Whitemoney Compose A Love Song For His Fellow Housemates Emmanuel and Liquorose

One of the housemates of Big Brother Naija season 6 whitemoney has proven that indeed he is such a social and happy guy, well talented in dramatic behaviour by composing a lovely song for Emmanuel and Liquorose.

The relationship of these two housemates Emma and Rose is so strong that they found it rare to live the sight of each other as the journey in big brothers house.

They both where enjoying the lovely song and was making some dancing steps as whitemoney released it hot hot for them.

In a video seen, other housemates Cross, Micheal and Queen also enjoyed in the song as the dance along the music.

The talented housemate of big brother Naija season 6 has always being seen putting smiles on peoples faces as the show proceed both his fellow housemates and the viwers can attest to that. with him there is never a dull moment, no room for hate or bad energy.

whitemoney's behaiour so far in the house has taught so much lessons Thus: always be in a positive energy no matter what people has made you go through in life.

love your enermies and even pray for them, be good to them and allow their conscience to jude them.

learn to speak good about others especially behind them. These and more to be mention but a few.

i can read the viewers mind asking; what could be the fate in Big Brother's house if whitemoney been evicted from the show? 

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