Peter Obi The Face Of Take Back Nigeria Movement

 Every democratic nation has a standardized terminology used by politicians and electorates that centres on regaining control of their nation during election seasons. As the general elections in 2023 approach, the slogan "Take Back Nigeria" or "Take Nigeria Back" has made it's way back into our collective psyche.

Peter Obi

The people's rallying cry, "Take Back Nigeria," originally stood for liberating the nation from a particular oligarchy that gorges itself on Nigerians' national wealth and from those who require the nation to advance one step and regress eight steps in return. A ruling class that is deaf to Nigerians' yearnings.

The slogan "Take Back Nigeria" suggests that the country's administration is in bad hands and that things are headed in the wrong direction.

Recently, Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, invited Nigerians to assist him in reclaiming the country from mismanagement. His party is currently the toast of voters, who consider Obi and the LP as the party that will eventually reset the country.

According to reports from throughout the federation, the selection of Peter Obi as the party's presidential flagbearer has resulted in an upsurge in Labour Party followers. Nigerians see this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reclaim control of the country, and they are working tirelessly to make a difference.

The youths, who are the driving force behind these Tsunami changes, are doing everything humanly possible to get the elders to enter an alliance with them in order to reclaim control of the country through a figure like Peter Obi.

Carnivals, street performances, voter registration education, and other events are just a few of the creative tactics used by pro-Obi supporters to boost the Labour Party's popularity.

Everywhere you look in the six geopolitical regions, people are pointing to Peter Obi as the third force poised to unsettle the ruling party.

Since its independence, Nigeria has never had a long period of prolonged recession, with a rapidly declining economy, a battered currency, and an unreliable power supply riddled with the worst insecurity in the federation. Nigerians have suffered greatly.

With the populace's joy, Peter Obi has emerged as the Face of the Take Back Nigeria Movement, whose main goal is to return the country to its former glory.

Will Peter Obi be successful in his attempt to succeed President Buhari in the presidential elections next year? Let us cross our fingers and observe how the event unfolds.

From Island Communications Village, Smart Omo-Idemudia writes.

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