Action A Powerful Missile To Great Achievement.

 Many individuals have been wondering why they couldn't implement their passion, potentials, idea, career etc. One can say that his reasons are lack of fund, no support, no good advice and many others.

 The above factors might be true but that's not the fact. Here is one powerful tool you need to have in other to achieve your goal in life, I call it  a missile to great achievement and it is known generally as "ACTION".

  Action is a way of motion, it is a fast-paced activity. There are so many definition one can place on the word (action) but I so much like the above two definition because it really captured the practical meaning of action.

 They say procrastination is a waster and I agreed much on the proverb, a space or chance giving to any opportunity can destroy ones achievement in life.

 Applying speed and motion in your daily activities create a great impact in the outcome. This is a simple principle to achievement but an average human being finds it difficult to engage in it .

Note: you don't need fund to take action

                   you don't need advice to take action

                   you don't need help to take action.

All you need is personal courage and energy.

Let me share a little and interesting story though it might be funny but I believe it will help my readers to understand me more.

  A certain young man told me on an open conversation some years back why acting fast is very important in everything you do. he said

I was into poultry farming some years ago and one day I came back from work I noticed that my chicks are very hungry then I decided to go and get feeds (chick grains) for them because none was available at the moment, on my way going out I overhead my father asking of me just a step to move outside the  house gate my younger sister saw me immediatedly as I was heading towards the gate to leave she called with a loud voice that daddy was calling you. oh!! I hissed, within me I said could have seen me if i had made a fast move now oh! so my father sent me another errand and the quest to get food for my chicks was suspended before I could finished my father's errand it was late I couldn't go again. Then in the morning i went to check my chicks I discover that about ten out of fifty chicks are dead because of hunger".

 Though the incident happened many years ago but while the young man  was narrating his ordeal I still notice some flame of anger in him because he saw it as a miss of opportunity that led to a serious damage on his achievement, that one fast step would have pushed him out of their compound such that the sister won't had seen him.

Inability to take action towards your passion when necessary can lead to delay or unachievable goal .

 Make haste when the sun shines. 

A stitched in time saves Nile.

I charged you today to take fast action in any golden opportunity that comes your way. 





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