Meghan Markle Says She’s “43 Percent Nigerian” After Taking A Genealogical Test

 Meghan Markle Says She’s “43 Percent Nigerian” After Taking A Genealogical Test: “Anybody I’ve Told, Especially Nigerian Women, Are Like ‘What!'”

In the latest episode of her Spotify podcast, “Archetypes,” Meghan Markle revealed that after taking a genealogy test to find out more about her family descent, she discovered she’s “43 percent Nigerian.” The episode, which premiered on Tuesday, was heavily centered around the “angry Black woman” stereotype as Markle was joined by her guests Issa Rae, Emily Bernard, and Ziwe Fumodoh to find out what their experiences were with the term and how it continues to be a topic of discussion for many women of color.

It wasn’t until Meghan conversed with Fumodoh — a Nigerian-American talk show host — when she mentioned how the pair actually happened to have quite a lot in common. “I just had my genealogy done a couple of years ago,” Markle said, prompting Fumodoh to interject, asking, “What? What are you?”

Markle responded, saying that she’s “forty-three percent Nigerian” and that she was “going to start to dig deeper into all this because anybody that I’ve told, especially Nigerian women, are like ‘What!” As the discussion went on, Markle diverted the topic back to the “angry Black woman” phrase and how it usually tends to often be used against those who either stand in positions of influence or power.

“The thing I find the most embarrassing is when you’re saying a sentence and the intonation goes up – like it’s a question. And you’re like, ‘oh my God, stop stop, like whispering and tiptoeing around it,” the mother-of-two expressed.

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