Is Valentine's Day outdated?

Our Valentine's Day poll revealed that attitudes to women's independence may be changing

A new survey reveals more than half (55%) of UK adults won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. When asked which words they associate with the day, 69% said ‘over commercialised’ and 21% said ‘outdated’.

Just 6% of adults said they found Valentine’s Day exciting, and less than one in five (19%) find it fun. Meanwhile a small number (5%) find the day ‘sexist’.1

This year, it seems a romantic night out won’t be on the cards for many: just 25% said they’d spend Valentine’s Day this year going out on a date with a partner if they were celebrating, while 11% would rather spend time relaxing alone.

But does this sound the death knell for Valentine’s Day? And what does it say about our changing attitudes in 2020?

Traditional gift-giving no longer a draw
If gift-giving is anything go by, it doesn’t look good for Valentine’s Day: the time of the traditional romantic offering seems to be over.

Only 8% of women said they’d like to receive lingerie on Valentine’s Day, less than a third (30%) would like chocolate, while some (6%) would prefer a donation to a women’s rights charity.

Almost a quarter (24%) of women would prefer no gift at all, rising to 31% of all adults.

More women than men say they are ‘self-partnered’
Actor and women’s rights activist Emma Watson recently told British Vogue:

I’m very happy being single. I call it being self-partnered.”

Our poll revealed many single women in the UK are more than happy to take her lead: 56% said they’d consider themselves self-partnered (‘empowered and happy to be single and content with their own company’).

Far fewer men (38%) said the same.

But the feeling of contentment with being single seemed to rise with age: 69% of single adults over the age of 55 said they’d consider themselves self-partnered.

Do women feel comfortable being alone?
Would you take yourself out for dinner alone? Would you feel comfortable taking a solo trip to the cinema… or even on holiday?

Results show that, while we might tend to prefer a little company, many British women don’t flinch at the idea of going solo.

52% of women said they’d feel comfortable going to the cinema alone, while 39% would take a holiday in their own company, and 35% would enjoy dinner for one at a restaurant.

Nearly two thirds (65%) of women said they’d feel comfortable visiting an art gallery or exhibition alone — slightly more than men, at 60%. 

Source: Actionaid

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