Reasons Why Having A Girlfriend Is Good For You

Living a single life can be boring most times. You see, we humans are wired to need someone. There is always a vacuum in our lives that needs to be filled by someone special, that's the reason why people make a lot of unnecessary sacrifices just to be love.

Sometimes we go below our standard just to keep them even though they may not worth it. Well it's because life and love has no manual. We are left to learn the hard way.

Every guy needs a good girlfriend if not you can't be truly happy no matter how you try to cover up with friends, hustle, computer games e.t.c. Even if you can, you can't stand the test of time you will still be lonely it is just the law of nature. Nature knows we can die anytime so there is this pressure to find a mate and pass your genes before death occurs.

There are many ways having a good girlfriend will better your life

1)Determination to be successful

let's say you have a new pretty girlfriend, she loves you truly but as hustling guy you don't have an apartment of your own so you guys can have all privacy you need, suddenly you will notice you have this drive to work harder and get an apartment for yourself and most times it works out, you will discover you manage your finances and a step ahead better, a girl can be that powerful

2) Strife to be a better man

I remember 7 years back I used to be a very dirty boy with poor dress sense. I wore one boxer for three days. My first girlfriend was this very neat Akwa Ibom girl (those women are very neat) she always insulted me until I blended and improved with my neatness and dress sense and secondly my social life changed too. The way I interact with people, I became more civilised. This trait still live with me today.

3) Confidence boost and self esteem

Having a beautiful woman in your life will boost your confidence and self esteem better than when your were single. If she truly loves you, you always feel wanted, loved and wanted.


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