Assalam alaikun Muslim Brothers and Sisters!!!

1. TOO EARLY : don't eat too early your Sahur befor Fajr prayer, the prophet instructed us to delay our sahur to few minutes to Fajr prayer, stop forming Jagaban angry

2. FEAST INSTEAD OF FAST : We pack food like there's going to be famine the following months... this is not good. We are to share our foods and feed the poor, while maintaining a simple and healthy way of eating.

3. TOO LATE : Some muslims delay their iftar, I don't know what they want to claim tho, but the Prophet SAW encouraged us to be haste at breaking our fast and abstain from delaying like you're the holiest of the Holiest��

4. IFTAR PARTY : just like organising Dinner party back then in school, we all know we end up doing other things other than just taking dinner�

5. FAST AND FURIOUS: Please, in as much as its encouraged and obligatory and an act that God himself will reward you...its a personal thing, so please, stop acting up and charging at ppl like Bulldogs all in the name of "i'm fasting", you don't expect everyone to be fasting like you and nobody forced you keep calm!

6.MISPLACED PRIORITIES : it has become a norm for some ppl to only pray tarawih(Asham) during Ramadan; the mosque is now so fully packed that ppl have to even pray outside the mosque. That's when you'll see ppl that have never stepped into a mosque since last year, with their pure white Jalamia, well, ��‍♂️ the issue is, while its a Good thing To pray Asham in congregation, Asham is not compulsory Oga... the 5 Obligatory prayers have been and will always be important than the optional prayers which includes Asham

7. ADDICTION TO SOCIAL MEDIA OR WATCHING FILMS : Please, there's really nothing bad in using your phone while fasting, but please be careful while you do that. Most of these films or statuses et al, have in one way or the other imbibed forbidden scenes that you might not be prepared to see. Trust me, no matter how careful you'd want to be, you'l just jam one. Hmmm, make God accept our fasting oooo shocked

8. TOO FAST LIKE FAST FORWARD MACHINE : Many muslims strive to finish reciting the whole Quran before the end of Ramadan. While this is a great achievement, we need to consider the verses and ponder over each of its meanings not reciting like an el-classico spanish commentator embarassed. we are gradually losing the spirit of Ramadan, and the Imams should take note pls.

9. BAD HYGIENE : Hmmm, brothers and sisters in Islam, while fasting, please brush your teeth regularly, please, stop spitting around like a pregnant woman, no one said you can't swallow your saliva....please don't be so hard on yourself. I beg you, don't listen to some fanatics with absurd theories. Don't cause another global warming during this Ramadan period. Take care of yourself please, Na fast you dey fast, you no turn deaf and dumb.

10. NIGHT OWL shocked : Those ppl that become irumole during the month of Ramadan grin , they turn day to night and night to day. Please stop it. There's nothing wrong in sleeping during the day, but do not exaggerate, because, when you sleep all day, you'll be missing out many activities that'll benefit you while fasting. By turning night to day, the whole purpose of fasting is ignored.

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