Prophet Joshua Arogun General Overseer of Light of the World International Church Predict Senator Orji Uzor Kalu as Nigeria Next President

 Prophet Joshua Arogun who predicted the release of former Governor of Abia State, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, and victory of President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 general election has again insisted that Buhari’s successor is a former governor from the South who was held in prison and from all indications, he is referring to Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, ABN TV learnt.

Arogun, who is the General Overseer of Light of the World International Church, Lagos, stated this on Sunday during the church’s ministration service.

He said most people’s hearts has become so hardened that they question prophecies. He also said his obligation is to release God’s revelations to him with no personal feelings attached to it.

“Whenever I pray and get revelations on the polity of Nigeria, I find it difficult to tell my members because of it’s sensitivity. But because I am not accountable to humans but God, I have a duty to do as directed in spirit. Some months ago, I got a revelation that a former governor from the south who was in prison will be the next president of this country. I remember feeling very reluctant delivering that message but I had to do the will of the Father. While we were praying this morning, the same message came again. There is this connection I keep seeing: former governor- prison-president and he is from the South.

“May God’s will be done and May His will be favourable to mankind.” He prayed

Recall that on March 1, Prophet Joshua had made controversial revelations during his church service when he said, “I am a prophet of God and by the grace of God, anything the Lord tells us comes to pass because we hear from Him; we don’t hear from men. We don’t rely on public opinion for prophesies. We are not afraid of what people will say when such prophesies are given to us to tell the people. When we hear from the Lord, we tell people no matter how it is interpreted. It is left for people to take it.

“Before the 2015 election, God told me that Buhari would win; And God told me a lot of things about Buhari. It is He that anointed him to be the president and there is no questions about that. No one can change it. The people can hate him: the people can reject him but God has ordained him, and there is something about God. When He says that you would be this, no man can change it. He does what pleases Him

“I got a revelation about Nigeria’s political dynamics in the next general election. I saw a man in Prison and this man has been a former Governor from the South East taking over from President Buhari. There is absolutely nothing one can do about someone’s destiny especially when sanctioned by God. Everything that happens in life is for a reason. I saw renewed alliances among the political class and across the political parties and I saw this country reuniting more than it has ever done before. God loves Nigeria so much. Nigeria is a big country, and is blessed with human and natural resources.” He said.


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