Reasons Why You Do Not Need The Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold in general doesn't quite fulfill the category of "smartphone" part so well. It offers something I'm not used to, and actually quite like a tablet in my pocket. At the same time, there's a massive compromise with something that I am used to and that I still need a regular smartphone with a full-size smartphone screen.

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Galaxy Fold

Turns out that enlarging the smartphone screen to a tablet's size is cool in practice, but not so practical in real time

The answer, of course, is to fold it up and use the smaller 4.6-inch screen on the exterior for easy one-handed use. But it's not the solution. It might have been fine eight years ago when I didn't do so much on my smartphone, but it's too narrow and small to be useful today.

Despite its revisions to become more durable and reliable, Samsung's Galaxy Fold still doesn't come highly recommended for three main reasons.

  • Samsung Galaxy Fold is  the first generation of a brand-new smartphone design , and first generations of anything should generally be avoided while companies work out bugs and kinks for future generations.
  • The phone is incredibly expensive even for an Average person at $2,000.
  • Is a  great  smartphone that does a good job of being a tablet , but it forgets to be a smartphone.
The Galaxy Fold is great at being a small tablet, but it ultimately fails at being a smartphone. Sure, we'd like a tablet we can store in our pockets, but we need the smartphone part, too! And it turns out the smartphone part is tough to compromise on.

I'm not being pessimistic about the Galaxy Fold. Even if it fit every need, I still wouldn't recommend it, even to those who can afford its expensive $2,000 price tag.We are in the world of smart phones and not Tablet.


Closed black Galaxy Fold in hand

Triple rear camera system

Opened Galaxy Fold


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