In Rhyme Of Gratitude Tboss Celebrates Her Daughter's 2nd Birthday

 It is my Baby’s 2nd Birthday.

My Beautiful Starr ⭐️

My 1st fruit.

Being your mother has been the Most fulfilling experience Everrrr�

It hasn’t been all rosy cos you have such a strong personality 

But it’s been so much fun so far.

 I’m beyond Blessed to have you in my life, 

you bring me so much joy that I doubt I could ever properly express in words. You make me wanna be The Best that I can be for you.

 Thank you for choosing me & loving me the way that you do. You’re beyond perfect � ���…

I love you always and forever and a day more. 

And I would choose you over and over again in all my other lifetimes..


Photos by my now grown cricket @anastacia_idowu �if I tell you how difficult it was to get these photos you would pity me�I almost cried. My child decided that she didn’t want no photo shoot for her birthday and so made sure to annoy Everyone until we just packed up and went to eat junk food at the mall��… End Of….

Never had any doubt

Not even a single iota.

Always knew, from the moment I saw that 2nd pink line that I Loved you.

 And I protected you with all that I had and all that I would ever be.

 I’ve got you for Life my Beautiful Blessed Baby Girl�

To say you’re perfect is an understatement.

 I still haven’t been able to get a single photo that truly captures your purity & beauty. 

Your heart shines through & every single person who meets you is Blessed.

 My heart is full of gratitude & prayers for you- Prayers that keep getting answered before I have completed them.

 I love you.

 And I can tell you every second of everyday and it’s still not gonna be enough. 

Thank you for making me such a proud mama- I brag differently cos of you�

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