Instantly Create a Beautiful & Functional Logo for Your Online Business

Looka is an ideal service for entrepreneurs who want to create a beautiful and functional logo for their business without the price tag of hiring a logo designer.

Since Looka is an online logo generator, it’s a much more cost-friendly way of creating a logo for your business while still being able to provide you with a high-quality logo as a designer would.

Looka helps you to cut out the middleman – you know your business better than anyone so instead of working with a designer who may not understand your business exactly how you do, just communicate your vision directly with Looka’s artificial intelligence technology and then edit the logo yourself to create the logo that truly represents your brand.

 Online logo generators are an efficient solution for ecommerce entrepreneurs looking to create a beautiful and functional logo that represents their brand.

In this Looka review, we’ll be discussing why Looka is one of the best online logo generators on the market at the moment and how you can use their service to create a great logo for your business.

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Looka is an online logo generator that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence technology to instantly generate beautiful and unique logos.

Looka gives you total control over the company logo design process by providing you with all the tools you need to design your logo, and it helps you bring all the elements of logo design together seamlessly to fit your vision – you don’t have to have any sort of design training!

What sets them apart from other online logo generators is that they have more premium fonts, icons, and graphics that help you create a logo that is an authentic representation of your brand.

They believe that making a logo should be easy, fun, fast and affordable and their online service achieves exactly that.

All of their logos are unique – they don’t use any pre-designed templates that they regurgitate for different customers – and their artificial intelligence technology pulls together different “ingredients” for each logo based on your preferences so you can create a bespoke logo instantly.

Looka is for every ecommerce business whether you’re selling physical products, digital goods or even if you’re launching a basic landing page. A logo puts a professional stamp on whatever you’re doing and Looka can help you create one instantly that’s affordable, high-quality and functional for wherever you need it.

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If you’ve never used an online logo generator before, you may be unfamiliar with how they actually work. Here’s a step-by-step process of how Looka’s online generator works so you can know what to expect

First, Looka provides you with a selection of logo styles, colors, and icons for you to select your top picks which they’ll use as inspiration later when generating your logo options.

Next, you’ll be presented with a selection of color pallets from which you pick your favorite. Looka will use this color pallet to craft your logo.

At the next stage, you’ll be asked to tell Looka more about your business, including your company name and slogan. This helps Looka get to know your business a little better and it may play into the final logo design options.

To follow, you have the option of searching for up to 5 icons that symbolize your brand. This is an entirely optional step, but one that’s useful if you’re interested in creating a logo that includes an icon.

They have hundreds of different icons, if not thousands, to choose from so there’s bound to be an icon that represents your brand.

And finally, Looka presents you with an endless amount of options created using your desired preferences and inputted information that you can then edit and adjust as you desire.

 One of the biggest advantages of using Looka is that they generate an endless amount of different logos for you to pick from, not just one or two like a logo designer, so you can get a thorough idea of what your options are and you can see different arrangements and pairings that you may not otherwise have thought you’d like.

From here, click on any of the logos to make adjustments to them, or to see the logo overlaid onto images of t-shirts, signs, stationery and social profile pictures to get a glimpse into how your logo will look in the real world.
 When you’re happy, purchase your favorite logo! There are three different pricing packages that include different options which we discuss more in the “Pricing” section of this article.

If none of the logos meet your expectations, try restarting the process and refine your preferences to help Looka’s logo generator create a logo that’s more reflective of your tastes.

That’s another advantage of using Looka’s logo generator, there’s no limit on how many times you can restart the logo design process so you can redo it as many times as you like (if you need to)!

Beyond Looka’s online logo generator, which is obviously their main feature and service, they also provide additional features and services that make them a one-stop shop for logo creation and design.


Looka provides you with crisp, ready-to-use PNG files for websites, presentations and more so your logo looks good no matter where you use it.


Their logos are available in SVG and EPS files so that you can resize your logo as small or as big as you like without it pixelating. This feature gives you the flexibility to use your logo wherever you need to, whether it’s on signs or in print. No matter where your logo needs to represent your business, it won’t hold you back.


Your logo is provided on both colored and transparent backgrounds as well as black and white versions so your logo is ready for any occasion. Use the colored background for your business cards and signage, the transparent background for your website and products, and the black and white version for marketing materials. You have all your bases covered.


When you purchase your logo you’ll be provided with a downloadable resource that details the fonts and colors that were used in the making of your logo so you can maintain consistency across your entire website and all your other branding. This way you’ll never forget what your typeface was called or the exact HEX numbers for each brand color – you’ll have the information right at your fingertips.

The social media kit is an extremely useful resource because you’ll be provided with over 40 different sizes of your logo that are ready to use for profile and banner images for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Etsy, Favicons and more.

With this kit, you won’t have to waste time resizing your logo to fit each social platform’s unique profile picture dimensions which helps you maintain consistency across all your social channels.

When you purchase your logo, Looka provides you with complete copyright ownership so you can use your logo for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. As a business, this is an essential asset to have.

Sometimes technology doesn’t work the way we want it to so whether you’re having trouble accessing your logo design files, you need help tweaking your designs or just getting started, Looka provides lifetime phone support to help you create or use your logo the way you want to.

As we mentioned above, Looka doesn’t use pre-designed logo templates that they switch up for every customer – each logo is designed by their artificial intelligence technology to create a logo that matches your preferences from their huge library of design assets.

Each logo created by the Looka logo generator is new and unique so you can be sure that you’re the only business that has it.

Looka’s generator produces an endless amount of mockups so you can view and edit as many logo ideas as you want, for free. Once you’ve created a logo simply keep scrolling down the page and new logo mockups will keep refreshing. This way you’ll never run out of potential logo ideas and there’s a greater chance you’ll find one (or a few!) that you really love.


Beyond what Looka can do to create a beautiful and functional logo for your business, they also provide several resources to help you learn more about logos and logo design.

Check out Looka’s blog for logo design, marketing and “launching a business” articles, their How to Make a Logo page for information and resources to help you make a logo if you don’t know where to start, their Logo Database for a comprehensive database of logos from thousands of different businesses around the world, including logos from already established brands and logos made from Looka’s own generator, and finally their Senior Designer Time add-on to help you continue to build your brand by creating custom logo edits, new logo ideas, or just a logo created by a human graphic designer.


Looka is one of the most advanced and powerful online logo generators on the market and the features and services they offer sets them apart from the rest.
Their sophisticated artificial intelligence technology thoroughly learns and understands your logo design preferences and uses that information to pull relevant design elements from their huge library of logo assets to create a cohesive logo that suits your tastes.

 If you’re looking for an affordable and fast way to create a high-quality logo for your business that you can use across your website, products, stationery, signage and more, then consider using Looka’s service to instantly create a beautiful and functional logo that authentically represents your brand

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