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Rwanda is Known as the "land of a thousand hills Rwanda is a mountainous country located on the far western edge of the Rift Valley, bordering on Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Tanzania.Rwanda rises from relatively flat plains in the east along the Tanzania border to steep mountains in the west along the continental divide between the Congo and Nile rivers

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From the continental divide, the land drops sharply to the shores of Lake Kivu, which forms most of Rwanda's border with Congo. A range of high volcanoes forms Rwanda's northwest border. The mountainous topography continues in the North Kivu region of Congo, where almost half of the population identifies as Rwandan.

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A concentration of Kinyarwanda-speaking Tutsi, known as the Banyamulenge, lives in the high plains and mountains above Lake Tanganyika in South Kivu. The Bufumbira region of southwest Uganda is also Kinyarwanda speaking.

The difficulty of travel and isolation resulting from the mountainous topography historically encouraged largely self-sufficient local communities and many local variations of the culture, but the modern centralized state implemented during the colonial period has encouraged a degree of cultural homogenization, at least within the borders of Rwanda.

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RWANDA HAS a rich cultural history dating from the ancient times. Archaeological excavations have revealed evidence to this from hunter gathers in the late Stone Age with Iron Age settlers producing dimpled pottery and iron tools.

Music and dance are an essential part to be played when it comes to the Rwanda cultures and traditions. For almost everything that happened in any given community, a song was sung and dances were performed as a form of celebration. Some of the festivities included marriages, naming ceremonies, harvests, deaths and births, community and family gatherings to mention but a handful. During these occasions, communities and families gathered and joined in the celebration which involved telling stories, eating and drinking together and playing games too.

This dance is also known as the dance of the women. Unlike that of the men, this one is a lot more graceful and gentle making it an extra-ordinary dance in Africa. In this dance women do a slow movement which portrays purity, radiance, goodness and kindness not forgetting the beauty of the African woman. This dance is based on the Ankole cattle movement.

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These were some of the many dances that were and are still being performed in Rwanda. Instruments used in these traditional performances include the Inanga (a guitar like musical Instrument), Ingoma (a drum), Umuduli (Instrument like a bow with only one string) and Amakondera (a horn). With these, be sure to delight your ears to the sounds of beautiful traditional Rwandan music.

The centrality of culture in post-genocide reconstruction of Rwanda is timely and essential for the psychological survival of humanity in emergency situations. Cultural heritage sites being a historical memory of a community, they link people to others and their environments throughout time.

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With love for Artisan Craft the country young population is putting more interest in  Weaving and basket making, This is a traditional art still used today to make dry containers for storing food and medicines. These are also known as peace pots and had traditional values such as to commemorate weddings or as a welcome gift

Pottery is one of the oldest forms of art in Rwanda and can still be seen in many towns today using traditional Batwa techniques. Known for its good quality clay these potteries are still widely used for cooking and storing liquids

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A distinctively Rwandan craft is the Imigongo or cow dung paintings that are produced by a local co-operative in the village of Nyakarambi near the border with Tanzania. Dominated by black, brown and white whirls and other geometric shapes, these unique and earthy works can be bought in craft markets throughout the country

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With a new believe for cleanliness and Love for neighborhood the country has witness a revival of it's old Heritage and tradition among the populace and a spirit of a brotherhood has eclipsed the Nation.

Dating back to colonial times and translated from Kinyarwanda as “coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome”, Umuganda is when Rwandans from all walks of life come together to work for the good of their neighbourhoods and their nation as a whole.

The last Saturday of every month, shops are closed, buses stop running, traffic disappears from the roads, and Rwandans set aside their personal business for the morning and contribute their efforts to public works projects around the country, which can include litter cleanup, tree planting, building houses for the vulnerable, and more.

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The social and economic benefits of Umuganda are easy for all to see (Rwanda isn’t the cleanest country in Africa by accident!), and whether or not you have special skills to contribute, all visitors are warmly invited to take part; given the range of projects addressed through Umuganda, you’re sure to find one to fit your interests.

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