This Dream My Fiancée's Mother Had Is Bothering My Fiancée And I

 I have been making preparations since late last year to settle down with my fiancee. I intend going to collect the marriage list this coming April to kick start the marriage processes.

My girl and I are very compatible in almost all ramifications you can think of. Honestly, she's the perfect definition of a supportive wife, well mannered and loyal to the core, just to say a few.

We now lived in different states, but we've known ourselves and have been seeing/dating each other in the same city between December 2016 and September 2019. I even made her to redeploy during her NYSC in 2018, to be close to me because of my intentions for her.

As usual, we've been praying and trying to seek the face of God to get divine revelation.

So on the 9th of this month (March), my fiancee and her mum visited a priest for normal pre marriage talk/counseling. The priest of course asked my girl some questions about me, which she answered sincerely. The priest then advised my girl and her mum to put everything in God's hand and be praying about it.

About a week later (around 16th or so), my fiancée's mother had a dream where my fiancée's hair was cut in the dream. In trying to understand the dream, my fiancee then called her cousin who is a Reverend, and the cousin told her that the dream is a bad dream, that it means "someone is trying to take her glory."

That dream compelled my fiancee and her mum to have two days midnight prayer (19th and 20th precisely) to cancel any bad dream.

Reaching today, my girl and her mum visited the priest again, to let him know about the dream. The priest then asked my girl about her understand of the dream. My girl said it means "widowhood." But my girl's mum was having a different understanding.

In summary, the priest then asked my girl if she had gotten a divine revelation, as to whether we're meant to be husband and wife. My girl said no has not.

Personally, I've fasted and prayed severally to God to show me reasons not to marry my fiancee, but I'm yet to see reasons not to.

Honestly, apart from divine validation which I'm yet to get, I'm yet to see reasons why I shouldn't marry my fiancee. And my girl have been worried since this afternoon, thereby getting me worried also.

Now my questions are:

1.) What does it mean for someone's hair to be cut in a dream?

2.) Is it 100% compulsory that one must get a divine validation to have a peaceful and happy marriage?

Please, your honest contributions will be appreciated.

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