Russia President Vladimir Putin, Xi, Modi & World Leaders Not Present At The Queen Funeral

 1. Russian President - Vladimir Putin (refused invitation)

2. China's President - Xi Jinping

3. Indian Prime Minister - Narendra Modi

4. Saudi Arabia Crown Prince - HRH Mohammed Bin Salman (refused invitation, sent a state minister instead)

5. Turkey's President - Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (refused to attend without his private motorcade)

6. Iran's President - Ebrahim Raisi

7. Belarus President - Aleksandr Lukashenko (wasn't invited)

8. Venezuelan President - Nicolas Maduro.

9. North Korean Leader - Kim Jong-Un.

Arab Leaders arrived in style with their convoys.

But our African leaders shamelessly boarded a coach and were driven like a bunch of kids on excursion to a zoo.

I'm glad Buhari refused the invitation and sent VP Osinbanjo instead.

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