About Metamorphosia FX The Realistic Prosthetic Make-ups Artists

I Create Creepy And Creative Make-UPS

My name is Metamorphosia FX, Julia Wunderlich, and I am a professional make-up & SFX artist from Berlin, Germany.
Since I was a child, I loved drawing, painting, make-up and wanted to become a make-up artist. When I got the knowledge to fabricate those make-up prosthetics, I am glad that I can transform myself into anything I want. This is my hobby and my job and some kind of addiction, I love being creative.

I create many extraordinary make-ups: creative and creepy, funny and serious, from face paints, to make-up transformations, such as Angelina Jolie, Mads Mikkelsen or Charlize Theron, from realistic prosthetic make-ups to creepy Halloween make-ups.

The possibilities are huge but I've always wanted to transform myself into the grand high witch from the 1990s movie "The Witches" with Anjelica Houston aka Miss Eva Ernst, the evil grand high witch. And so I did.

I Create Creepy And Creative Make-UPS

I spend some hours of modeling the face of the witch in clay, then some mold making followed to be able to pour some silicone into to get the face mask prosthetic of the witch. The most beautiful part for me is the painting process after when your character becomes alive. I am a very modest person, but in this case, I really loved how it turned out and I am happy so many people enjoy my make-up art.

If I can't create new make-up looks I am not satisfied. My list of conceptual designs is long and sometimes it's hard for me to decide which make-up I shall do first. Some make-ups took me up to 10 hours of painting process others are quickly done in 2 or 3 hours. I have done more than 300 make-up looks which you can find on my Instagram profile.

I Create Creepy And Creative Make-UPS


 You can check my Instagram Page below.



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