How I Discover That I Have A Flirt As A Girl Friend

Oh women! Oh women, FEAR WOMEN oo.

Well, let me not bore you guys.i will go straight to the point.

I met this girl,and we became friends,then lovers.

She likes my looks and we both share time,massages and motivational talk together.

I thought I could just be friends with her,just random friend until we became so close that she practically confess she love me.

Though I have so many girlfriend which I told her but she said no problem,since we both love each other.

I ask her about her past as she told me,she has only dated a guy but they are no longer together.

I ask her why did they break up,she told me, he cheated on her and so she ended the relationship.

I did not believe this girl,my instinct was telling me,how can a 27years old girl has only dated once and they broke up three years ago.

My suspicion grew when I bleep her and she was wide down there.

I said ok ooooooo

I discovered she was so regular on facebook,what did I do?

I opened a fake facebook account added some friends and added some nice pictures I randomly selected.

I sent her friend request.

She obliged my request.

I waited for a week before I started chatting with her,meanwhile we are seeing, also keeping in touch.

This girl like bleep die but she like to pretend say she no dey bleep.

When I chatted her through my fake account,she responded,

To cut the long story short,girl way dey say na only me she get was ready to go and see a guy who just chatted with her.

Since I was the fake guy na,I was just reluctant to see her,if not na bleep she for get again.

Since now,she hasn't know am the guy with the fake account.

But am not interested so much with her again.

Fear women!! Fear women!!!

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