Cobalt Mining site in Congo

Cobalt Mining site in Congo 

Cobalt is used in a wide variety of applications · 57% Batteries for electric vehicles, tablets and smartphones · 13% Nickel-based alloys · 8% Tool materials.

Cobalt, alongside nickel and iron, is the third element that is ferromagnetic at room temperature. It is known to be ferromagnetic up to a temperature as high as 1,121 °C or 2,050 °F. This is the highest Curie point known for any metal or alloy.

Recently cobalt has also found its use in rechargeable batteries used in electric cars. The mean reason for using cobalt in these batteries is the ability of this metal to increase their life as well as energy density.

A layer of cobalt is also added on top of the materials through electroplating to make them appear more attractive. This also makes the material hard and resistant to oxidation thus preventing rusting.

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