FIFA World Cup: Four Possible Locations For World Cup In Africa by 2030

 In 2010, Africa held its first-ever FIFA World Cup and it was a roaring success. Hosted in South Africa, it was a well-organized and exciting tournament, eventually won by Spain.

As the Qatar World Cup is held in 2022, and the North American one in 2026, it will be fair to assume that the 2030 World Cup will be hosted in Europe. But after that, there’s no reason why Africa cannot host another one.

The Qatar World Cup will be unique, but many fans will choose not to go. Fans drinking outside of special zones will face up to 6 months in prison, as reported by Complete Sports. In Africa, this will not be an issue.

Below we have listed the 4 countries ready to and capable of hosting the FIFA World Cup:


Nigeria was interested in co-hosting the World Cup in 2010, but it never materialized. An oil-rich nation, with the money to host, Nigeria would be an excellent choice in the 2030s. As the time zone is the same as Europe, it’s ideal for audiences in Africa and Europe. On the other hand, in the summertime it can get very hot, so it might have to move the tournament to the winter.

Nigerians are football crazy, and the national team often qualify for the World Cup, narrowly missing out on Qatar this time around. Nevertheless, a tournament hosted in Nigeria would have a party atmosphere and it would build infrastructure throughout the West African nation.


Tourists from all around the world already flock to Egypt for its unique culture, and a World Cup hosted there would be a fantastic spectacle. In one of the freer countries in the Islamic world, drinking and gambling are permitted, so Westerners would be more comfortable than in Qatar. In addition to the tourist sites, there are 5-star resorts, so accommodation is top-notch, and there’s so much to see.


A nation that is interested in the 2030 bid, Morocco loves football and has some iconic places. The most famous is Casablanca, made famous in the movie with the same name in 1942. The North African country has qualified for the Qatar World Cup and has a lot of talent including Chelsea’s midfielder Ziyech.

The 2030 bid is either on their own, or a joint bid with Algeria and Tunisia. Nonetheless, England has announced it will bid for the same World Cup so it could be a difficult competition.


Cameroon has a rich footballing history and has qualified for the Qatar World Cup. In Joshua Oish’s political program, he promises to bring the World Cup to Cameroon. He mentioned on state TV that he would nominate his country along with 2 sub-Saharan nations to co-host the tournament.

After upgrading its stadiums to host the 2021 AFCON, Cameroon has expressed an interest to bid for the biggest football competition of them all. Already, the country has one 50,000 arenas and a 60,000 stadium, so it’s already a quarter there to be able to host. In addition, Cameroon is one of Africa’s most successful World Cup teams, with their best finish in 1990 being the quarter-finals.


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And after the success of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, there’s no reason why the famous football tournament cannot be held on the continent once again.

Many nations are improving their infrastructure when it comes to transport, accommodation, and stadiums. Pair that with the passion that the African people bring, and Africa is the perfect place to host the World Cup.

Some parts might be too hot for it to be held in the summertime, but with a precedent set in Qatar, it can be moved to the wintertime. Another key selling point is the time, it’s convenient for everyone. So what do you think? Will Africa host another World Cup in the 2030s?

Source: Complete Sports

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