Mother Snatches Her Daughter's Husband, Then Gives Birth For Him In London

My mum paid £15,000 for my dream wedding... then had a BABY with my husband nine months later': Daughter, 34, tells how she can never forgive mother, 53, after ultimate betrayal and heartbreak at seeing her marry ex, 35,

  •  Lauren Wall's husband walked out on her just weeks after wedding
  • Her mum Julie denies having affair but went on to marry her daughter's ex
  • Lauren Wall ended up attending the wedding for the sake of her own daughter

A woman who lost her husband to her own mother has said she will never fully forgive her for taking him away and then having his child.

Lauren Wall, who's now 34, and from Twickenham, south-west London married airport worker Paul White when she was just 19.

Her mum Julie, who is now 53, paid for a £15,000 wedding and grateful Lauren took her along on her two-week honeymoon to Devon.

Eight weeks later, husband Paul moved out and nine months later, her mother Julie gave birth to his child announcing they were together.

Lauren said: 'Paul always got on really well with mum. I never thought it strange though, as she was his mum-in-law and he was just being friendly.

Lauren Wall, from Twickenham, south-west London, who's now 34 got married to husband Paul when she was just 19. Just weeks later her husband moved out and was soon with Lauren's mum, Julie

Her mother denied there was anything going on saying, 'You're crazy.'

'When I confronted Paul he went white as a sheet – and refused to let me see his phone,' Lauren said.

Only days later, Paul removed his wedding ring and walked out on Lauren and their seven-month-old daughter.

When she heard he had moved in with her mum she said she couldn't believe the two people she loved and trusted more than anything in the world would treat her in such a way.

It was sick. It's one of the worst things a mum can do to a daughter.

Paul may have been a gutless groom but she's my mum. She's meant to love and protect me above all others.'

Lauren, a business development manager met Paul when he was 18: 'I met him at a local pub – I fancied him straight away.

'He asked for my number and the next day he texted asking to go on a date to the cinema. We started going out straight after that.'

She quickly found herself pregnant and their daughter was born in March 2004, the pair marrying shortly afterwards.

'Five months later we were getting married in a beautiful church ceremony with friends and family. Mum looked on proudly as we exchanged vows.

'He told me that he wanted to be with me for ever.'
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Lauren recalled how after Paul walked out she heard rumours he was living with her mother and she saw Julie walking down the street, apparently pregnant.


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