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Time has passed when people should make decisions ignorantly. Everyone should be very careful when doing anything that requires a decision. Yes, be careful, your destiny is in your decision; whatever decision you make today will affect you tomorrow.

A decision is a daily task which every human must partake in. Irrespective of who you are, you can't succeed without making decisions. If you don’t know how to make a decision at the right time, you would face so many challenges. A good leader is known for his decision likewise any responsible and successful person. Without making right and great decisions, you can’t be a good manager, parent or leader.

The problem of most of us is that we don’t know how to make a decision as at when due and that has damaged a lot of things in our lives. This book is a remedy to the damages caused by indecisiveness; it will teach you how to make profitable decisions at the right time. It will save you from further bruises of wrong decisions.

This book has a superb title and it’s a tool that will help you make a success with less or no effort. The story of Mr. Barnes and Thomas A. Edison will inspire you to believe that your ability to rule your world lies only in your decisions.

Everyone wants to make money, establish a business, become popular in every country of the world and become superior over others, but little do we know how to bring our thoughts to reality. Without taking quality time to make an accurate decision over your wants, your thoughts would not see the light of reality!

This book wasn’t written to keep you busy, but to inspire and motivate you to actualize your dream. It will guide you on how to redefine your life and equip you as you journey to personal discovery and achievements. It will encourage you to take life as a daring adventure just as Helen Keller had said.

This book is such that you’d not seen for ages; it’s very simple to read and easier to understand. The principles it contains can be applied in any area of life. It has diversified lessons in personal, household and business management to teach the reader. It’s a great tool for sound leadership and implementation of strategies, and lots more. This is sought after book for people that want to move to another level in life.

It explains how you can discover opportunities and seize them if you are smart enough. It will help you to create profitable ideas. Remember that ideas rule the world. Any person can read this book irrespective of his or her profession or status; for every profession per se requires a decision to remain unique.

More importantly, this book will help you to live happily and peacefully with yourself and the totality of your environment and can make you a self-made millionaire. You may not know the powers behind every decision you make until it makes you rich or poor


In this book, I made it point-blank that your future is wrapped in your decisions! Whatever you choose is what you become…it’s just a matter of time and commitment. Nothing worthwhile can ever be achieved until a decision is made. You're in control of your decisions and your decisions are in control of your destiny; your future.

The ability to make the right decision enables us to make a success of anything we lay our hands-on. Today is gone, tomorrow is still far, just prepare for it! Give your future the quality planning it requires to make you great. Read this book.

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Author: Godspower Oparaugo 

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  1. Thank you so much for this review.The book worth reading, there are a lot of benefits anyone stands to gain for reading the book.


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