building contractor. While they were dating, I met my wife. I was able to convince her to date me. And since the guy was always travelling, I was able to get close to her. I think I won her finally after we had sex. Because that first day, I scattered her brain. She later left the guy. I proposed, she accepted and we got married.

I will say, at that time I got married to my wife, her ex and I were on the same level financially. But, recently, the guy has turned to something else. He does building for people overseas. People said the guy's work is good and he is always getting contracts. My wife said he had a 2.1 in Civil Engineering. He started selling cement. He is now a dangote cement distributor. He built a duplex at the junction of my street. He has 3 cars in the compound (he recently bought 1 car during this lockdown that people are saying no money oo). I and my wife do not have any car. I am still a tenant. We have to pass front of his house every day.

During this lockdown, my office has being delaying salaries. It has not being easy. I have had quarrels with my wife in the past but yesterday was the worst. During the quarrel, she said she regrets marrying me. That if she had ignored me and married her ex, she would have being living comfortably. I almost beat her up. Then she told me that this her ex paid her school fees in 300 and 400 level when she almost pulled out of school for lack of finance. She regrets paying him back by leaving him to marry me.


10 Reasons A Guy Could Possibly Snub A Girl

Last night, I was chatting with a lady on whatsapp, she was telling me about how she called her boyfriend and how she was snubbed by him. So in a bid to give her possible reasons why he could have snubbed her – I surprisingly came up with 10 reasons. So I decide to share it here on Nairaland.

Okay. Reasons why a guy could possibly snub a girl (supposed girlfriend☺️). Make sure you don’t miss no 5, 8 and 9.

1. You are not the only one on his radar
He has somebody else he really likes. He probably has somebody he is hitting on. In cases like this, he will always try as much as possible to keep you in case. All of a sudden, He may eventually come back being responsible, trust me, you are the 2nd choice and if 1st choice is available again, he mayn’t hesitate. I once saw a movie, a guy was really in love with Lady X, but lady X didn’t like him. He tried all he could, He bought gifts, tried hard – it didn’t work. He eventually dated another girl, Lady Y and still didn’t give up on Lady X because he genuinely liked her– Men-as-cum.

2. He is too busy
He is busy with something, probably his work (if he has one). This doesn't affirmatively mean he has another girl but some guys don't know how to handle work pressure with talking, calling and chatting a girl regularly. This happens to me at times, but I don't snub, I'll only make my feelings known and the concerned party understands. My work requires critical thinking and has a lot of deadlines. So most time I am always thinking about beating deadlines and coming up with accurate discussions for scientific papers for my clients and once I am done working – the lovie-dovie continues.

3. He needs your help
He's going through something at the moment but nevertheless, if a guy really likes a girl, he will never hesitate to speak to his girl on the issue. I believe relationship has to do with openness. If a partner does not feel secure around you – there is a fire on the mountain – He is probably not completely soluble in your love. Some hide under the “I don’t want to bother you” umbrella, if you can successfully get him to speak, you are good to go.

4. You have offended him.
You should probably retrace your steps back to when last you were both cool and apologize for any wrongs. But if this has always been like that, this leads to no 5.

5. He doesn't like you
Maybe you were the one that asked him out, if No, he doesn't like you again. Also, there are some cases where a guy will toast a girl for fun, like just to play around, it happens mostly on WhatsApp, some girls do say yes. In this case, the guy won't eject the girl easily – but the love is not there – some guys would want to just take advantage and then clean mouth. Something similar happened to me on this year's April fool's day, I asked a friend out, I really pressed her, I told her about how I had been keeping the feeling it to myself – she said, I was late that I should have told her earlier – she tried to pacify me cos she felt broken – maybe. I had to tell her later that night that it was April fool’s day, she pretended like it was cool - bottom line, she has blocked me ever since and we were very good friends� (If she had agreed and we continued, she might end up being snubbed by me from time-to-time because there is no genuine love)

6. He is a Psycho
He is probably a psycho - psychos are always confused and they don't know what they really want. One time, they just want to talk to you, chat with you or play with you, another time, he just flips.

7. Low self-esteem
He probably has low self-esteem. Some guys feel like they are no match to their girl. Some guys feel bad because they have not been a real man for their girl, probably financially.

8. He is incapable of love.
For some guys, Love is an unattainable height – some guys are WAR – some are FIGHT – some are INDABOSKY.

9. Maybe you stalk him too much.
You probably stalk him too much. Some girls actually stalk their guys too much. Some always want to call their guys almost every hour, chat with their guy every time possible. Some guys prefer to just chat with their girl at least just once per day and they are cool. This doesn’t mean the love they have for their girl is not real. A guy can actually be in premium contact with you regularly and still cheat on you exclusively perfectly.

10. He is not mentally fit
Some girls are drama queens – some guys don’t have what it takes to contain their outburst. Some girls are virulent in nature, so most guys can’t handle the virulence – with time, some develop resistance and do not get affected by the drama again while some just chicken out by breaking up or by not giving the attention that you deserve.

NB: These are just my opinions, if you have any contradicting opinion, you can post it in the comment section below. Also, which one do you agree with the most, let us know in the comment section below.


Why Men are called Groom and Women Bride on Wedding Day

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Why is the newly wedded man called groom and the woman called bride?

 A friend of mine got tired of his wife just about six months after wedding. He complained bitterly to me about her and told me that he has concluded to break up with her; he went on to say that he was sure that he made a mistake. I did not respond immediately,I kept my silence in myself consciousness rethinking about our present day society.

 Many men have broken up with their wives because they end up not being the wife that they have dreamt of. But they have forgotten that on their wedding day was when the man was commissioned for the new task.

Nobody calls the woman wife on her wedding day but bride, because it is the man that will groom his bride to become the wife. That is why the man is called ‘bridegroom or groom’ and the word grooming has to do with patiently nurturing, teaching, tending and helping someone to become what he or she should be. It is therefore believed that a man that takes a woman to the altar of marriage is matured enough to patiently groom his bride to become the wife. The man is not supposed to just expect the bride to automatically become the wife, she must be groomed.

It is clear that many of us men have unnecessary expectations when we were getting married, we want some magic to happen to our wives, we want them to become what we have had in mind about who we want our wives to be; not considering the fact that the woman does not know what is on your mind except you teach her. Our expectations are often too unrealistic, because we don’t remember that change takes time and we can only expect something from someone that knows what we want.

So before you think of breaking up, have you groomed her? Have you given her time to understand you? Hope you realize that a turtle will never become a hawk? God often brings people that are opposites of each other together in marriage so that they can help each other in their place of weaknesses. If your wife is weak where you are weak, then where will you get the strength that is needed?

The problem with many of us is that we don’t accept people before attempting to change them. Of course, our wives are not from our backgrounds, so it will take time for them to adjust. Stop trying to change her, accept her, love her, teach her and be patient with her; that is what grooming is all about. She is going to be your wife but she is your bride now, so groom her. Stop complaining about her, she may be a turtle and you a hawk, she cannot fly so be patient with her. I don’t believe that your marriage can’t work, be patient and allow God to help you. I pray Almighty God helps us in our marriages and connect those yet to be married to a loving and caring spouse, Amen.

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Sony Confirmed PS5 Will Be Launch in 2020 Summer

Image result for sony ps 5
Sony PS 5

Sony has confirmed that its next-generation console will be called the PlayStation 5, and it will be out next year, 2020 Summer

The company also announced several changes that it’ll be making to the controller on the PS5. Chief among them is replacing the current rumble technology that Sony has been using since the original PlayStation for new haptic feedback technology that it promises will offer a “broader range of feedback.”

The other big change that Sony is talking about  is a technology it’s calling “adaptive triggers,” which will go in the primary R2/L2 triggers on the PS5’s controller.

 According to Sony, developers will be able to “program the resistance of the triggers,” giving the example that you’ll be able to “feel” the increased tension as you draw back a bow or force you to push down with extra pressure if you’re driving through rough terrain. It sounds pretty similar to a Microsoft patent from earlier this year, which detailed a similar trigger system for a future Xbox controller.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan and PS5 system architect Mark Cerny gave us some additional details about the upcoming hardware. “There is ray-tracing acceleration in the GPU hardware,” Cerny said, clarifying the company’s original announcement of ray-tracing support and allaying concerns that Sony might resort to software tricks to manage it.

With an  interview also with Sony we confirms that the PS5 will use standard 100GB Blu-ray discs Sony had previously confirmed that the console will offer a disc drive but all games will have to be installed to the internal SSD this time around.

That super-fast SSD is still the biggest update that Sony is showing off, and it says that the installation requirement is due to the speed difference between the optical drive and the internal solid-state one.

Sony does promise that the SSD’s improvements to how it reads data means that games will be able to take up less space, though, which should help soften the blow for the mandatory installation requirements. Sony will also let developers break up the installation of their games — say, by installing just the multiplayer components or just the single-player campaign — on the PS5.


Also new on the PS5 is a “completely revamped user interface” that will show off far more detailed social features on the home screen. Sony promises that you’ll be able to see (and launch directly into) specific features of a game, like a single-player level or multiplayer match, directly from the home screen, instead of first having to launch the game and then navigate in.

All of this information joins the existing details that Sony has already revealed earlier this year, like the eight-core CPU (which will be based on AMD’s third-gen Ryzen line) and custom GPU based on AMD’s Radeon Navi hardware, “3D audio,” the support for 8K gaming (as well as for 4K gaming at 120Hz), a much lower power consumption option, PS4 backwards compatibility, and that ultra-fast SSD.

Other confirmed  details include the PlayStation 5 coming equipped with a custom-made AMD Navi CPU, support for 8K Ultra HD visuals out of the box, and a brand new power-saving mode that's a lot more efficient than that of the PlayStation 4.


Rwanda Phone Mara Price and Specification

The Mara Group launches it first Mobile phone; with Rwanda  aim and ambition of becoming the Technological Hub of Africa and here is how much the phones cost and specification

Image result for mara phone specification
 Watch the Video Below

The two smartphones are named the MARA X and MARA Z.
It will use Google’s Android operating system.

They are sold at $190 (175,750 Rwandan francs) and $130 (120,250 Rwandan francs) respectively.

The launch Speech
Related image
Ashish Thakkar

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mara Group, Ashish Thakkar said the two phones will compete with Samsung, whose cheapest smartphone costs $54 (50,000 Rwandan francs), and non-branded phones at $37 (35,000 Rwandan francs).

He added that the company was targeting customers willing to pay more for quality.

“This is the first smartphone manufacturer in Africa,” he said, adding that, “Companies assemble smartphones in Egypt, Ethiopia, Algeria and South Africa, but import the components.”

“We are actually the first who are doing manufacturing. We are making the motherboards; we are making the sub-boards during the entire process. There are over 1,000 pieces per phone,” Mr Thakkar added.

He noted that the plant had cost $24 million and could make 1,200 phones per day.

The CEO noted that his company hopes to profit from the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, a pact aimed at forming a 55-nation trade bloc, to boost sales across Africa.This is a wonderful development for Africa that has depend on US and China for Mobiles phone for a population that is more than 1.216 billion.


How To Touch A Woman To Make Her Happy

Related image

A woman loves to be touched by her man, sensations of love hidden under her skin waiting for him to awaken them.

1. Gently squeeze the palm of her hand when she is scared, it comforts her

2. Gentle squeeze and rub her back when you hug her tight, it makes her feel safe

3. Grab her bum with no apologies, it makes her feel wanted and desired by you, her man

4. Hold her by the waist when you introduce her to your friends and family, it makes her feel secure

5. Gentle rub her hand when she is worrying or has received some bad news, it shows her you care

6. Hold her back when she is in the kitchen cooking and her hands are tied as you tell her how much she means to you, it makes her hardwork worth it

7. Place your hand between or on her breasts as you both sleep, it makes her feel comfortable and warm with you

8. Touch her tummy when she's pregnant, it tells her she is not alone, daddy is there with her

9. Rub her hips down when she is dressing up or when she is relaxing in bed, it makes her feel sexy

10. Hold her hands when you two are praying, it shows unity before God

11. Sneak from behind and wrap your arms around her, it makes her feel special

12. Massage her shoulders when she says she is tired, it calms her down

13. Stroke gently her back, tracing her spine, it releases sweet shivers all over her body

14. Rub her feet when she's had a long day, it tells her you are serious when you say you will take care of her

15. Oil her body, her back, her elbows, her knees sometimes. Love on the body that you find sexy

16. Hold her face, her neck as you kiss her, it melts and nicely weakens her. She loves to surrender to your masculine love

17. Play with her fingers as you cuddle and talk, it tells her you're paying attention


Fall In Love With A Samburu Lady And Expect This Wedding Ceremony

If you fall in love with a Samburu lady.....This is how a wedding ceremony will go.

Milk plays a large role in a Samburu wedding; it has a magic and religious presence and is used for anointing during the rituals.

The elders walk around the couple with a wand-like creation containing either cow, giraffe, or wildebeest tail hair, and wisp drops of milk over the couple whilst sharing their wisdom with the married couple.

Substantial quantities of milk are prepared for the ceremony as traditionally the bodies of the newly-weds are actually smeared in the milk.

Once the elders’ have finished sharing their wisdom with the newly-weds, and the vows have been exchanged, it’s time to celebrate the union,Of course in Samburu tradition, the moran that can jump the highest, is the one that will attract the attention of the single ladies at the wedding!

Much dancing and celebrations continue – with everyone joining in. Traditionally, the newly-weds then spend their honeymoon in a ‘white’ or ‘pure’ house (a house that has not yet been lived in) to begin their life together.

The World's Heaviest Mom

My body is a prison" The world's heaviest mom has become so big she's completely bed-bound, and relies on her 6 daughters to wash and feed her.

Cuba Adopts Cryptocurrency as Part of Communist Party Agenda

 Cryptocurrency is now officially part of the Communist Party agenda in Cuba. Over the weekend, Cuba’s government adopted a proposal to incl...




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