Russia Running Out Of Weapons, Can Be Defeated By Ukraine:United Kingdom Defence Secretary Ben Wallace

 Ben Wallace, the United Kingdom Defence Secretary, has said that Ukraine will likely defeat Russian, saying Russian forces are running out of precision weapons fairly quickly.

Russia invaded Ukraine sometimes in February this year.

Speaking in London, Ben Wallace said, “We all have highly complex weapons that, funny enough, don’t take a couple of days to replace, it can take months. Once you fire them all in the way Russia has done, they have a real challenge.”

According to BBC, he said Putin would find trying to replace those weapons “incredibly hard”, adding that a lot of the components come from the West and he won’t be able to get hold of them.

“It is not inconceivable that large superpowers, as such, as he thinks he is, lose on the battlefield,” Wallace says. “It is very possible that Ukraine will break the Russian army.”

He says it is “absurd” that today’s parade in Moscow lacks any sense of culpability or “facing-up to the reality of what’s happened to Russia’s reputation, but also the Russian soldiers… and what they’ve been doing to their Ukrainian brothers and sisters”.

Commenting on the possible defeat of Russian forces, Wallace said: “Putin must fail in Ukraine is obviously our key policy mission, but you know we mustn’t avoid the fundamentals here, which is it is for Ukraine to choose how it ends this conflict – or how it makes Russia end this conflict – and in what manner.”

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