Agitations Will End If Government Addresses Injustice- General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry Pastor William Kumuyi


 The General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DLCM) and Deeper Life Bible Church Worldwide, Pastor William Kumuyi, has said that if the concerns of injustice are addressed, various agitations will end and the country would remain united.

Pastor Kumuyi also urged Nigerians to never relent in praying for their leaders as the desired answers would come.

Addressing journalists during the ongoing 6-day crusade in Abuja, tagged ‘Super Living Through Divine Connection’, Pastor Kumuyi said democracy guarantees freedom of speech, and as such, every person has the right to self-expression.

“We thank God for democracy, in a democratic environment, there should be freedom of speech and when you have a population of more than 120 million in a single country, not all those people in the country will be satisfied the way the country is.

“Take any country in the world, even in the West and where it appears the economy is alright and things are right, there are still people who are not satisfied with what is happening over there.

“In our country here, we have had people who have voiced it out, that this is what they would prefer, but you must understand that they don’t represent probably the majority of the country.

“As those groups are saying what they are saying, and they are alright to say what they want to say because of democracy, and that is the way they feel.

“Even the leaders in those states and the leaders in those various zones are not totally in agreement that the part of the country should break up, what we can say is that we shouldn’t over the beach the situation, what we’re looking for is peace, once there is a correction of what they are complaining about, staying together would be the best but, again everybody has the freedom to speak out their mind.

“We should look at the difficulties and the various things that will happen if we break up, but if we correct the problems that are agitating our minds, I believe that things will be alright,” Kumuyi said.

Speaking on prayers for the government, Kumuyi said prayer does quite a number of things. He said prayer can delay or slow down the speed or the rate of destruction and devastation.

“We should be thanking God that although we have not seen the end of the tunnel, by the grace of God, the Lord is still on the throne and while we’re praying to believe that God himself will finally give us the full solution,” he noted.

He, therefore, said, “the same thing we are saying about our nation, we’ve been praying, we’re not giving up and as we’re persistent and importunate, we know that the final answer will definitely come.”

On the state, of the nation, he said “there is corruption, but we don’t know where to place the blame. With prayers and with the message of repentance, that’s why we’re having all these programs we are having and then we’re beaming it out for everybody to hear.

“Egypt was quite bad at the time of Moses, but the Lord eventually touched the heart of Pharaoh, and the change came, also we know that Babylon was in a terrible situation but the Lord also touched Nebuchadnezzar and in our own Nation, if we believe, those people believed that the Lord is going to bring a change even to the corruption problem he will do it, and that’s what we believe and it will be onto us according to our faith.”

On the crusade, he said there have been impacts on the attendees. He said those that have attended the crusade have voiced out.

“They have given their testimonies as to the impact in their lives spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and physically,” he added.

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