UN warns Ethiopia is in danger of descending into a civil war

 The United Nations has warned Ethiopia is in danger of descending into a civil war, as fighting in the north intensifies. World leaders continue to call for an immediate ceasefire, and the African Union is meeting with anti-government groups to try to deescalate tensions by the end of the week.

A year long conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia has reached a disastrous proportions.UN has issued a warning of grave uncertainty surrounding the future of the country and the stability of the whole Horn of Africa Region.

Fighting began in early November last year,when forces of the Tigray Peoples Liberation front attacked a federal army base in the region, leading prime minister Abiy Ahmed to order a military Offensive against the rebels which has left thousand dead.

UN human right reported that serious violation on all sides which may amount to crimes against Humanity and war crimes.

The Government of Ethiopia has declared a nationwide state of emergency and has stated it is fighting and existential war,she said noting the spread of fighting throughout the country.

Binnabook Reports: What is certain is that the risk of Ethiopia descending into widening civil war is only too real.That will be a big Humanitarian disaster for the entire Horn of Africa in general.

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