Great Deal! iPhone 11's Best Feature is its $699 Price Tag

iPhone has make a dramatical reduction in the price of their products in the New Feature iPhone that is been set at a price of $699 ,I will say this is the best deal ever in comparing with other iPhone products in the market.

iPhone 11 Pro

The price tag marks a rare reduction from last year's iPhone XR

The iPhone 11, which packs a dual-lens setup, starts at $699. Tack on $50 for the extra storage and you've got a phone that has twice the cameras and twice the memory for the same price as the iPhone XR.

The iPhone 11 emerges at a time when manufacturers  Apple included have upped the bar for how much they can charge for a premium smartphone. In a sense, it's a reaction to the tepid market reception for phones going for more than $1,000.

With industry smartphone sales in decline and Apple itself feeling the pain, the company needed to get more aggressive and this is the best price they can offer and for me I think is a good Deal for Everyone.

With iPhone sales slowing and 5G at least a year away, Apple needs to give consumers a reason to upgrade today .Pre-order iPhone 11 from 13 September.

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