NIGERIA:Vinicius Explain How Zidane Used Ronaldo to Beat Barcelona. He Was Invited To Motivate The Team

Zidane brought in another masterclass which shows that experience as a former footballer is a plus and it can bring motivation to invite your former star boy.
It is confirmed that the relationship between Ronaldo and Real Madrid are back on a good note and his behind the door exit is in the past. He has always been motivational, especially in finals. Mercelo said he keeps pushing the team.
Real Madrid have not won any El Classico since Ronaldo left, he came and was with the team at half time, talking them.

What a record breaking night for real Madrid.

Zinedne Zidane beat Fc Barcelona for the first time as a manager at the Santiago bernabeu.

Mariano Diaz came on for one minute, had one shot and had his first goal on the season.
It was such a glorious night as a real Madrid took to spot in the la liga leading by 1 point

Cristiano Ronaldo was there to watch the match, the fans showed that they miss him and kept chanting his name.

Let's put it this way the team needed this motivation and Zidane opted to invited him to the dressing room.
Even Marcelo who had been on a poor run of the fun performed with crazy adrenaline.
And Vinicius honored him by celebrating like in the CR7 style after netting the first goal of the 2-0 encounter.
Vini said "He (Cristiano Ronaldo) came into the dressing room at halftime to support the team and give us moral support. That's why I celebrated like him. He's a winner in And out

By:Derrick Stan
Source:Binnabook Magazine

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