Lagos Amputee girl should be left alone to enjoy her God Gifted money

For me I think most of the claim are irrelevant because some people may claim she lied for them to have access to corner the money from her. Lagos Amputee girl should be left alone to enjoy her God gifted money.

Nigeria Ministries and government parastatals know how to divert government fund, her money should not be touch even a KOBO. Let her have access to her 25million Naira.

Fraud will consume the bad system of Nigeria using the media to tarnish the girls image to corner the money given to her freely from Nigerians .

 Lagos Amputee girl

Did she lie that she is an amputee...No. 

Did she lie that she was amputated after an accident and her parents died ...Yes. 

Is that enough to take away all the donations given her ..No.

 Lagos Amputee girl sudden transformation

Don't pray to be in another person’s shoes until you experience what he/she goes through.

As I said, she is getting too much exposure. Some of these paparazzi are not necessary.Let her live her life quietly. 

The money given to her was not obtained through dubious means.Nigerians supported her because she is a hustling amputee and not because she lost her parents. 

Her account should be unfrozen immediately.

By Obinna Pascal Amajuoyi

Publisher Binnabook Magazine

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