The War We must Talk About BIAFRA-NIGERIA WAR -1967-1970

Nigerian federal troops heading towards the Biafra region in 1967

Nigeria’s civil war is such a sensitive topic in the country, that the government has never given an official death toll. Quoted figures range from one million to as high as six million.

The southeast region’s leaders, citing grievances including a pogrom of Igbo people by locals in northern Nigeria, declared independence on May 30 1967 to form the Republic of Biafra. But the Nigerian government of the day resisted the break-up of the country that was created by the British in 1914.

On paper, the war ended in 1970. But in 2020, Nigeria is still grappling with the aftermath.

There’s a long-running debate about how much of Nigeria’s history is actually taught in local schools.Great  men who fought the war One by one, they’re dying, without writing memoirs.

 As they die, history goes with them.I remember there was only one paragraph about the Biafran War in our world history textbook and the book was over a thousand pages long.
I didn’t even know it happened   until I started a personal research through my Father.And I got thousand of Images and history about what really Happend in Nigeria during the war that nearly wipe all the Igbos out from the face of Nigeria Map.It was a Deadly Genocide anchored by Gowon the military ruler then,to wipe the Igbos from Nigeria and Africa.

Many questions about the war itself remain unanswered. How widespread was the raping of Biafran women and girls by soldiers of both sides? How many Biafran children were airlifted to Gabon? How many civilians did Nigerian troops kill in one of its worst tragedies in Asaba?

In the vast void of answers, suspicious have been planted. There, they’ve grown and hardened hearts and minds. Among many Igbo people today, the suspicion that the Nigeria-Biafra War was an attempt by the Nigerian government to wipe out the Igbo race is firmly rooted.

For the sake of Nigeria to move forward as a nation, there’s a need to look at the bloodstains on the rag and have frank conversations about the war.

We need to discuss about what happened and call a National Reconciliation because the Igbos in Nigeria are still grieve about the past and their Son Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB maybe ready for a fast feast of Revenge if time is not taken.

By: Obinna Parish Pascal

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