Niger Republic has reopened its border with Nigeria

 Niger Republic has reopened its border with Nigeria in the regions of Diffa, Tahoua, Maradi and Dosso.

The land border between the two neighbors was closed following the coup d’état of July 26 and the ECOWAS sanctions that followed.

In a radio message broadcast on social networks, on Thursday, the Nigerien Ministry of Interior instructed the governors of these border regions to reauthorize the reopening at exactly 12:00 midnight.

The ministry also directed the affected governors to strengthen controls and security along the 1,500 kilometers stretch land demarcation.

Nigeria’s border was opened weeks ago after the lifting of ECOWAS sanctions during a summit in Abuja, but Niger did not immediately reciprocate the gesture.

However, the border of the uranium-rich nation to its neighbor Benin is still closed on the Niger side despite swift implementation of the ECOWAS directive by Beninese authorities.

Niger transitional authorities had cited security reasons as basis for not reopening the border with the southern neighbors.

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