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In Endurance, the definitive account of Ernest Shackleton's fateful trip, Alfred Lansing brilliantly narrates the harrowing and miraculous voyage that has defined heroism for the modern age.

The harrowing tale of British explorer Ernest Shackleton's 1914 attempt to reach the South Pole, one of the greatest adventure stories of the modern age.

In 1914, after several years of fundraising efforts, Ernest Shackleton leaves England bound for exploration in Antarctica on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The purpose of the expedition is to traverse Antarctica from west to east by use of dog sleds.

 He purchases a sturdy wooden boat designed for hunting polar bears and changes the boat’s name to the Endurance.

 Against the advice of experienced whalers whom he meets in South Georgia en route to his destination, Shackleton proceeds with his plan to cross the Weddell Sea. During this time period,the Endurance is pummeled by enormous ice floes on a consistent basis, and ultimately is damaged beyond repair and sinks in November 1915.

Shackleton and his twenty-seven crew members abandon the boat and establish a number of consecutive camps on various ice floes, moving their tents, sledge dogs and food stores in the process.

Attempts are made to traverse the pack ice by dog sled; however, the condition of the ice makes such travel excruciatingly slow and difficult. The men are forced to hack the pressure ridges with axes in order to allow the sleds to progress.

It becomes clear that travelling by ice floe toward the possibility of finding help at South Georgia Island is quicker; however, this plan leaves the group entirely dependent upon the capricious nature of wind direction and sea conditions.

Nonetheless, the crew remains essentially jovial and optimistic, despite the onset of the six-month-long polar night. They accustom themselves to diminished food stores as well as a diet consisting largely of penguins and seals. Eventually, the sledge dogs are executed. Their carcasses are dressed and cooked; the men claim that they taste delicious.

Warming sea temperatures lead to the pack ice breaking up; it also causes deterioration and cracking of the floes. On more than one occasion, the men evacuate on an emergency basis when deep crevices form in the floe on which they are camping it was a great adventure but it all depend on the instincts to survived because is a journey of many Adventure ..You can Read More HERE IS FREE DEAL FOR YOU ON KINDLE to Learn how the men made it through,is a wonderful piece of art work.

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