8 Best Way to Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Save money on your car Insurance with this simple tips and thank me later.
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The best car insurance doesn't have to cost the earth, but you can still make a big difference on the final price you pay if you're a little bit savvy.

The good news is if you're looking to make some pretty hefty savings you've landed in the right place to learn how to get yourself cheaper car insurance right now.

You don't have to do anything too challenging to save money on your car insurance either and you can still enjoy the same level of high quality, reassuring care – just without breaking the bank.

Save that money over time and you could end up with enough cash to invest in a better, safer car for the future too, making this a saving while also actually enhancing your safety cover beyond the insurance itself.

How can I get cheaper car insurance?

There are a few quick and easy ways to save money on your car insurance. The best place to start is using a few comparison websites to get quotes on the car insurance offerings out there. But even this needs to be done right to make maximum savings.

Tips like changing your job title to something more generic or adding another driver are just a few basic tricks, so read on to find out everything you need to know to start saving money now.

1. Get cheaper car insurance by changing your job title

 It might sound like a small thing to change but by adapting your job title you can actually shave a large chunk off your insurance premiums. Don't worry though, we don't mean you need to lie by saying you're aa office worker when you actually work in a zoo – although that might be more accurate depending on the office. We mean simply adjusting the title to be more generic.

For example if you say that you are a Chef, you could end up paying more on your insurance than if you simply said you work as Kitchen Staff. Since you aren't required to give specific details on your application, this is perfectly acceptable – you may simply not want to share that much personal detail with the company. Regardless of your reasons, by making the choice to share fewer specifics you can save dollars.

Other examples include a Music Teacher paying more than a Teacher, an Office Manager paying more than an Office Administrator and a Construction Worker paying more than a Builder.

2. Save money on car insurance by adding another driver

This is a classic technique which can save you lots of money. While you can't legally say someone else is the main driver if that's you, it is alright to add another driver to the policy. If that driver is more experienced and has a good history, it can work in your favor.
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If you're a younger driver, or have had accidents and claims in the past, this technique could help to save you plenty of money. Simply find someone with a good clean driving license and a number of years with no claims and not only do they get the option to drive your car but you can save money in the process.

3. Cut car insurance costs by paying upfront

This is a simple one but if you can afford to pay your entire fee for the year up front then you'll make a saving in the long run. By paying monthly you end up paying APR which costs you in the long run. If you don't have the cash, that doesn't necessarily mean you lose out. 

There are plenty of interest free credit cards out there. It could save you money by paying on that card and then paying it back before the interest kicks in. This could save you hundreds of dollars so may be worth the extra effort of sorting this through the credit card option.

4. Car insurance savings can be made by buying early

When the time comes to renew your car insurance make sure you're ready to go. That means start shopping around for a great car insurance deal a few weeks early rather than a few days before it's due. 

As long as you're more than 21 days ahead of your renewal time you could make a big saving on your car insurance. This might mean jumping to another insurer but if that also means saving money it may well be worth the effort.

5. Save money on car insurance by using a cashback site

Some websites offer cashback if you switch car insurer with them. This is because there is usually a referral fee offered to sites from the insurer, which you can claim for yourself if you go through one of these sites.

The best way to utilize this is to shop around and find the insurance you want, then go and see what cashback you can get for switching via that site. This is a good way to do it so you don't end up jumping on a deal that looks good for cashback but ends up costing you more on car insurance in the long run.

6. Get cheap car insurance by increasing your deductible

When the worst happens and you need to make a claim on your car insurance, you will have to pay a deductible fee. This amount can vary and in the case of many insurers is something you can set when you take out your policy.

As you might expect if you go for a higher deductible you can save money upfront on your insurance premium. So if you're a very safe driver and don't expect you'll claim on your policy it could pay to save money by going for a higher deductible.

7. Cut car insurance costs by fitting an alarm

The more secure your car is, the less likely that it will be stolen, meaning the less likely an insurer will have to pay out. So car insurers will often give you a cheaper policy if you manage to show that your car is super secure.

This can mean storing the car in a garage overnight but since that's not an option for everyone, a car alarm can help. There are plenty of aftermarket options but it pays to shop around and find one that insurance companies recognise, to make sure you save the most money.

8. Get cheap car insurance by driving better, tracked

Many insurers will now give you the option to let them track your driving. This can mean having a box installed in your car or simply by using an app. Either way, if your driving is safe and the insurer sees this, then when you come to renew you can make a big saving on your policy.

This involves things like driving speed, braking and if you drive at night a lot. Presuming you're safe, you can save money, but if you're not then avoiding this could also save you money as premiums can go up if you're tracked and found to be a risky driver. 

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