When Your Wife Says " I Hate You And Regret Marrying You.

My greetings,

I am married for 10years now and blessed with 3 wonderful kids but my woman is a bit difficult.

To cut the long story short, i went out with a colleague on friday and due to the fact that the kids are on holiday, i took my wife along because she was already raising the roof about my outing ( NOTE: I have never ever gone out without my family to avoid wife's palava).

On getting there, she complained i was looking at some ladies lustfully which was not at all.......just trying to figure out some important things in my head. After which she complained that i was drunk.....lo and behold i wasnt because i dont take beer, i only take red wine, bullet and spinnorf......which i took a red wine and bullet before leaving the house and also took 3 bottles of spinnorff ( I was never drunk with all of those)

Fast forward to today, i am very open with my finances guess one of my mistakes.........she noticed that a thousand naira (#1000) was missing in my wallet and all means to explain to her proved abortive even though i give her money for things she love like body cream, cloths and others but after all nagging, i was vexed and went to the kids room which i politely asked her to let me be at the moment because i cant withstand her nagging over a thousand naira but she persisted and i have to shut the door against her but she opened it and told me she hates me and regret marrying me.....sounded like the rapture sound initially but later realised it actually came from my woman, my mother of my kids!!!!

i still cant place those words.....could it be out of anger or she actually mean the words for real?

Please help a heartbroken brother.

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