The lovely Nigerian city in Akwa Ibom State "Ikot Ekpene"

 Ikot ekpene is actually a great city to live in Nigeria, it's very affordable and you avoid the high rent in Uyo the capital city while you are 20 mins drive from uyo in a dualized autobahn.

Ikot ekpene is a great place for you adults just starting live, but you must have entrepreneurial drive,  there are no jobs like every where else in Nigeria.

Ikot ekpene has the federal government college, state polytechnic , and the federal poly ukana is a stone throw, it also has the Ritman University ikot ekpene, for those who are school age.

A city park, for picnics and family hangout, a numbers of relaxation spots and Raffia Arts is the major handwork of the people of this area.

Raffia arts made in ikot ekpene is famous worldwide, even the colonialists have been known to dabble in arts from this area, the wooden mask carved in Ikot ekpene is also very famous.

The Oil palm business and rubber business is at it peak here .

Ikot ekpene is a much older city than Uyo, it was the first Experimental Local government in British west Africa, ie this is where the British started the idea of local government administration in west Africa. Ikot ekpene has lots of colonial architecture that will mesmerize you, especially the churches.

four point hotel 

View of Four Point Hotel Ikot Ekpene

St. ANNE CATHOLIC cathedral ikot Ekpene.

An Architectural masterpiece.

A sight worth visiting, if you are interested in old European architecture.

This is just one of several old colonial buildings in ikot Ekpene.

The first African catholic cardinal in Nigeria and West African, cardinal Dominic Ekandem was the bishop of Ikot Ekpene.

Hence lots of catholic relics in this city.

St. ANNE CATHOLIC cathedral ikot Ekpene.

If you are young an just starting life and looking for a place with good roads, good schools, low crime rate, affordable city and a perfect place to raise kids,

Look no further Ikot Ekpene is the place for you. Its 15mins. From Uyo Akwa ibom state capital with well articulated road networks that will mesmerize you.

Its 70mins from Victor attah international airport.

And very close to Aba and umuahia though the road to aba and umuahia are terrible.
Ikot ekpene Stadium 

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