How Avoid Police Extortion And Harassment On The Highway

Nigerian Police Force gives 16 tips for safe and cordial relationship at  their checkpoints |

 It is saddened when I read how Nigerian security agents extort and harass motorist on the highway over car registration issues that could be avoided. Do the following you will never be harrassed again.

1. Make sure your car documents are up to date. Eg.

Drivers licence and your car particulars.

2. Be Polite when ever you are been stopped...greet them with smiles on your face when an officer tries to intimidate you try to keep ur cool and stand by your right...don't show any sign of fear. Try as much as possible to be calm.

3. Check the validation of your plate number on FRSC data base. . Enter your plate will display the make of your car, color of your car as it is on your paper. If your plate number is valid and yet to be assigned it means your documents was not uploaded...go to any licencing office with your car particulars they will upload it with a token not more than 1k. Depends on your approach.

4. Be sure your particulars are authentic. To be sure Check your vehicle licence here just enter ur plate number it will display the expiry date of ur paper..abuja registration has not been updated on the site..I don't know why is like that..

5. After you have confirmed all and an officer still tries to Harrass calm,don't be afraid to follow them to their station. When you get to their station quietly call Inspector General monitoring Unit 08036242591 and lodge your complaint..they will quickly let you off their hook.

Knowledge is power when used wisely..

I Remain

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