Any Attack Will Lead To Disintegration Of ECOWAS - Guinea Backs Niger

 Since July 26, 2023, the people of Guinea, headed by the National Committee of the Rally for Development (CNRD), have been following with great interest the evolution of the socio-political situation in the sister Republic of Niger, which has led to the assumption of responsibility by the National Council for the Safeguarding of the Fatherland (CNSP).

The Guinean authorities pay tribute to the brave populations of Niger for their high sense of patriotism and salute the republican spirit and maturity of the Defence and Security Forces who favoured the best interests of their nation by choosing to come together to find solutions to Niger’s problems.

The CNRD remains convinced that the new authorities will make every effort to guarantee stability and harmony in Niger and the Sub-Region.

The sanctions and measures advocated by ECOWAS, including military intervention, are options that cannot be a solution to the current problem but would lead to a human disaster whose consequences could go beyond the borders of Niger.

As a result, the CNRD refrains from applying these illegitimate and inhumane sanctions against the brotherly people and the Nigerien authorities, and urges ECOWAS to return to dialogue.

The Republic of Guinea reaffirms with this communiqué its pan-Africanist vision by bringing its solidarity to the Nigerien population and inviting the new CNSP authorities to preserve unity and national cohesion.

The CNRD emphasises that a military intervention against Niger would de facto lead to the disintegration of ECOWAS. Similarly, the brother peoples of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Guinea aspire to more recognition and respect for their sovereignty.

In addition, the CNRD wishes to clarify that the sanctions taken and the threats made at the summit of July 30, 2023 do not in any way commit the Republic of Guinea.

At a time when the young populations of the ECOWAS area are experiencing a human tragedy in Tunisia and the Mediterranean, the concern of the leaders of the sub-region should be more oriented towards strategic, socio-economic issues for the achievement of their aspirations than to look at the fate of the ousted presidents.

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