Ten best Ways to Invest in Yourself in 2024

 If you want to build wealth, one of the first things you should invest in is yourself. Think about it: what you invest in will grow, and we invest in assets that we believe have value. So, how much more should we invest in ourselves? 

This blog covers 10 easy ways to invest in yourself this year. If you apply just a handful of these suggestions, you will undoubtedly experience growth this year! But first, what does it mean to invest in yourself?

What is investing in yourself?

Investing in yourself involves putting your resources, such as time and money, towards your personal growth. It involves setting goals and intentional learning, both individually and in a group. 

Here’s why this is so important to building wealth: if you want to have an above-average income, you must become an above-average person. I always encourage people to invest in themselves more than they do in their jobs (and I oversee almost a thousand employees!) We get paid for our value, not our time. 

For example, your company pays your salary because you hold a valuable position in the company, not because you show up from eight to five. Your time might be a part of that value, but it’s not the whole part. Think about it: If you showed up from eight to five and did nothing, would you keep your job? 

If you want to increase your income, work on increasing your value. Brainstorm different ways to invest in yourself to advance your professional and personal goals this year. 

One discipline affects another. As you develop good habits in one area of life, other areas will improve as well. There’s a number of reasons this happens. For example, when someone starts eating healthy and working out, they develop discipline. As they progress, they gain diligence and endurance that they will naturally apply to other pursuits. With each new goal they meet, they gain the confidence that they can excel in work, learning a new skill, or even their relationships.

Similarly, as you invest in one area of your life this year, your whole life will improve. So, here are ten ideas to get you started:

1. Create a Reading List 

Reading is a powerful tool for self-improvement. Make a list of books to tackle throughout the year, and dedicate 30 minutes a day to reading them. I like to start and end my days in the office by reading something that will advance my professional and personal goals. 

2. Find a Mentor

Connecting with the right mentors will get you where you want to go in life faster. In fact, God accomplishes most of what He wants to do in our lives through other people. Seek guidance from mentors who have already achieved what you aspire to. Learn from their experiences, ask questions, and take notes. If you need help finding a mentor, start by embodying a good mentee. For example, I only mentor people who are FAT: faithful, available, and teachable. 

3. Meet with Leaders Once a Month 

This way to invest in yourself is similar to the previous one. The difference is that it’s just a meeting, not necessarily an ongoing relationship. Create a list of leaders you want to meet with and make a goal of getting together with someone new once a month. During those meetings, limit your talking to the bare minimum. Create a list of questions and take avid notes. I encourage you to reach for the stars here– you never know whether or not someone will meet with you until you ask! 

4. Check Your Spiritual Rhythms

As Christians, investing in our relationship with God is the most important thing we can do. Everything else in our lives will flow from that! As Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” Investing in time with God provides a great return! In addition, spiritual rhythms are how you remain refreshed and strong enough to keep going for the long haul. 

Jesus described himself as living water, inviting “Anyone who is thirsty may come to me! Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.’” (John 7:38 NLT) 

So, create consistent time to pray and read your Bible. Ask the Holy Spirit what other spiritual disciplines could be helpful for you in this season. As theologian Dallas Willard said, “We can become like Christ by doing one thing—by following him in the overall style of life he chose for himself.”

5. Focus on Your Health 

You are mind, body, soul, and spirit. So, we cannot neglect our physical bodies when it comes to investing in ourselves. Find exercise and healthy food that you actually enjoy– it shouldn’t be a chore!

I like to see how many different ways I can invest in myself with one activity. For example, what if you implemented daily walks with an educational podcast? Meal prepping is another idea– it can facilitate healthier eating habits, save you money, and give you more time to invest in yourself in other areas.

6. Sabbath

Sabbath (taking a day off from all work) is a powerful practice that can transform your life. After all, sabbath is integral to how God created the world. On the seventh day, God rested and blessed the seventh day as holy. (Genesis 2:2-3). So, we should take a day to rest from creating, too. When we do, God will bless it.

Similar to how tithing actually increases your finances, sabbath is a biblical principle that will actually increase your time. You will be more refreshed, creative, and connected to what matters if you take a day to rest with God.

7. Create Space to Dream 

Many people get so caught up in the busyness of life that they stop dreaming for the future. If you struggle with this, create dedicated space on your calendar to freely dream with God. Pay attention to the desires of your heart. Then, pray about them. God will give you direction about how to steward the current season and plan for the future.

8. Develop a Side Hustle

Investing in yourself goes beyond your primary job. Consider developing a side hustle – a project or business that aligns with your passions and skills. A side hustle not only provides an additional income stream but also allows you to explore and expand your abilities. It’s an opportunity to turn your hobbies or interests into a profitable venture that fosters creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

Launching a side hustle could involve anything from freelance work, online tutoring, creating and selling products, or providing a service. The experience gained from managing your own venture can significantly contribute to your personal and professional development.

9. Enhance Your Digital Skills

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying on top of technological advancements is crucial. Invest time in enhancing your digital skills that are related to your goals, whether it’s mastering a new software, learning coding languages, or understanding digital marketing strategies. 

Platforms like online courses, webinars, and tutorials offer accessible ways to acquire digital skills. By continually improving your digital literacy, you not only future-proof your career but also position yourself as a valuable asset in an increasingly digitized world.

10. Attend Conferences and Events 

Finally, conferences and events are a great way to learn new things, network with great people, and get a fresh wave of inspiration. More things are caught than taught. In other words, you cannot underestimate the value of getting in the right rooms with the right people.

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