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Spocket is Best For Your WooCommerce Store:How to Install Plugin In Your Store

spocket review

If you’ve come across any dropshipping advertisement, you’ll notice they sound simpler than they are in the actual sense. The ad copy is usually “a business with no capital” and that’s what most people want.

A fast buck with less effort. However, in the real sense, dropshipping is quite promising. But there various factors that’ll determine the success of your business.

Factors like the quality of your products, your shipping time, supplier quality, selling hot products and finally your selling platform.

This and more are usually some of the factors that determine how successful a drop shipping business is going to be.

Let’s dive in!

What Is Spocket?

Spocket is a complete package  dropshipping app that allows you to start a dropshipping business with supplier base in the US and EU.

The Spocket app allows you to easily search and connect with suppliers closer to your customer on their huge marketplace.

So, with this, your customer can enjoy 2 – 5 days fast shipping delivery from suppliers all around the world.

The Spocket app equally allows you to easily search and import products from tens of thousands of their products catalogues across various supplier on the Spocket platform.

With their one-click import button, you can rest assured of having a fully automated dropshipping store with WooCommerce

Even better with Spocket is that you can order for sample products from different suppliers to evaluate the product yourself before selling them.

Spocket marketplace is known for high-quality goods with up to 60% discount leaving you with a higher markup on each product.

How Does Spocket Works?

If you’re familiar with Oberlo dropshipping then you should have an idea or what Spocket does. This time around you don’t have to dropship with AliExpress and its long shipping time.

Instead, Spocket allows you to search and choose products based on where you want to ship products from and where the products are going.

That is, if your targeted customers are based in Canada, you’ll have the opportunity to source products from Canada based suppliers and have the products shipped to them as fast as possible.

This way, both you and your customers go home happily ever after.

In addition to this, you can easily search for products you want to import to your WooCommerce  store based on keyword search and using the price filter.

Either way, the app is built to give you an automated business that requires little effort from your part.

The product fulfillment is completely automated whereby everything is done on your behalf. You can then focus on other important aspects of your dropshipping business while Spocket handles the most difficult part.

Spocket For WooCommerce Dropshipping

This one of the best factor that actually made Spocket standout compared to Oberlo.

With Spocket you can equally have your store set up on WooCommerce

WooCommerce allows greater flexibility compared to Shopify for those having the experience already.

However, in other to use Spocket successfully on WooCommerce, you’ll need a domain name and a hosting account, of which you can easily get using Bluehost as it comes with a free domain name.

WooCommerce is pre-installed with Bluehost, so your account will up and ready with few minutes. Once that done, you’ll need to login to your WordPress dashboard.

From there click on the “Plugin” button then “Add New” and search for “Spocket

After you must have seen it, click on install and activate and you’ll be ready to use Spocket with WooCommerce.

You can now start adding further WooCommerce dropshipping plugins for customization.

With the help of WooCommerce and Spocket, you can have your dropshipping store up and running within a few minutes.

You can  give Spocket a trial and see how it goes

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Honor Mobile Video Review

Important Use of Virtual Reality

 Virtual reality (VR) has dominated tech headlines in recent years with its ability to immerse its users in a virtual, yet safe, world.
 Gaming is one of the more well-known uses for VR but its potential doesn’t stop there. Here are some ways VR technology can be applied in other fields:

Image result for virtual reality

1. Medical Training

Medical and dental students use VR to practice surgeries and procedures, allowing for a consequence free learning environment. Virtual patients are used to allow students to develop skills which can later be applied in the real world.
2. Education

Virtual reality has been adopted in education for teaching and learning situations. Students are able to interact with each other and within a three dimensional environment. Students can also be taken on virtual field trips, for example, to museums, taking tours of the solar system and going back in time to different eras
Students with special needs, such as autism, are also using VR technology. Research has found that VR can be a motivating platform to safely practice social skills for children

 A company called Floreo has developed virtual reality scenarios that allow children to learn and practice skills such as pointing, making eye contact and building social connections.
Parents can also follow along and interact by using a linked tablet.
Image result for virtual reality
virtual reality 

3. Mental Health

VR has become a primary method for treating post-traumatic stress. Using VR exposure therapy, a person enters a re-enactment of a traumatic event.

It has also been used to treat anxiety, phobias and depression. Virtual reality technology can provide a safe environment for patients to come into contact with things they fear, whilst remaining in a controlled and safe environment.

4. Sport

VR is revolutionising the sports industry for both players and viewers. It’s used as a training aid in many sports and to help measure athletic performance and analyse technique.

VR has also been used to enhance the viewer’s experience of a sporting event. Broadcasters are now streaming live games in virtual reality and preparing to one day sell “virtual tickets” to live games.

5. Military

 The military in the UK and the US have both adopted the use of virtual reality in their training as it allows them to undertake a huge range of simulations. This is used in all branches of service.

VR can put a trainee in a number of different situations, places and environments so the military are using it for flight simulations, battlefield simulations, medic training, vehicle simulation and virtual boot camp, among other things.

A key benefit for the use of VR in the military is the reduction in costs for training. In addition to this, it can safely replicate dangerous training situations.

VR is still in its early stages, it will be interesting to see how it evolves in the years to come as the technology is becoming cheaper and more widespread.
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Kitchen Gadget Under $20 Products:Video

Is Kitchen your second favorite room? well then get ready for a thorough scratching of innovative new cookery.Get Ready to climb abroad for a showcasing of 10 egg shattering new kitchen gadgets that you can on Amazon for under $20.Watch Video below

Here Is How to Get a Free Starbucks Drink

A man holds a hot beverage from Starbucks

We budget money everyday for our daily coffee and drinks routine,most time even when we are out of budget we still find a way to get a cup of coffee just to keep the body and soul together.But here is a way you can enjoy a free drink when you are out of budget.

Starbucks Rewards 

 For those looking to trim their spending, quitting the daily coffee habit is one of the most obvious things to eliminate. But if you’re not willing to cut out your daily Starbucks run entirely, there are other ways to make your cup of joe more affordable.

One is joining the Starbucks Rewards program, which offers perks to frequent customers. Here’s how the Starbucks Rewards program works, and what you need to do to earn a free Starbucks drink.

Starbucks Rewards lets you earn stars with every purchase that can be redeemed for free drinks or food. You’ll need either a physical Starbucks gift card or an e-gift card to sign up. Then, download the Starbucks app or visit the Starbucks website to create an account.

Once you have an account, you’ll earn stars every time you make a purchase through the app or with your registered Starbucks card. You’ll get 2 stars for every $1 you spend on most purchases

How many stars do I need to get a free Starbucks drink?

You need to earn 125 stars to get a free Starbucks drink. But there’s a catch. Only those who are at the Gold level in the rewards program qualify for the freebies.

 Everyone who signs up for Starbucks Rewards starts at the Green level. To get to Gold, you need to earn 300 points in a 12-month period. In other words, you’ll need to spend at least $150 a year at Starbucks to start earning free beverages.

Once you reach the elite Gold level, you’ll get a free beverage or food item for every $62.50 your spend. So, if you typically spend $5 every time you visit the coffee chain, you’d need to make 13 visits to earn a reward.

If you’re at the Green level, your stars expire after 12 months if you don’t reach Gold status. If you’re at the Gold level, your stars expire after 6 months.
How to get to the Gold level

Getting to Gold status isn’t easy unless you’re a big Starbucks spender. However, there are ways to earn extra stars, which gets you closer to those sweet rewards.

You can earn more stars by buying Starbucks-branded products like ground coffee and K-cups at the grocery store. (You can see a list of qualifying products here.) Starbucks also periodically sends emails to alert you to opportunities to earn bonus stars.

 You can also earn points if you have a Starbucks credit card. (Once you reach Gold status, you’ll also $4 stars per $1 spent on once-a-month on Double-Star days.)

Periodically, Starbucks also has instant Gold level promotions. On these days, you can score Gold status with a single purchase.

Other Starbucks Rewards perks

In addition to earning stars for free drinks, joining Starbucks Rewards comes with some other perks.
At the Green level, you’ll get a free drink on your birthday, free in-store refills, and the ability to order ahead and pay through the app.

Once you reach the Gold level, you get all Green level benefits, plus the free drink for every 125 stars, monthly Double-Star days, and a personalized gold card.

Is the Starbucks Rewards program worth it?

  If you’re already spending a lot of money on Starbucks, then joining the rewards program probably makes sense. If you only occasionally visit the store, you might not spend enough to get to the Gold level and earn free drinks.

 However, you’ll still get the free birthday drink and free in-store refills, which might be enough to make the program worth it, since it costs nothing to join. You can get you e-gift card to signup and  sign up to start enjoying your free drink and also get your Gift Car

How to Buy Your Amazon Gift Card Online


With an Amazon gift card, you or your gift card recipient will have thousands of products at your fingertips

Gift Cards
Gift Card
                                                                                    View Details

  An Amazon gift card is available as a physical card or an online ‘code’ that is redeemable towards literally millions of products at Amazon. These flexible gift cards are the ideal gift as they attract no features to purchase or redeem and, unlike most traditional gift cards, they never, ever expire.
Amazon gift cards can be purchased in almost any amount – from as little as $0.15 to as much as $2,000.
Your gift recipient can spend the value of their gift card immediately upon receiving it, or can deposit it into their Amazon account and wait for that bargain sale of a lifetime.

Best of all, any unspent gift card credit can be rolled over for another shopping experience. Upon using an Amazon gift card, if any balance remains unspent, it will simply be kept in the recipient’s Amazon account for future use.

 Here are the Top Amazon Email Gift Card and how to buy

Thank You Gift Cards
Thank You Gift Card
                                                                                   View Details

Wedding Gift Cards
Wedding Gift Card

                                                                                     View Details

Congratulations Gift Cards
Congratulations Gift Card

                                                                                        View Details

New Baby Gift Cards
New Baby Gift Card
                                                                                     View Details

Birthday Gift Cards
Birthday Gift Card 
                                                                              View Details

Image result for amazon christmas gift card
Holiday and Christmas Gift Card
                                                                                 View Details

 These are some of the gift cards you can get them through Amazon  online ‘code’ through your email that is redeemable towards literally millions of products at Amazon .You can get this gift card for someone you love or cherish to wish him/her  the best or give them a surprise Congratulation.
 If you have any Question about best option for a Gift Card you are free to contact us or drop a comment.

Which Card is Best For You:Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Vs Apple Card

Related image

The new Visa Credit card is designed for the 21st century use and accessibility and it has come to be an integral part of our daily transaction  and business dealings. Apple and Amazon are two of the biggest names in tech, and now each has its name on a credit card. So which one is the best? Let's take a look.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card

Rewards: The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card rewards you with points you can redeem toward a future purchase (or through Chase). 100 points is equivalent to $1 earned.

 You also earn a percentage of cash back on your purchases. There's no cap on what you can earn. Plus, when you're approved for the card, you'll get a $70 Amazon gift card. You can see your rewards balance on the checkout screen when you make a purchase.

Where to earn: Earn 5% back on purchases at Amazon and Whole Foods, 2% back at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores, and 1% back on all other purchases.

Many retailers now have an Amazon store to sell their items, so always check Amazon before making a purchase so you can get 5% back.

Fees: There's no annual fee or foreign transaction fee, but there are late fees for late payments of up to $38 plus interest.

Annual Percentage Rate: Amazon's APR ranges from 16.49 to 24.49%, based on credit score.

Card options: Amazon offers two Visa cards. One is the Prime version, which requires you to have an Amazon Prime account.

 The other is the Amazon Rewards Visa Card and offers 3% back at Amazon and Whole Foods, rather than 5%.
A Prime membership account is not needed for this card.

Premium perks: Use the card for room upgrades and VIP guest status at luxury hotels. The Amazon Visa also offers complimentary concierge service for finding tickets to top events or arranging dinner reservations.

Apple Card
Image result for apple card
Apple Card

Cash-back credit card rewards: The Apple Card offers cash back that can be used anywhere, at any time. Use the cash back to pay for groceries, pay a friend or pay down your credit card.

The cash back is automatically delivered to your Apple Cash balance or to the card as a credit balance.

Where to earn: Earn 3% cash back on anything from Apple stores (namely an Apple Store,, the App Store or iTunes), including games, in‑app purchases and services such as your

Apple Music subscription and iCloud storage plan.

Earn 2% cash back at other stores by using Apple Pay (using the virtual card on your phone) and 1% cash back in stores that don't accept Apple Pay (using the physical card).
There are no earning caps, but your credit limit can max out the amount of cash you earn.

No fees: There are no fees for a missed payment or annual fee with Apple Card, and there are no transaction fees You will, however, still be charged interest in addition to what you already owe.

Annual Percentage Rates: Speaking of interest, Apple's APR rates range from 13.24 to 24.24% interest on purchases, based on credit score.

Security: The Apple Card has no credit card number on the physical card. There is a virtual card number in the Wallet App for when you use the card with Apple Pay. You can also see the pinpointed location and business of where a purchase was made.

Other features: The Apple Card is paired with the Wallet app, which has the appearance of a budgeting app.
Spending summaries are available to show how much you've spent in each category. Purchases are color coded based on the type of things you purchase, such as food or clothes.

Payment: See how to save on interest before you make a payment. Apple Card will estimate the amount of interest you'll pay, based on your payment amount.

Wallet app (and iPhone) required for sign-up: The Wallet app is exclusive to Apple's own iOS devices, so if you don't have an iPhone (or iPad) you can't sign up to use it. Sorry, Android fans.

Which one's better for you?

Aside from the perks like financial tracking, the privacy of no physical number on the card and deep integration with Apple Wallet, the main differences between the two boil down to rewards (like cash back) and usage.

If you purchase a lot of stuff from Amazon, that card is probably a better bet. The fact that its rewards are Amazon points and cash back is great if you purchase enough from the online retailer.

On the other hand, if you shop primarily at other online and physical retailers that accept Apple Pay, the Apple Card's 2% cash back is great. It's also a solid choice if you're likely to occasionally make a late payment.

It's worth noting that since the Apple Card's 3% cash back is restricted to Apple's own stores, you might get a better deal if you purchase something on sale at another store (such as Amazon or Walmart)

. Hardware prices at Apple's own stores are often higher than other retailers.I suggest the both card are good and it all depends on where you are using it for purchases.

Honor 10 Reviews and Insight

                        What is  Honor 10?

The Honor 10 is a baby Huawei P20 aimed  mid-range phone market. It follows the same tried and tested pattern as the Honor 9, stripping the more expensive aspects of Huawei’s current flagship, while retaining its core design features and hardware to offer a great-value smartphone.

The strategy worked a treat on the Honor 9, which was one of 2017’s best mid-range phones – and it generally still works out for the Honor 10.

This phone has a pretty, albeit slightly flashy, mixed metal and glass design, a top-end Kirin CPU and solid battery life.

The only real downside is its slightly buggy EMUI software. However, that’s forgivable given the Honor 10’s cost is still pretty more better because of the Bargain price for the phone.

Honor 10 – Design
Honor made a huge deal about the 10’s design during its London launch. Specifically it claims to have achieved the super-polished, ridiculously blue finish by stacking more than 15 layers of glass over each other

But outside of the ultra-bright colouring, the Honor 10 has a similar mixed metal and glass design to pretty much every other flagship to arrive this year.

The phone has metal sides and a shiny 2.5D glass back; were it not for the Honor branding, it could easily be mistaken for a Zenfone 5 or LG G7 ThinQ

The quality is excellent. The glass back has zero give and a seamless, slightly curved join to the metal sides that makes it comfortable to hold.

The bottom fingerprint scanner is also wonderfully reactive, though take Honor’s claims of it being an in-screen scanner with a pinch of salt.

The scanner sits at the phone’s bottom, in the same location as the home button. The only difference between it and past handsets is that it’s actually under the glass. It’s also a less essential addition since the Honor 10 has a reliable face unlock feature, which lets you open the phone simply by looking at it after registering your identity to it.

Lack of originality aside, the design is solid and ticks all the right boxes when it comes to functionality. It gives the phone a much more premium feel than your average  handset.

My first issue with the phone’s design is that, like all glass-backed phones, it’s an outright smudge magnet. Within minutes of taking the phone out of the box it was covered in marks.

 I’m also nervous about dropping it. Though it feels solid, I don’t trust any glass-backed phone to survive even a minor accidental drop scratch- or crack-free without a case.

Honor 10 – Display

The Honor 10’s 5.8-inch IPS display is one of the best you’ll find at this price. Blacks aren’t as deep as on competing AMOLED screens, but colours are nicely calibrated and whites are pristinely clean. Holding it next to the Pixel 2, the Google phone’s whites were horribly yellow by comparison.

Those who prefer cooler or warmer colours can also tweak the colour temperature and contrast in the phone’s settings, though by default I kept it in the out-of-the-box Vivid mode.

Max brightness levels don’t match the quoted 1000 nits brightness of LG’s flagship G7 ThinQ and the Honor 10 isn’t Mobile HDR certified. However, at this price you’ll struggle find a handset that does either, and the screen is more than bright enough. On a sunny day in the park the screen remained legible in everything but direct, very bright sunlight.Great phone !

Due to the recent retraction of Huawei’s Android license, future Huawei and Honor phones won’t be able to access Google Play Services and as a result many Android apps including YouTube and Gmail.
Both Huawei and Google have confirmed Huawei and Honor phones, like the one in this review, will continue to have access to it service till further notice.Check Availability Here HONOR 10 PHONE

If you have any Question you can drop your comment below

Review: Best Memory Stick for iPhone And Android to Backup your Photos, Videos & Contacts

The demand for large size USB Flash drives for iPhone and Android is booming up with the introduction of HD Camera and Slowmotion Videos.

We are going  lists the best flash drives for iPhone and also Android that can be used with Phones lighting port to expand Phone memory and backup iPhone data also.

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

Sandisk iXpand is a lightning memory stick for iPhone to backup photos, videos, and other files. This iPhone external drive is coming with a free app called SanDisk iXpand Drive app that let you easily manage iPhone photos, videos, and files. This app supports to play the media files in the popular video format and music format direct from the iPhone USB drive. You can set auto backup photos and videos by using this app, and the drive will automatically backup iPhone media files when you connect with the iPhone.

SanDisk iXapand Flash drive gives you the flexible lightning connector allows you to connect to the iPhone lightning port almost with any type of case. The built-in encryption software on this Sandisk iXpand makes sure all your backup files are secure. USB 3.0 ports offer a fast file transfer between the drive and PC, and this USB flash drive supports both Mac and PC without formatting further.

Key features: Flash Drive Size: 32/64/128/256GB | Auto backup iPhone photos& videos | USB 3.0 | Encryption software | Support WMV, AVI, MKV, MP4, and MOV format play | OS Support Windows/Mac | Download SanDisk iXpand Drive App | 

Suntrsi USB Flash Drive

The data storage is one of the best value data storage for under $16 prices with a memory capacity of 128GB and has a perfect USB flash disk aspects,It also comes in more cheaper memory that you can afford with just $11. It’s instantly-free up your iphone  ipad memory with 64gb of backup space – without using a cable or icloud.CHECK  HERE for more Information about the product

Key features: Flash Drive Size: 64/128GB | Auto backup iPhone photos& videos | USB 3.0 | Support WMV, AVI, MKV, MP4, and MOV format play | OS Support Windows/Mac | Buy Here

RAVPower iOS Flash Drive Photo Stick

RavPowr flash drive for iPhone is coming with an auto-backup feature for iPhone photos. and other data. This 128GB flash drive for iPhone can transfer data directly from the iPhone through the lightning port. The USB 3.0 port for PC makes sure fast data transfer to the PC. RavPower iPhone flash drive offers 80 Mb/S reading and 30 Mb/S writing speed through USB 3.RAVPower iPhone Flash Drive Photo Stick

 You can encrypt your saved data with touch ID or password. In addition to this, you can directly watch the movies right from the USB flash drive. You don’t need to move the files to watch movies on the iPhone. With the flexible body design, you can connect the USB to a power source to charge the iPhone while transferring the data.

Key features: Flash Drive Size: 64/128GB | Auto backup iPhone photos& videos | USB 3.0 | Encryption software | Support AVI, M4V, MKV, MOV, M P4, MPG, RM, RMVB, TS, WMV, FLV, 3GP; AUDIOS: FLAC, APE, AAC, AIF, M4A, MP3, WAV | OS Support Windows/Mac | Buy from Amazon

Three in One USB Flash Drive for Android ;iPhone and PC

Free up space on your Phone by backing up all your photos, videos and files to the high capacity . No need to pay for recurring online Cloud storage subscription, Stream tons of movies directly onto your iPad, anytime and anywhere you want, even on planes. No Internet or wireless network required.Just slide the switch on the to switch the USB connector to an Apple approved Lightning connector.

And it comes with a bargain price for 256GB for just $48.It has even more lesser amount you can get also at a bargain price of 16GB at $17 .You can check product Availability HERE

Key features:
External expansion for IOS/Android/PC.
Equipped with USB2.0 adapter.
Support files Encryption.
Support manage Data directly on the FlashDrive.
Support Playback Videos/Music directly from FlashDrive.

Leef iBridge 3 Mobile Memory for iOS


Leef USB flash drive for iPhone is coming with the feature to direct shoot your photos and videos to the flash drive. So when you use the iPhone camera, the phone can snap a picture and save directly to this lightning USB drive instead of using iPhone memory.

Leef iBridge3 iPhone Flash Drive This iPhone memory stick also supports automatic backup including your contacts. The option to create a passcode or touch ID to lock the drive is an excellent feature and keep others away from seeing the data on the Leef iPhone flash drive.

Key features: Flash Drive Size: 16/32/64/128GB | One-click backup/restore iPhone photos, videos& contacts | Shoot photo& video direct to drive | USB 3.0 | Drive Lock | OS Support Windows/Mac | Buy from Amazon

You can drop your comment below if you have any Questions


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 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will drop his objections to Finland and Sweden joining NATO once an enormous amount of pressure is p...


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