One Reason You're Still Broke As Young Person

 One reason you're still broke as young person is because you think you can make it overnight. That has very low likelihood of working out. Stop waiting for dream jobs and instant millions. Only a few people will have the luck to make it overnight.

Face reality, start stacking up your bread from scratch. Making small money is better than not making money at all. Get busy. No matter how small it is. You can build from there. Money is hardly made overnight.

You gotta start from those small pennies and stop comparing your life to others. You need start learning how to make money small small. With the experience you can make more money. Making money is a sport, practice makes perfect. It will be easier for you to make 1million naira, if you know how to make 100 thousand naira. Experience is the best teacher.

 The time way use dey use dey wait for 1 million your mate dey make 10,000 dey add up dey go.

Nothing can override experience. Doing something over and over and over again.

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