Peter Obi Breaks Silence On UK Ordeal, Labour party and Lai Mohammed's USA Statement

Mr Peter Obi the Labour party Presidential Candidate was granted interview on Aris TV and he speak on the recent happening around him and the Labour party. He also through more light on the court case 


On UK Ordeal

I was stopped for a routine immigration check in the UK because it appears that my identity was duplicated by someone. I was NEVER arrested. I was treated with due respect and walked through the VIP process. Everything lasted less than 20 minutes. — PETER OBI.

On Lia Mohammad

PO - I am in Onitsha and he went to Washington to announce treason against me. The amount he wasted, could have been used to build a block of 6 classrooms in his village. It is a waste.

On Lamidi Apapa

Peter Obi - I have never met the Apapa in my life. The Labour Party has no issue.

We know they have paid him to cause confusion, and since he has collected his money, we are still contemplating asking him to come back.

On Chude's arrest

Peter Obi: " Nigeria is a place where young people are thrown in jail for making comments"

On Flawed Presidential Election

Peter Obi: We went into the election with the strong faith in the law signed by Buhari. FG spent billions of Naira for the election. Buhari would’ve just appointed his successor and invested the money in other sectors of the Economy instead of this shamble.

On Doctored Voice Call With Bishop Oyedepo

Peter Obi: "Let's assume i even begged Bishop to tell his congregation to vote for me so as to save Nigeria, is it not better than telling my followers to snatch it, steal it, and run away with it.

Mr Peter Obi  speaking on Arise Tv

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