Nigerians In Ghana Decry Exploitation As Govt Imposes $120 For SIM Card Registration

Nana Addo Ghana President

Nigerians resident in Ghana have accused Accra of deliberately exploiting and marginalizing them, urging the Nigerian ministry of foreign affairs, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, NIDCOM and other relevant agencies to intervene.

They said the government in Ghana has singled out Nigerians, estimated to make up the 80 percent of foreigners in Ghana as the only revenue generation means to fund its 240 million dollars.

It is estimated that about five million Nigerians are living in Ghana, including those studying in the country.

A Nigerian resident who does not want his name mentioned accused Ghana of imposing a $120 fee on all Nigerians to obtain Ghana national identification card which will enable them to among other things register their SIM cards in order to have access to telephone communication.

"Ghana government has issues order to block all telephone lines, mobile phones, businesses mainly belonging to Nigerians if they fail to pay 120 dollars.

"Many Nigerians can no longer access their families, loved ones and carry their daily activities and businesses through their mobile phone lines, making life difficult for Nigerians with hatred.

"Most Nigerian who have their Nigerian passport and ECOWAS pasport were denied rights to use their national identity to register their mobile phone lines, even those who have Ghana residents permit with Nigeria passport were also denied access to mobile phone line unless they pay 120 dollars", Jackson alleged.

He listed Britain, America, China, Turkey, Dubai, Egypt, Morocco among others as countries that recognize Nigerian passport as an ID to access mobile telephone line, wondering why the neighbouring Ghana has targeted Nigerians for exploitation.

While stating that the identification card is free for Ghana nationals, the Nigerian alleged that the communication giant, MTN has sued Ghana Government over the obnoxious policy which has cost it at least one million subscribers since the policy was introduced.

Ghana government he said Imposes on average Nigerian half a million Naira charge as fee to process residence permit for one year to officially operate business and live in the country.

He said a petition has been submitted to the Nigerian Senate for appropriate action.

All efforts to reach Ghana's High Commission in Abuja for a comment as at the moment of this report proved abortive.

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  1. It is important to advocate for fair treatment and protection of the rights of Nigerians living in Ghana. Why Is Online Privacy Important In Todays Digital Age The concerns raised regarding the imposed fee for SIM card registration highlight the need for transparent and equitable policies that consider the welfare of all individuals.


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