My Experience As A Bar Man In A Lagos Brothel . ( Life lesson)


The year 2016 was quite tough for me I was a fresh graduate looking for a job I kept going to and fro dropping my C.v here and there but all to no avail,I was broke at this point and decided to go to ikorodu to stay with my friends there ( Gee boys ) ..while I was there they took me to one hotel to watch football .the Hotel was located at itamaga and it's popularly called " BE HAPPY" ...for those familiar with the area .

As we were about to go in I saw a vacancy board looking for supervisor and bar man..I decided I would come the next day with my c.v and apply for the post of a supervisor,on getting there I was told they already got a supervisor but still in need of a bar man.i asked how much and they said 20k .I was desperate so I took the job .

I started working ,I was posted to the V.I.P section as the bar man there ,I was honest with my transactions and I quickly made friends with balling guys ( Gee Boys).. My salary was 20k but I was making at least 5k daily.. guys would come and drink ,and then ask me to take whatever I want and drink too,I would skip the drink and keep the money,some would tip me sometimes 2k,I was enjoying life and saving. Apart from staying up all night everyday and doing account of the bar the next morning there wasn't Anything strenuous I was doing .

But the hotel was a LovePeddler house too.. ladies work there as runs girls .I found out that they pay rent everyday to the hotel owner.. the cheapest room there is 2k while the most expensive is 4k..(the 4k room comes with A.C.) There were at least up to 25 girls living there permanently ,other girls come and go .men would come around ,choose thier spec and go in with them..I learnt that some ladies have been there for more than 10 years ,they all have nicknames ,you will hear names like Angel , Naomi ,. Tiepor ( means it's plenty ) e.t.c..paying rent of at least 2k everyday.. short time with these ladies ranges from 1k to 5k depending on how Hawt she is while overnight is 10k - 20k

On a bad day these ladies get at least 10 short time and one overnight whuch means they make thousands of naira everyday . They spend thier money on designer clothes and latest wears competing With each other .

What I also Got to find out is that this prostitute have boyfriend's too.the one they allow to penetrate them without the use of condom,and the funny thing is that the man/guy is aware that they are runs girls ..they spend on thier boyfriend and he dare not cheat on them..have seen scenarios where guys marry some or have a baby with her..

Just 2 months after I got there I started getting visit from this particular prostitute ,she would come to my bar during the day when there are less customers and buy coca cola drink,she would drop 1k and asked me to keep change, the hotel has a restaurant too.,she would order food and asked them to bring it to me.. The gullible me thought I have found my destiny helper as I no longer spend on food not knowing that I was being pulled into the traps of the co workers then were telling me she likes me ,the truth is all the babes there actually liked me.cos i was naturally blessed with Good looks .

There were lots of pretty young girls in that Hotel ,girls from 19 years upward .this babe that kept buying me stuff wasn't the prettiest but she was my spec plus she was a big girl ,she uses the latest iPhone ,dresses classy and trendy ,if you met her on a normal day outside the hotel block u would have mistaken her for an otedola daughter ,with her dress and style

We Got close over time ,and one day I asked her " But babe pls tell me why do u choose to do runs ?..

According to her she claimed she grew up in a poor family and things were very tough back then,she tried learning a skill or trade but her boss were always wicked to her and she would end up leaving there , things got so tough that she couldnt afford pad during menstruation..she later had to run to a friend who was doing well at that time.. the friend promised her she would take her to Lagos to work. When they arrived Lagos she brought her to the hotel instead and the babe confessed that she's into runs ..and urge her to do it too.

"No one will know ,make small money and go and start a business In Benin". Her friend urged ..and that was how she started ,she said sometimes dirty mechanic or even tout boys will sleep with her and she had no choice but to allow them,she said sometimes some of them will use drug and almost tear her vagina..but that later she got used to it ..I felt bad for her ..... What do you think ?

At the hotel u work every day and you only get a day off . During my off days she will beg me not to go home that I should rest there, she would then book a room for me to spend my break... (Pls understand the owner of the hotel is one difficult man and he must not find out you are dating any runs babe because he will believe you are giving her his money , so we kept it on the low but all her friends and my friends know.. )

I would be in that room and she will come and check on me time to time ,with food and drinks,she was really taking care of would buy me milk saying I need to regain my strength,this babe was not asking for sex ,she was actually taking her time with me ..

Then one day I had issues with my supervisor and I was suspended ( the Supervisor was jealous of our relationship And was always looking for fault in everything I do ).

I was suspended for 3 days and that means they will deduct a week money ..this babe lodged me in another hotel , gave me 10k saying I should use it to replace the money they will deduct,she then left her hotel to come spend the three days suspension with me..and sex happened..

Somehow i'mmediately after that I lost total interest in the job ,she was buying me everything from clothes to boxers to designer shoes ,she even bought me a gold chain (real Gold) ...I started feeling too big for the job that use to be my everything..

She told me that I should quit the job and look for a better one as the one I'm doing is below my standards, I believed her and quitted , then she told me she's quitting prostitution too.. she had like 300k in her account and there is a house in Benin belonging to her .. that was how me and olosho relocated to Benin to start living as couples... I was having sex everyday....

I just wake up and have sex then sleep .. life was sweet not knowing I was killing my destiny... After bout 3 months we finished spending the money in her account. and we were becoming broke ..that was when I realized I need a job again.. then one day during my job hunt I came back and she wasn't around, when she came back she brought food , provisions and stuff and even gave me 5k to get something for myself. I asked her where she got the money from and she confessed that she went to sleep with one rich man like that in Benin...

She begged me to please allow her to continue going to see the man that the man promised to fund her business plans which I agreed ....

After a while we started having issues I realized she did not like me as she use to she will say words like " You were not like this when you were in Lagos ". ... I did not understand what she meant until I saw myself in a mirror one day .. omo I was looking old and ugly all my beauty was gone .. I almost cried .. I i'mmediately left for Lagos the next week... And after years of fasting and praying and deliveenca I started looking better ...... To those that do say sex has no consequences I hope you learn. A Thing or two ....

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