Selling Digital products has been made easier from Ebooks to design assets and making money has been made even more easier you dont have time wasting doing nothing,this is your opportunity to Grab and start making money selling ONLINE DIGITAL PRODUCTS.

Find out how to make money online selling digital products,Yes I mean Digital Products because you need to start from somewhere  also and Update Guide on how to use a product like  Sellfy to Kick start your Online Ecommerce Store to make money. The majority of overhead that goes into building a product like that is the time you spend making it.

Find out everything you need to know About  Sellfy and start making money

Although you can find free ways to do so, this marketing aspect is much easier said than done. Consider the costs of building a digital ecommerce website, finding a network of people to buy from you and guest posting on blogs to expand your reach to the right people.
 It all takes time and money, and you're bound to burn yourself out if you don't have the right tools to go about doing all of this.

What if you had a simple tool for quickly turning your standard website or social media channel into an online store, while at the same time sharing your digital products with a large network of users already in search of content like yours?

That tool would be Sellfy, and upon first glance, it has somewhat of a Kickstarter feel to its interface (without the crowdfunding,) where you can generate your own storefront on the Sellfy platform, peddle your products to the thousands in the network, while also having the chance to post Sell buttons on your own website.

Although this service doesn't exactly cut out the time or money you'll spend on making your website, it can make the ecommerce process a little easier. That's pretty enticing to us, so join us as we take a deeper look into what Sellfy has to offer.

For this review, we figured it'd be wise to test out selling a digital product that we're familiar with. So, we gave the Sellfy features a hard look by uploading and posting Ecommerce Platform's Guide to Creating a Successful Online Shop.

You can SIGN UP NOW  to Follow the instruction

sellfy: add_a_product

It's worth mentioning that Sellfy caters to sellers of:

Design assets
Video and films
Audio files
Any other digital items you have

I see the main benefit of going with Sellfy as the fact that you can get a little storefront up and running within minutes. You don't have to stress about designing your own website, and you can upload 2GB per file and use unlimited bandwidth. In short, you can forget about hosting.

The customizable product pages provide media previews for your products, and the storefront looks beautiful without much need for design.

 Sellfy also offers a great deal of flexibility as you can use it with any CMS system or simply sell on  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or any other social media channel. And with their new WYSIWYG editor, sellers can now finetune their store's design and feel to match that of their existing brand.

All of the storefronts are optimized for the mobile world, and it lets you take Buy Now buttons and widgets and implement them on your own website.


And being a huge proponent of automating as many processes as you can, I've always loved Zapier. Sellfy also has a Zapier integration now that allows you to connect with over 750 apps in the Zapier database and streamlines the selling process through automation.

Okay, some of the other features come into play if you're contemplating a simple PayPal button on your website. Basically, you can generate discount codes for all of your products right from the Sellfy dashboard.


Offering free products is an option, and you can even develop social discount codes to give out when people share your page.


Social Discount

Email Marketing and SEO

Here's another reason Sellfy is better than simply placing a PayPal button on your website. Instead of managing a completely different MailChimp account, Sellfy gives you custom purchase emails that send out automatically.

You'll also find that marketing is much easier with the built-in SEO and product discovery settings.

Two Payment Options with Quite a Few Customization Modules

PayPal and Stripe are the choices you have when selling on Sellfy. These are often the two most common payment processors, but they cut out some people who aren't allowed to use these options in other countries. The integration works seamlessly, but we'd like to see more offerings.

Other than that, Sellfy allows for instant payouts, multiple currencies, global taxes and currencies, EU VAT reports and customer invoices. They also offer webhooks that allow users to add custom functionalities.

Image result for sellfy two payment options

Sellfy Pricing

The Sellfy pricing is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you're given a beautiful method for selling your digital assets. The pricing tiers solely differ in one aspect- the transaction fees. All features are the same for all the plans

Basic – Pay $9 per month for all features. You can utilize PayPal/Stripe with a 5% transaction fee.

Pro – Pay $29 per month for all features + a 2% transaction fees.

Pro Plus – Pay $99 per month for all features without any transaction fees.

There also have a free 14-day day trial. I personally prefer not to have to pay for transaction fees, but newbies can get started for cheap with the Basic plan. However, I wonder if most people might be better off with a solution like Easy Digital Downloads.

Sellfy Support
The first area of support that's noticeable on the Sellfy site is the FAQ section. It helps out for presale questions, but that's about it.

This is a simple tool, so the Sellfy documentation only consists of around 30 or so items. It's easy to search, and you don't have to worry about getting overwhelmed.

The only way to contact the support team directly is through an email form. So, no phone support, but you can get pushed to the front of the line with a paid plan.

Along with a blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, you actually have quite a few places to learn about the system and reach out to the support team.

Who Should Be Using Sellfy?

We recommend Sellfy for people who are selling more than five products. The free trial is more than enough to test the waters, but in case you plan to move ahead, the 5% transaction fee (on top of PayPal fees) could significantly cut into your margins.

Sellfy seems to work best for sellers with large digital libraries who need the extra tools for discounting, PDF stamping and analytics. In addition, you boost the amount of users who see your product through the Sellfy network and it will bring more Feed and customers to your plaform.

 You can make alot of money selling your digital products with Sellfy or Your Ebooks 
Start selling now ,if you need any Assistance on how to Make Ebook and digital Product to sale you can Contact us through the comment below.

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