Life Tips: 7 Things You Should Learn To Do In Your 20s To Avoid Regrets In Your Later Life

 Life in the 20s is so much energetic, fun and adventurous. You have little or no responsibilities, but with so much to see, learn and do, both the interesting, good, bad and the ugly. It is easy to get carried away in the whole frenzy and forget that it is also a stage that you should be building yourself for later in life when you are less energetic and have more responsibilities.

Below are seven tips to help you consolidate your 20s in other to avoid regrets in your 30s and 40s.

1. Don’t Get So Entangled In Love:

Love, relationship and marriage is good, but at this stage it could be distracting you from focusing on the things that matters at the moment. Falling in love because you feel lonely and getting passionately committed to it, will leave you pursuing love and feelings at the expense of expanding your mental growth and development. This could in turn lead to regret at later stages in life, especially because most relationship at this stage don’t work out and you have wasted all that time chasing shadows.

2. Start Pursuing Your Passion As Early As Possible:

There is no time too early to start doing the things you love doing and no one is too young to pursue his or her passion. Even while pursuing a University Education, you should also find time to improve that skill you have or develop that passion of yours alongside your education. If you do not, you could get stuck in the cycle of regret later just doing a 9 to 5 job you don’t like or have no passion for.

3. Build Connections Early If You Can:

Truth is at 20s you are probably busy with either education, skill acquisition or apprenticeship that you may not have time to build connections. Moreover you are still too young to know important and highly placed persons to build Connections. However, you are not too young to build Connections, if you have the opportunity in whatever capacity to meet influential persons, do as much as possible to get acquainted with them and establish contact if possible. Attend forums, seminars and events, they will improve your chances of meeting persons of influence.

4. Learn Financial Discipline:

Admittedly, there are a lot of distractions at your 20s and you are probably young enough to want everything and anything good and shiny your eye sees. However this is actually the best time for you to start being prudent and learn how to manage money and make wise financial decisions. Besides it is not out of place to begin investing at 20, no age is too young for wise financial investments. The discipline you learn at this stage will lead you into better financial understanding later in life.

5. Avoid Getting Used To Procrastination:

Learn to set goals, targets and start pursuing them immediately without shifting the take off time. Always tell yourself that the best time to start doing anything you decide to do is now. Don’t get used to waiting for when all conditions and situations will favour you before you commence. Normalise setting goals and pursuing them starting immediately without making lazy excuses why you have not started. This will give you the much needed discipline later in your 40s.

6. Control Your Emotions:

Emotions drive almost everything humans do, for whatever you conceive in your heart, there is a corresponding emotion that pushes you to it. Actions, good or bad are driven by emotions, good emotions birth good actions and bad emotions birth bad actions. Actions can put you in serious trouble if you do not control what you feel, how you feel and how you choose to react. Learn to control your emotions so you do not get caught up in actions that you will regret later in life or in the worst case put you in a condition that will ruin your life completely.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things:

You are very young, with all the time in the world to experiment and find what’s best for you. You have nothing to loose, if you fail, you have simply learnt the lessons that apply and you try again in better ways or move to try better things, untill you find what suits and fits you. So don’t be afraid to try out new things and do not shy away from difficult or complicated tasks, you will learn and grow faster when you try them out.

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