The movement of the nuclear weapons has already begun,” Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus declares.

“The movement of the nuclear weapons has already begun,” Alexander Lukashenko told reporters during a summit of the Eurasian Economic Forum in Moscow. Asked if the weapons were already in Belarus, he said: “Possibly. When I get back I will check.”

The US believes Russia has about 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons, which include bombs that can be carried by aircraft, warheads for short-range missiles, and artillery rounds. Such weapons have a relatively short range, and lower yields than nuclear warheads fitted to long-range strategic missiles. The US has around 200 of these tactical weapons, half of which are at bases in Europe.

Belarus borders three Nato members – Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Russia’s defence minister, Sergei Shoigu, said that Iskander-M missiles, which can carry conventional or nuclear warheads, had been transferred to the Belarusian armed forces. He also said that some Su-25 aircraft had been converted for the possible use of nuclear weapons.

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