Guide to Ezimo Iyi-Nzu waterfall Enugu State Nigeria: Beauty spot for tourism

Ezimo is a community under Udenu Local Government of Enugu State Nigeria. It is a land known for its peaceful nature.

Ezimo is made up of six communities, Ogbufie, Amogu, Ozalla, Amallaogbo, Amankwo and Amaogbelle.

Ezimo waterfall popularly known as Iyi-nzu waterfall 250ft high is one of the tallest waterfalls in Enugu state and is deemed a tourist centre in Nigeria. This tourist centre is located in Amaogu village of Ezimo community.

Ezimo waterfall is as ancient as the community itself. Though not popular like other waterfalls, it happens to be the tallest of all waterfalls in the state and for tourists, it is an amazing location for a tourist centre.

When approaching the waterfall, one can hear the sound of the waterfall almost 10km away, and this mostly incites fear on visitors and tourists who have never visited the waterfall before.

However, Ezimo waterfall is characterised by its peaceful nature. Despite the echoes and rustic sounds, it is a peaceful waterfall that has never constituted any form of harm to anybody.

The sound of the waterfall is part of its awesomeness and announces the beauty spot even from afar. When you think of a tourist centre in Nigeria, you should think of the Ezimo Iyi Nzu waterfall as well.

If you love Nature you should definitely put this place on your bucket list whenever you visit Nigeria.


Ezimo Iyi Nzu waterfall

Ezimo Iyi Nzu waterfall

Ezimo Iyi Nzu waterfall

Ezimo Iyi Nzu waterfall

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