In a situation where two or group of people have been together for years, sharing things in common, be it affairs, ideas, social life styles etc. Then all of a sudden all these became a history and crashes. 

What do think is the cause? I have ask so many friends and they said that the cause is lack of understanding. Then I pulse to reason their answer.

 Does it mean that they have not been understanding each other all these years of been together? 

Does it mean that one or some persons among them lack understanding of each other?

 oh yes! that might be the truth but I have come up with my own real facts about that, which I tagged 

" relationship boundaries"

when we say relationship is a links between two individuals or it is an involvement of something, this shows that there is a connection which binds them and when (connection) it is no more  problems surfaces.

 One should know his/her boundaries in every relationship and learn how to deal with it for the sake of a long lasting relationship.

 It is so painful for one to loose what he/she has spent time to build for years in a twinkle of an eye just because of a mere mistake.

It is very important that we know where we fit in or belong in a relationship and maintain that position because the moment you cut across your limit/boundary the mutuality in that relationship dies gradually without you knowing until it collapses.

Even in marriage where they say husband and wife are one, yes I agree but for them to have a healthy relationship they must know their limit and respect each other for that.

 A wife should act as one and never go beyond that and vise visa. for any day she lives her position and act otherwise the marriage will begins to notice unhealthiness.

Likewise in a case of a group of people that share the goals and aspirations, the superior must stand as one and discharge his/her duty for any day he decided to go beyond that problems arises among them.

For a healthy and  long lasting relationship, you must know your boundaries.

 In summary of it all

Mind your business in every relationship so as to have focus and play your role well. Avoid finding unnecessary faults in another person's position because you can't perform every duty.

Always respect instructions and policies in any given relationship.



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