You can be thinking how can I afford this watch in this store or boutiques but that  should not bother you anymore ,you can get an affordable cheap watches at just a click of your finger with your phone,
 The E commerce world has made buying things very easy for us .

Watches are cheap but with great qualities,anyway a watch has always been a watch even if is a diamond watch, they all give us same TIME and DATE

People sometimes add some accessories to their dress code to raise their personality. Those accessories are often times watches.

In this article, I will be showing you how my friend made alot of money by selling cheap watches on campus and to big men in high places not only that you can drop ship  on shopify with Ali Express and sell Watches with even more higher return rate.Because people like watches just like me I really do like watch and I cant go out without one on my hand.

First of all what you need to know is most of these watches look expensive but they are cheap. You have to decide the type of watches that is going to sell well for you. You will also need a good market.

After deciding on the type of watches that will sell well for you, you can go ahead and talk with big boutiques and give them a sample. And most of these big boutiques will pay for more once business starts to boom.

How To Find Cheap Watches
Go ahead and visit

For those who don’t know. Aliexpress is one of the biggest online platforms, providing quality products at affordable prices and it delivers all over the world

2. Browse through the categories on the left panel; Under the categories you will see a whole list of products.

3. Go ahead and select the watches under the category.

4. In the left panel, you can select whether you want ladies watch or children’s watch. Let us go with the men’s watch as a tutorial. You can choose anyone.

5. Preview of the prices of men’s watches

So the prices are as low as $1.84 which is equivalent to 8 cedis. Prices may even drop during festivals and there is always deals on some product.

Comment below if you have any problem.

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