When a Nigeria Lady tell you she Need a God Fearing Man- This is what she mean

 When it comes to relationships or picking a partner for marriage, most Nigerians have a long list of preferences and what they want their spouses to possess in order to make a perfect partner.

Men have want their women to be respectful, beautiful, caring, bold and hard-working before they can consider them as "wife materials". This ideology often make some men to be too selective and usually end up being single even in their forties.

What about the women? Nigerian girls are very complicated people and their idea of an "ideal" husband might depend on age.

A teenage girl or one in her early twenties would want a fun guy, the party type that would take her places to have fun on weekends. Any guy that behaves like a husband to a girl of these age bracket will surely be disappointed as her lifestyle and mentality might be too over-whelming for him. These kinds of ladies prefer play boys and fun lovers at the moment.

Since we're talking about ladies who are choosing the kind of men they want to spend the rest of their lives with, let's get down to the point.

What do ladies mean when they say they want a "God-fearing" man?

First let's describe who a God-fearing man is. A person who is God-fearing is an overly religious person who sees nothing more important than his relationship with God. These people are try to live as holy as they can and often times, treats all people with love and respect equally. These kind of people don't lay much emphasis on romance or being a "great husband" and treat their spouses equally with the way they treat other people outside.

Now, with the above description is there any Nigerian woman that would want that kind of man? Many would cringe at the mere idea of marrying a pastor so as not to appear wearing gowns that they wouldn't normally wear.

No Nigerian woman would want to share her husband's love and affection with anyone and clearly, intimacy is a vital ingredient in marriage that must be shown as often as possible so as to keep the bond strong.

Some Nigerian women would likely cheat or even loath on her "God-fearing" husband because well, that isn't what she had hoped for.

So in summary, what people actually mean when they tell you that they want a "God-fearing man" is actually "I want a Good man''.

"I don't want someone who's too religious".

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